The Geological Survey of Austria

The Geological Survey of Austria (GBA) is the largest geoscientific research center in Austria. It is often called the geological conscience of the country. The legal mandate is clearly defined. The task of Geological Survey of Austria is to study and document the geology of the country systematically, continuously and overall.

With its expertise and the systematic production of geological maps Geological Survey of Austria provides the basis for a number of societal needs. Therefore, main activities at Geological Survey of Austria are geological mapping, the study of mineral resources, the discussion of all types of geological hazards and investigations for the sustainable supply of drinking water.

Geophysical measurements from the air and on the ground, geochemical analyses and absolute or relative age dating of rocks complement the work of mapping geologists as well as of economic geologists, engineering and hydrogeologists.

In Austria, the combination of all these geoscientific disciplines and methods is unique and reason for the competence of Geological Survey of Austria, as in fact for any other national geological survey.

Geological Survey of Austria’s library, archives and collections store knowledge and objects from around the world. Numerous books, maps and other objects date back to the time before Geological Survey of Austria’s founding as the Imperial Geological Institute in 1849.

Geological Survey of Austria is a founding member of EuroGeoSurveys (EGS), the umbrella organisation of all European geological surveys. Geological Survey of Austria participates in many international projects and cooperations, even beyond Europe’s borders.