Nationwide Inventory of Mines and Waste Sites

Due to its specific geological and metallogenetic position within the Eastern Alps, Austria has a large number of mostly small ore mines.

The 4,500 mining site developments used to be documented only in the form of point symbols on overview maps.

Knowledge of the exact location of mines and waste sites including all activities from pre-historic to modern times, forms a prerequisite for answering many questions in the fields of mineral resources and environmental geology.

Basis with numerous options for use

The users of the nationwide inventory of mines and waste sites are primarily those who are interested in the historical and current mining operations in Austria. The basic information can also be used for a variety of specific issues. This information is increasingly gaining in regional planning planning tasks in importance, particularly in those areas where there is an overlap of current land uses (residential areas, road construction) with historical underground mines to.

Furthermore, the data of the nationwide inventory of mines and waste sites are already used very successfully as an interpretation aid in the evaluation of regional and national geo- and hydrochemical findings.