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GELMON 2017.- 4th International Workshop on Geoelectrical Monitoring.

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Seiten: 69
S. Hoyer (Ed.)
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017

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PDF <1> Han, Yushik; Sohn, Heejeung; You, Ki-cheong
A Study on the Methods for Detection of Underground Cavity

PDF <2> Ji, Yoonsoo; Oh, Seokhoon
Assessment of soft ground at tidal reclaimed land by integrated analysis of geoelectrical monitoring and CPTU data

PDF <3> Sohn, Heejeung; Han, Yushik; You, Ki-cheong; Kim, Jinwoo
Preliminary evaluation of ground collapse from sandy soil with varying volumetric water content in a soil chamber

PDF <4> Tresoldi, Greta; Arosio, Diego; Hojat, Azadeh; Longoni, Laura; Papini, Monica; Zanzi, Luigi
Experimenting a permanent geoelectrical monitoring system for stability assessment of levees

PDF <5> Uhlemann, Sebastian; Chambers, Jonathan; Meldrum, Philip; Wilkinson, Paul; Swift, Russell; Hutchinson, David
Monitoring of infrastructure slopes: an example of an operational railway cutting

PDF <6> Yoo, Ki-Cheong; Han, Yushik; Sohn, Heejeung; Kim, Jinwoo
A Case Study of the Ground Collapse due to Excavation Using Non-Destructive Testing

PDF <7> Dahlin, Torleif
KEYNOTE LECTURE: Monitoring of embankment dams and waste deposits

PDF <8> Cho, In-Ky; Kim, Ki-Seog; Yong, Hwan-Ho; Yi, Myeong-Jong
Resistivity monitoring for dam safety inspection in Korea

PDF <9> Dahlin, Torleif; Sjödahl, Pontus
Long-term ERT monitoring of embankment dams in Sweden

PDF <10> Kim, Eun-Mi; Cho, In-Ky; Kim, Ki-Seog; Yong, Hwan-Ho
Temperature effect in resistivity monitoring in embankment dams

PDF <11> Yamashita, Yoshihiro; Kobayashi, Tuyoshi; Saito, Hideki; Sugui, Toshio; Kodaka, Takeshi; Maeda, Kenichi; Cui, Ying
3D ERT monitoring during dyke overtopping experiment using multi-current transmission technique

PDF <12> Trento, Lais M.; Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Gerhard, Jason I.; McMaster, Michaye; Sims, Andrew
KEYNOTE LECTURE: ERT time-lapse monitoring of a full-scale coal tar remediation

PDF <13> Flores Orozco, Adrian; Bücker, Matthias
KEYNOTE LECTURE: Electrical monitoring of nano- and micro-scale particle injections for in-situ groundwater remediation

PDF <14> Song, Seo Young; Cho, Sung Oh; Kim, Bitnarae; Park, Sam Gyu; Nam, Myung Jin
An interpretation of resistivity monitoring data obtained in Geumsan landfill site

PDF <15> Nivorlis, Aristeidis; Dahlin, Torleif; Rossi, Matteo
The DC resistivity and time-domain IP monitoring system of Alingsås

PDF <16> Jouen, Thomas; Moreau, Sylvain; Remi, Clement; Loisel, Simon; Mazeas, Laurent
Geoelectrical monitoring in landfill bioreactor to study waste mass biodegradation behavior

PDF <17> Park, Samgyu; Shin, Seung Wook; Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Kim, Jung Ho
Resistivity monitoring for leachate detection in a livestock disposal site

PDF <18> Rossi, Matteo; Dahlin, Torleif; Sparrenbom, Charlotte; Paul, Catherine; Holmstrand, Henry; Rosqvist, Hakan; Svensson, Mats
Characterisation and monitoring of in-situ remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbon contamination using an interdisciplinary approach (MIRACHL)

PDF <19> Kemna, Andreas; Weigand, Maximilian; Flores Orozco, Adrian; Wagner, Florian; Hilbich, Christin; Hauck, Christian
KEYNOTE LECTURE: Use of geoelectrical monitoring methods for characterizing thermal state,ice content and water flow in permafrost environments

PDF <20> Chambers, Jonathan; Wilkinson, Paul; Meldrum, Philip; Uhlemann, Sebastian; Gunn, David; Kuras, Oliver; Inauen, Cornelia; Swift, Russell; Merritt, Andrew; Whiteley, Jim
KEYNOTE LECTURE: Geophysical characterization, monitoring and early warning of slope failure: a review of methodological developments at the Hollin Hill landslide observatory

PDF <21> Farzamian, Mohammad; Vieira, Gonçalo; Yaghoobi, Borhan; Monteiro Santos, Fernando A.; Hauck, Christian; Bernando, Ivo; Ramos, Miguel
Application of time-lapse ERT in active layer monitoring at Crater Lake, Deception Island, Antarctica

PDF <22> Mollaret, Coline; Wagner, Florian; Hilbich, Christin; Hauck, Christian
Joint inversion of electric and seismic data applied to permafrost monitoring

PDF <23> Wagner, Florian; Weigand, Maximilian; Kemna, Andreas
Identification of outliers, electrode effects and process dynamics in electrical selfpotential monitoring data

PDF <24> Pfeiler, Stefan; Schöner, Wolfgang; Reisenhofer, Stefan; Ottowitz, David; Jochum, Birgit; Kim, J.-H.; Supper, Robert; Hoyer, Stefan
Data Quality Analysis of ERT data of geoelectrical permafrost monitoring on Hoher Sonnblick and on Kitzsteinhorn (Austrian Central Alps)

PDF <25> Großmann, Johannes; Gallermann, Thomas; Veress, Christian; Sieblitz, Stephan; Geiß, Erwin
Integrating tachymetric surveying and ERT measurements to construct the sliding plane of an active landslide near Maria Eck monastery (Bavarian Alps, Germany)

PDF <26> Whiteley, Jim; Chambers, Jonathan; Uhlemann, Sebastian
Integrated monitoring of an active landslide in Lias Group Mudrocks, North Yorkshire, UK

PDF <27> Ottowitz, David; Jochum, Birgit; Guardiani, Carlotta; Peresson, Mandana
Geoelectrical and geotechnical monitoring on a landslide in Wolfsegg am Hausruck, Austria

PDF <28> Chambers, Jonathan; Meldrum, Philip; Wilkinson, Paul; Gunn, David; Uhlemann, Sebastian; Swift, Russell; Inauen, Cornelia; Kuras, Oliver; Sibbett, Luke; Whiteley, Jim; Slater, Nick; Butler, Siobhan
Towards a geophysical system for the remote autonomous monitoring of the near surface

PDF <29> Arosio, Diego; Brambilla, Davide; Hojat, Azadeh; Ivanov, Vladislav Ivov; Longoni, Laura; Papini, Monica; Scaioni, Marco; Tresoldi, Greta; Zanzi, Luigi
Time-lapse ERT measurements to monitor rainfall triggered landslides at the laboratory scale

PDF <30> Inauen, Cornelia M.; Chambers, Jonathan E.; Wilkinson, Paul B.; Meldrum, Philip I.; Swift, Russell; Uhlemann, Sebastian; Gunn, David A.; Dashwood, B.; Taxil, J.; Curioni, Giulio
4D ERT monitoring of subsurface water pipe leakage during a controlled field experiment

PDF <31> Jouen, Thomas; Remi, Clement; Moreau, Sylvain; Loisel, Simon; Mazeas, Laurent
Geoelectrical monitoring during waste biodegradation process at laboratory scale

PDF <32> Karaoulis, Marios; Kleine, Marco de; Lange, Wim de; Panagiotis, Tsourlos
Towards a real-time 4D Electrical Resistivity Tomography

PDF <33> Ochs, Johanna; Klitzsch, Norbert
Considerations regarding surface to borehole ERT

PDF <34> Ryu, Hee-hwan; Kim, Jae-Seung; Kim, Sang-Won; Park, Kyung-Sung; Sun, Jong-Uk; An, Jung-Han; Cho, Won-Sang; Ko, Gwan-Su
Development of new underground exploration method

PDF <35> Takakura, Shinichi; Yoshioka, Mayumi; Sakai, Naoki; Ishizawa, Tomohiro; Danjo, Toru
High-speed geoelectrical monitoring of artificial rain experiments at a slope using a large-scale rainfall simulator

PDF <36> Nguyen, Frédéric; Lesparre, Nolwenn; Klepikova, Maria; Dassargues, Alain; Caers, Jef; Kemna, Andreas; Hermans, Thomas
KEYNOTE LECTURE: Recent developments using ERT-derived temperature for monitoring and characterizing aquifers

PDF <37> Cassiani, Giorgio; Boaga, Jacopo; Busato, Laura; Perri, Maria Teresa
KEYNOTE LECTURE: Characterization and monitoring of the riparian and hyporheic zones

PDF <38> Cimpoiasu, M. O.; Kuras, Oliver; Mooney, S. J.; Pridmore, T. P.
Joint assessment of soil hydraulic properties by constraining geoelectrical tomography measurements with X-ray Computed Tomography pore architecture information

PDF <39> Remi, Clement; Forquet, Nicolas; Dorel, Matthieu; Choubert, Jean-Marc; Boutin, Catherine
Infiltration of treated wastewater in a soil-based constructed wetland: usage of timelapse ERT to monitor saline tracer injection

PDF <40> Dimech, Adrien; Chouteau, Michel; Aubertin, Michel; Bussiere, Bruno
Hydrogeophysical monitoring of water infiltration in an experimental waste rock pile using 3D time-lapse Electrical Resistivity Tomography

PDF <41> Grinat, Michael; Epping, Dieter; Meyer, Robert
Long-time resistivity monitoring of a freshwater/saltwater transition zone using vertical electrode systems

PDF <42> Hübner, Rico; Günther, Thomas; Heller, Katja; Noell, Ursula; Kleber, Arno
Monitoring infiltration and subsurface stormflow in layered slope deposits with 3D ERT and hydrometric measurements

PDF <43> Henine, Hocine; Remi, Clement; Kouassi, Melissa; Tournebize, Julien
Spatialization of subsurface properties and states using geophysical and geostatistical methods

PDF <44> Weigand, Maximilian; Zimmermann, Egon; Huisman, Johan Alexander; Kemna, Andreas
KEYNOTE LECTURE: Monitoring crop root systems using electrical impedance tomography

PDF <45> Garré, Sarah; Coussement, Tom; Pardon, Paul; Artru, Sidonie; Günther, Thomas; Javaux, Mathieu; Janssens, Pieter; Reubens, Bert
Agroforestry in temperate regions: where does the water go?: Electrical resistivity tomography as a tools to help us find out

PDF <46> Rao, Sathyanarayan; Meunier, Félicien; Ehosioke, Solomon; Lesparre, Nolwenn; Nguyen, Frédéric; Garré, Sarah; Kemna, Andreas; Javaux, Mathieu
A forward model for electrical conduction in soil-root continuum: a virtual rhizotron study

PDF <47> van Treeck, Shari; Zimmermann, Egon; Weigand, Maximilian; Huisman, Johan Alexander; Kemna, Andreas
Developing an electrode design for EIT field measurements on crop root systems

PDF <48>
Geoelectrical investigations at a planned ICDP drill site in the geodynamic active Eger Rift to understand subsurface CO₂ migration processes

PDF <49>
Demonstration of applicability of geoelectrical imaging as monitoring tool for the complete life-cycle of a CO₂ storage reservoir

PDF <50> Veress, Christian; Großmann, Johannes; Geiß, Erwin; Kröner, Brian
Integrating ERT and other near-surface geophysical techniques for the investigation of a maar structure near Neualbenreuth (Eastern Bavaria, Germany)

PDF <51> Günther, Thomas; Rücker, Carsten; Wagner, Florian
KEYNOTE LECTURE: Advanced ERT inversion strategies with BERT & pyGIMLi

PDF <52> Yi, Myeong-Jong; Kim, Jung-Ho
KEYNOTE LECTURE: Data Processing and 4D Inversion of ERT monitoring data

PDF <53> Bülow, Rhea von; Klitzsch, Norbert
Effects of near surface resistivity changes on time lapse ERT inversion

PDF <54> Chung, Yonghyun; Son, Jeong-Sul; Shin, Changsoo
3D resistivity inversion using a nonlinear partial derivative

PDF <55> Jang, Hangilro; Song, Seo Young; Kim, Bitnarae; Caesary, Desy; Nam, Myung Jin
Interpretation of resistivity data based on inversion with structural constraints for the detection of cavities during construction

PDF <56> Sibbett, Luke; Li, Bai; Wilkinson, Paul; Duan, Jinming; Chambers, Jonathan
Electrical Resistivity Tomography regularisation for piecewise smooth models

PDF <57> Weigand, Maximilian; Wagner, Florian
Towards unified and reproducible processing of geoelectrical data

PDF <58> Wilkinson, Paul; Inauen, Cornelia; Meldrum, Philip; Kuras, Oliver; Uhlemann, Sebastian; Curioni, Giulio; Chambers, Jonathan
4D inversion for automated near real-time ERT monitoring applications

PDF <59> Loke, Meng Heng; Wilkinson, Paul B.; Chambers, Jonathan E.; Uhlemann, Sebastian; Dijkstra, Tom
Implementing positivity constraints in 4-D resistivity time-lapse inversion