Tethys RDR (Research Data Repository)

Tethys RDR is a research data repository of the GeoSphere Austria that publishes geoscientific research data generated at the survey.

At the current stage, Tethys RDR is provided in German. The English version is in preparation and will successively be made available. The research data publications and the associated metadata can be published in German and in English. Tethys RDR aims to provide published datasets unchanged, long-term and sustainable. This makes Tethys a research data repository that enables permanent referencing and thus makes the datasets published in it citable.

The name Tethys originates from Greek mythology, naming a Titaness. In the late 19th century, Eduard Suess (1831-1914), an eminent Austrian geologist, discovered the Mesozoic Ocean and named it after this Tethys.

The partly very thick sediments from the shelf regions of the former Tethys Ocean were upliftet by later orogen building processes and now represent easily accessible archives that provide valuable information about the environmental conditions at that time also in Austria.

Further information can be found on the Tethys webpage:
» https://www.tethys.at/