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2nd International Workshop on Geoelectrical Monitoring

Vienna, 04.-06.12.2013

ISSN: 1017-8880
Seiten: 72
R. Supper, J.-H. Kim, J.E. Chambers, P. Tsourlos & T. Dahlin
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
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PDF <1> Gruber, Stefanie; Supper, Robert

PDF <2>
Combination of constrained resistivity inversion and seismic reflection with an application to 4D imaging of the Ketzin CO₂ storage site, Germany

PDF <3>
DC/IP Monitoring of Injected CO₂ in a Shallow Aquifer

PDF <4>
Large-scale repeated DC geoelectric surveying for CO₂ monitoring at the Ketzin pilot site, Germany

PDF <5>
Investigation of time-saving monitoring techniques to detect possible brine migration into shallow aquifers as an impact of geological CO₂ storage

PDF <6> Wagner, Florian; Günther, Thomas; Schmidt-Hattenberger, Cornelia; Maurer, Hansruedi
Estimating optimum electrode locations for high-resolution cross-hole resistivity monitoring

PDF <7> Meekes, Sjef
Geo-electrical Monitoring of Oil (and Gas) reservoirs

PDF <8> Dahlin, Torleif; Johansson, Sara; Rosqvist, Hakan; Svensson, Marie
Geoelectrical Monitoring for Mapping of Gas Migration in Landfills

PDF <9> Dumont, Gaël; Robert, Tanguy; Pilawski, Tamara; Nguyen, Frédéric
3D ERT monitoring of the reactivation of waste biodegradation with fresh leachate injection

PDF <10> Flores Orozco, Adrian; Williams, Kim; Kemna, Andreas
5D SIP monitoring of stimulated uranium bio-remediation

PDF <11> Kuras, Oliver; Wilkinson, Paul; Meldrum, Phil; Oxby, Lucy; Uhlemann, Sebastian; Chambers, Jonathan; Binley, Andrew; Graham, James; Dewey, Gareth; Atherton, Nick
Geoelectrical monitoring to support the decommissioning of legacy silos at the Sellafield Site, UK

PDF <12> Power, Christopher; Gerhard, Jason I.; Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Karaoulis, Marios; Giannopoulos, Antonios
Time-lapse ERT monitoring of DNAPL Source Zone Remediation

PDF <13> Hilbich, Christin; Flores-Orozco, Adrián; Kemna, Andreas; Hauck, Christian
Automatic ERT monitoring in permafrost areas: logistical challenges and high-resolution process analysis

PDF <14> Doetsch, Joseph; Christiansen, Anders Vest; Auken, Esben; Fiandaca, Gianluca; Ingeman-Nielsen, Thomas
Monitoring of active layer refreezing in Greenlandic permafrost

PDF <15> Tomaskovicova, Sonia; Ingeman-Nielsen, Thomas
Comparison of alternative electrode types for improvement of electrode-ground coupling in high-resistive environment: Experience from the time lapse geoelectrical station for high-latitude permafrost monitoring, Ilulissat, West Greenland

PDF <16> Merritt, Andrew; Chambers, Jonathan; Wilkinson, Paul; Uhlemann, Sebastian; Murphy, William; West, L. J.; Meldrum, Philip; Gunn, David
Long term monitoring of landslide processes by automated time-Lapse Electrical Resistivity Tomography

PDF <17> Supper, Robert; Gruber, Stefanie; Ottowitz, David; Jochum, Birgit; Pfeiler, Stefan
Geoelectrical Investigations and Monitoring in the Context of Disaster Response at the landslide in Pechgraben, Austria

PDF <18> Uhlemann, Sebastian; Chambers, Jonathan; Wilkinson, Paul; Merritt, Andrew; Meldrum, Philip; Kuras, Oliver; Oxby, Lucy; Gunn, David; Kirkham, Matthew
Estimation of electrode positions from sparsely distributed reference points for long term geoelectric monitoring of an active landslide

PDF <19> Gance, Julien; Sailhac, Pascal; Malet, Jean-Philippe; Supper, Robert; Jochum, Birgit; Otowitz, David; Grandjean, Gilles
One year time-lapse electrical data to monitor natural hydrological processes acting on a clayey landslide

PDF <20> Taborik, Petr; Hartvich, Filip; Blahut, Jan
Time-lapse resistivity measurements in landslide monitoring on example of complex slope deformation Cereniste (Ceske stredohori Mts, Czech Republic)

PDF <21> Kim, Jung-Ho; Yi, Myeong-Jong; Supper, Robert; Ottowitz, David
Simultaneous optimization of resistivity structure and electrode locations in ERT

PDF <22> Karaoulis, Marios; Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Revil, André; Kim, Jung-Ho
Time lapse ERT Inversion Incorporation Structural Information

PDF <23> Nguyen, Frédéric; Hermans, Thomas; Robert, Tanguy
Minimum gradient support and geostatistics regularization approaches for inverting time-lapse data

PDF <24> Oxby, Lucy; Wilkinson, Paul; Uhlemann, Sebastian; Chambers, Jonathan; Meldrum, Phil; Kuras, Oliver
Time-lapse optimised survey design for geoelectrical resistivity monitoring

PDF <25> Günther, Thomas; Doetsch, Joseph; Auken, Esben; Christiansen, Anders Vest; Fiandaca, Gianluca
Constraining time-lapse ERT inversions by hydrological point measurements

PDF <26> Grinat, Michael; Südekum, Wolfgang; Epping, Dieter; Meyer, Robert
Measurements in a freshwater/saltwater transition zone with an automated electrical resistivity tomography system

PDF <27> Haaken, Klaus; Deidda, Gian Piero; Cassiani, Giorgio; Kemna, Andreas; Deiana, Rita; Putti, Mario; Scudeler, Carlotta; Paniconi, Claudio
Cross-hole ERT monitoring to investigate mixing processes of freshwater injection in a hyper-saline aquifer

PDF <28> Hübner, Rico; Günther, Thomas; Heller, Katja; Kleber, Arno
Monitoring hillslope infiltration on mountainous catchments using ERT and tensiometers

PDF <29> Ulusoy, İnan; Dahlin, Torleif; Bergman, Bo
Electrical Resistivity Tomography Monitoring of a Water Infiltration Test on Johannishus Esker, Sweden

PDF <30> Ronczka, Mathias; Günther, Thomas; Rücker, Carsten
SaMoLEG - development of a geoelectrical large scale monitoring system using long electrodes

PDF <31> Ottowitz, David; Supper, Robert; Jochum, Birgit; Gruber, Stefanie
Geoelectronical Monitoring of infiltration processes at two embankment dams during the 100-year flood in Austria

PDF <32> Takakura, Shinichi; Yoshioka, Mayumi; Ishizawa, Tomohiro; Skai, Naoki
Long-term geoelectronical monitoring for estimation of changes in water content of the slope of an embankment

PDF <33> Uhlemann, Sebastian; Sorensen, James; Chambers, Jonathan; Wilkinson, Paul; Oxby, Lucy; Gooddy, Daren; Old, Gareth; Kuras, Oliver; Meldrum, Philip
Imaging of hydrological processes in a lowland wetland of the Lambourn river, Berkshire, UK

PDF <34> Robert, Tanguy; Hermans, Thomas; Dumont, Gaël; Nguyen, Frédéric
Reliability of resistivity-derived temperature: insights from laboratory measurements

PDF <35> Hermans, Thomas; Wildemeersch, Samuel; Nguyen, Frédéric
Monitoring temperature changes during heat tracing experiments using electrical resistivity tomography

PDF <36> Firmbach, Linda; Schelenz, Sophie; Vienken, Thomas; Kolditz, Olaf; Dietrich, Peter
Geoelectric measurements as an efficient monitoring strategy for shallow geothermic reservoirs

PDF <37> Meldrum, Philip; Chambers, Jonathan; Wilkinson, Paul; Kuras, Oliver; Uhlemann, Sebastian; Gunn, David; Oxby, Lucy; Haslam, Ed
Development of a Geophysical and Geotechnical remote observatory platform

PDF <38> Deceuster, John; Wilkinson, Paul B.; Chambers, Jonathan E.; Kuras, Oliver; Kaufmann, Olivier
Long term ERT monitoring of sinkholes using 3D surface arrays: a laboratory experiment

PDF <39> Oh, Seokhoon; Lee, Heuisson; Lee, Seunghee; Im, Eunsang
Integrated Geophysical Monitoring for a Reclaimed Land with Geotechnical Investigation

PDF <40> Bang, Eunseok; Cho, Hyungik; Yi, Myeongjong; Choo, Yunwook; Kim, Jung-Ho; Kim, Dong-soo
Adopting 4D resistivity survey to Geocentrifuge for efficient monitoring the inside of the physical model

PDF <41> Audebert, Marine; Remi, Clement; Grossin-Debattista, Julien; Moreau, Sylvain
3D time -lapse ERT monitoring on a small Municipal Solid Waste Landfill cell

PDF <42> Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Fikos, Ilias; Vargemezis, George; Kazakis, Nerantzis
ERT Monitoring of a Reclaimed Landfill in Thessaloniki (N. Greece)

PDF <43> Scheibz, Jürgen; Reichenauer, Thomas; Wimmer, Bernhard; Häusler, Hermann
4d-High resolution ERT for monitoring the nutrient infiltration in biostimulation

PDF <44>
Application of geoelectrical monitoring techniques at a natural CO₂ release site to identify degassing areas and related transport processes

PDF <45>
Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) as a permanent monitoring tool to image the CO₂ migration at the Ketzin pilot site - Experiences from more than five years of operation

PDF <46>
Geotechnical properties of CO₂ hydrate bearing sediments for CO₂ storage in shallow-sea sediments

PDF <47> Flores Orozco, Adrian; Hilbich, Christin; Kemna, Andreas; Hauck, Christian
Data error quantification for improved time-lapse ERT monitoring of Alpine permafrost

PDF <48> Jochum, Birgit; Ottowitz, David; Pfeiler, Stefan; Supper, Robert; Keuschnig, Markus; Hartmeyer, Ingo; Kim, Jung-Ho
Highlights from two years of geoelectrical monitoring of permafrost at the Magnetköpfl/Kitzsteinhorn

PDF <49> Chélin, Marie; Garré, Sarah
Assessing the influence of cover crop management on the spatio-temporal dynamic of soil water content under a maize crop by electrical resistivity tomography

PDF <50> Ronczka, Mathias; Günther, Thomas; Rücker, Carsten
Long Electrode ERT: modeling and field experiment

PDF <51> Watlet, Arnaud; Van Camp, Michel; Kaufmann, Olivier
Time-lapse ERT modeling of changes in groundwater content and flows in an epikarst system: implementation and challenges

PDF <52> Weigand, Maximilian; Kemna, Andreas
Imaging and characterization of crop root systems using electrical impedance tomography at the rhizotron scale

PDF <53> Santoyo Campos, Juan Carlos; Rothmund, Sabrina; Joswig, Manfred
Time-lapse inversion of daily ERT data from eight weeks Super Sauze landslide monitoring

PDF <54> Etienne, Adelaide; Kaufmann, Olivier
Methodology to point out significant changes in resistivity en IP responses for time-lapse experiments assessed on a synthetic model

PDF <55> Garré, Sarah; Assouline, Shmuel; Günther, Thomas; Furman, Alex
More crop per drop?: Exploring root uptake under high frequency irrigation using electrical resistivity tomography

PDF <56> Hartvich, Filip; Taborik, Petr; Štěpančíková, Petra
3D ERT interpretation of a segment of Sudetic Marginal Fault: towards recognition of fault kinematics using resistivity survey and trenching