Compilation of Joanneum Research, implemented in the system GEOFAST

Within the borders of Styria, the geological map contents were compiled in the period of 1995-1998 by Joanneum Research based on the topographical Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 maps in the BMN system. This data set was acquired in the GEOFAST GIS database system of the Geological Survey. Therefore Map sheets of the BMN system are available in the GEOFAST layout .

GEOFAST - Sheets are compilations of the best available regional geological maps from the archives of the Geological Survey of Austria

GEOFAST maps are mainly compiled from the archives of the Geological Survey of Austria, but may also incorporate other (mostly historical ) published maps. No field-checking is carried out. Discontinuities between maps produced by different authors are deliberately retained and may be visible as steps or dislocations in contour lines and geological polygons . Geological information is modified to conform with current stratigraphic and tectonic models. The transfer of contour lines from maps with outdated topography and a variety of scales onto current topographic maps may result in inaccuracies in the positions of contours and geological polygons.

The topographic base for GEOFAST maps are the Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 maps in the BMN system (ÖK 50-BMN), published by the Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen. However many of the geological maps that are available for compilation have different scales (e.g., 1:75,000, 1:25,000, 1:10,000). In the case of very detailed large scale maps we try to avoid the very time-consuming process of generalization as the high level of detail can be useful for many applications. As a result, however, the sizes of polygons are commonly not in balance with the map scale of 1:50,000.

Within the federal state of Styria compilation of the presented geological maps was carried out by Joanneum Research between 1995 and 1998. The topographic base used for the compilation was the Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 (ÖK 50-BMN). Discontinuities between maps produced by different authors were eliminated . The final data set was implemented into the GEOFAST-GIS database of the Geological Survey of Austria. Maps can now be plotted with the GEOFAST layout on the basis of the ÖK 50-BMN-grid.

Advantages of GEOFAST maps
Rapid access to the best currently available geological maps.

Disadvantages of GEOFAST maps
The maps and the legends are not always homogenous.

Why GEOFAST maps?
These maps complement the very extensive and time-consuming process of geological surveying, but they are no substitute for ongoing geological mapping and publication of results. GEOFAST maps are prepared for areas where no new mapping activities are planned for the near future, which at least means that the existing archive documents can be made available for such areas, in a contemporary presentation.

As plot ("print on demand“) at a scale of 1:50,000. Other scales may be available on request. PDF (on DVD or via upload on our FTP-server).

Overview of maps
An overview of available GEOFAST maps is available through our web service , together with the possibility of previewing the maps. Webapplication

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Dr. Hans-Georg Krenmayr, Head of Division of Geological Mapping
 Dr. Wolfgang Pavlik, GEOFAST Project Management