Compilation of selected Archive Maps of the Geological Survey of Austria

In many areas, geological maps exist only as manuscripts stored in hardly accessible archives.

Section of a provisional geological map. Right below an outline map of Austria showing the availability of the map sheets.
Detail from: Pavlik, W. (Comp.): GEOFAST - Provisional Geological Map of the Republic of Austria 1:50.000, sheet 91 Lofer (as of 2006)
© Geological Survey of Austria

GEOFAST aims at providing provisional geological maps as printing-ondemandproducts which are compiled digitally on modern topographic maps and based on the best available sources.

Manuscript map with notebook
GEOFAST-cards are from published and unpublished geological maps on modern topography - compiled - without revision in the field.
© Geological Survey of Austria / Thomas Hofmann

Without any verification in the field, they don’t always show homogeneous results and thus indicate regions where further mapping is needed.