Raw Materials

Raw materials for building include a number of hard and soft rocks possessing physical and technical properties which make them suitable for underground constructions, high-rise buildings or for transport infrastructure.

Mining Sites

A multitude of economically insignificant ore deposits exists in Austria.

High-Grade Limestones

High-grade limestones are sedimentary or metamorphosed rocks (marbles) which consist mainly of calcite (rarely aragonite) and contain at least 75 % calcium carbonate.

Soft Rocks

Soft rock deposits containing raw materials such as gravel, sand or clay represent important resources for the building industry.

The Metallogenetic Map 1:500,000

Metallogenetic maps emphasize connections between geology, tectonics and mineral deposits.


Large occurrences of clay in Austria can be found in the Molasse Zone north of the Alps as well as in the Vienna basin and other intermontane basins.

Inventory of Mines / Waste Sites

Due to its specific geological and metallogenetic position within the Eastern Alps, Austria has a large number of mostly small ore mines.

Museum Mines / Therapeutic Tunnels

Former mines which are now made accessible to tourists are evidence of the old mining traditions in Austria.