Programme plan

The programme plan contains all the planned projects of the Geological Survey, according to the "Forschungsorganisationsgesetz" (Research Organization Act). The current programme plan of the Geological Survey covers the years 2014 - 2017.

The geoscientific land survey is the most important activity of the survey. The solution of many applied-geological issues is based on the acquired data of the land survey. For the first time a classification and assignment of projects to "supporting basic research", "applied and use-oriented research" and "methodological and experimental development" is made. The latter shows the innovative capacity of the survey", while the projects of land survey show the continued development of geoscience knowledge base of the country.

The Geological Survey makes every effort to calculate realistic planning horizons for all projects concerning staff and time. In particular, this concerns the geological mapping as a base for all further activities. Scheduled date for start and completion of projects are given.