To inform

GBA’s mandate to serve the government as the center for information and advice in the field of geosciences is written into the law (FOG § 18). Furthermore, the website provides access to data and information anywhere and anytime. GBA’s geological maps are available as images and through web services, scientific journals can be downloaded in portable document format (pdf). The website offers applied geological map services as well as information on mineral resources and mass movements.

The largest geoscientific library in Austria keeps over 350,000 items including more than 46,000 geological maps from all over the world, available to everyone interested in geological research. International library networks combined with geoscientific know-how provide answers to specific problems. Archives dating back as far as the 19th century and modern data bases complement the sources of information.

GBA’s employees have gained specialised experience with strong regional context over decades. At the same time, steady contacts with experts in Austria and abroad keep the knowledge at a high international level. This becomes evident through numerous publications in German and English speaking journals, oral presentations, posters and the leading of field trips.