Museum Mines and Therapeutic Tunnels in Austria

Former mines which are now made accessible to tourists are evidence of the old mining traditions in Austria.

Many mines acted as nuclei for settlements. Using mines as tourist attractions opens up new ways of looking at the life and work of miners and at the origin of mineral resources.

Ancient Mining Tradition

In these museum mines, remaining occurrences of ore are being preserved for later scientific research.

How much mineral resources and mining shape human cultural history, show names such as Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The legendary "Noric iron" had an excellent reputation in the Roman Empire. Today, not only mines reminiscent of the former heyday of mining, but also in the overall appearance of the locality of numerous places (eg Schwaz in Tyrol) you can find impressive buildings, which are closely related to the old mining tradition.

At the same time, the world below ground has its health aspects. Some of the old tunnels and galleries are used today for therapeutic purposes.