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3rd International Workshop on Geoelectrical Monitoring

Vienna, 24.-26.11.2015

ISSN: 1017-8880
Seiten: 88
S. Gruber (ed.)
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015

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PDF <1> Supper, Robert

PDF <2> Supper, Robert
Strengthening the role of geoelectric monitoring in addressing societal challenges: Past achievements and recent developments at the Geological Survey of Austria (GSA)

PDF <3> Dahlin, Torleif; Loke, M. H.
Resistivity-IP Monitoring at Landfills in Southern Sweden

PDF <4> Dumont, Gaël; Pilawski, Tamara; Robert, T.; Hermans, Thomas; Garre, S.; Nguyen, G.
ERT monitoring of water infiltration process through a landfill cover layer

PDF <5> Papadopoulos, Nikos; Simyrdanis, K.; Kirkou, S.; Soupios, P.; Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Nguyen, G.; Kim, Jung-Ho
Electrical Resistivity Tomography for monitoring the contamination from Olive Oil Mills’ Wastes: Application in disposal sites of Crete, Greece

PDF <6> Vargemezis, George; Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Fikos, Ilias; Kazakis, Nerantzis
Resistivity monitoring contribution to hydrogeological risk assessment in a reclaimed landfill in Thessaloniki (Greece)

PDF <7> Kim, Jung-Ho; Supper, Robert; Ottowitz, David; Yi, Myeong-Jong
Analysis and evaluation of ERT data reliability in long-term geoelectric monitoring

PDF <8> Kim, Jung-Ho; Supper, Robert; Ottowitz, David; Jochum, Birgit; Yi, Myeong-Jong
A new measurement protocol of ERT data

PDF <9> Kaufmann, Olivier; Watlet, Arnaud
Analysis of Large ERT Monitoring Datasets with a Time Series Perspective

PDF <10> Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Tsakirbaloglou, C.; Vargemezis, George; Louvaris, P.
Optimizing time lapse ERT measurements using the Jacobian matrix approach

PDF <11> Hermans, Thomas; Dumont, Gaël; Kemna, A.; Nguyen, F.
Time-lapse inversion of ERT monitoring data using variogram-based regularization

PDF <12> Uhlemann, Sebastian; Chambers, Jonathan; Wilkinson, Paul; Hagedorn, S.; Maurer, H.; Dijkstra, T.; Dashwood, B.; Gunn, D.
Active landslide monitoring using structurally constraint 4D ERT monitoring

PDF <13> Wilkinson, Paul; Chambers, Jonathan; Uhlemann, Sebastian; Meldrum, Phil; Dixon, N.; Loke, M. H.
Inversion of long time series landslide movements from geoelectrical monitoring data

PDF <14> Palis, Edouard; Lebourg, T.; Vidal, M.
Analysis of gravitational slope cycles by means of geophysical monitoring

PDF <15> Bièvre, Grégory; Oxarango, L.; Remi, Clement; Günther, Thomas; Goutaland, D.; Massardi, M.
Resistivity assessment of an earth-filled dike with a permanent hydraulic head (Canal de Roanne à Digoin, France): 4D effects on 2D ERT monitoring

PDF <16> Arosio, D.; Munda, S.; Tresoldi, G.; Zanzi, Luigi; Longoni, L.; Papini, M.
Monitoring water saturation in earth levees with a customized resistivity system

PDF <17> Haaken, Klaus; Furman, A.; Weisbrod, N.; Kemna, A.
Time-lapse ERT of water infiltration in the context of soil aquifer treatment

PDF <18> Ward, Wil O. C.; Wilkinson, Paul B.; Chambers, Jonathan E.; Bai, L.
Tracer moment tracking and forecasting in time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography

PDF <19>
Technical and methodological requirements for a permanent downhole geoelectrical measurement system as CO₂ monitoring tool – A review from the Ketzin pilot site

PDF <20>
Insights on CO₂ migration by means of a fully-coupled hydrogeophysical inversion

PDF <21> Rippe, Dennis; Bergmann, Peter; Labitzke, Tim; Wagner, Florian; Schmidt-Hattenberger, Cornelia
Surface-downhole geoelectrics for post-injection monitoring at the Ketzin pilot site

PDF <22> Chambers, Jonathan E.; Meldrum, Phil; Gunn, David A.; Wilkinson, Paul B.; Uhlemann, Sebastian S.; Kuras, Oliver; Swift, Russell
Proactive infrastructure monitoring and evaluation (PRIME): a new electrical resistivity tomography system for remotely monitoring the internal condition of geotechnical infrastructure assets

PDF <23> Uhlemann, Sebastian; Chambers, Jonathan; Wilkinson, Paul; Gunn, David; Stirling, R.; Hen-Jones, R.
Geoelectrical Imaging of Moisture Dynamics in Engineered Slopes

PDF <24> Lim, Sung-Keun; Cho, Y.-K.; Kim, Dong-Ho; Song, Young-Soo; Nam, M.-J.; Kang, Sang-Jin; Song, S.-Y.
Long-term Geophysical Monitoring for Leakage Problems at Reservoir Dams, Republic of Korea

PDF <25> Kuras, Oliver; Wilkinson, Paul; Meldrum, Phil; Oxby, Lucy; Uhlemann, Sebastian; Chambers, Jonathan; Binley, A.; Graham, J.; Smith, N.; Atherton, Nick
Successes and challenges of geoelectrical monitoring at Sellafield, UK – a retrospective

PDF <26> Blaha, Pavel; Duras, R.; Taborik, Petr
Time-lapse resistivity measurements in an undermined area (case study of Detmarovice, Czech Rep.)

PDF <27> Gance, Julien; Malet, J. P.; Supper, Robert; Sailhac, P.; Ottowitz, David; Jochum, Birgit
Permanent electrical resistivity measurements for monitoring water circulation in clayey landslide

PDF <28> Palis, Edouard; Lebourg, T.; Vidal, M.
Clustering the apparent electrical resistivity data of permanent ERT monitoring

PDF <29> Taborik, Petr; Hartvich, F.; Belov, T.; Vlcek, L.; Blahut, J.
Evaluation of 2-year TL-ERT monitoring of a landslide (case study of Cereniste, Czech Rep.): towards understanding precipitation, saturation and resistivity changes

PDF <30> Remi, Clement; Degueurce, A.; Moreau, Sylvain; Peu, P.
First leachate injection monitoring in farm scale solid state anaerobic digestion plant by electrical resistivity tomography

PDF <31> Moreau, Sylvain; Duval, B.
Laboratory tests using electrical resistivity monitoring to study biogas and leachate migrations in waste mass

PDF <32> Audebert, Marine; Remi, Clement; Moreau, Sylvain
Development of a methodology to constrain hydrodynamic models by time-lapse ERT monitoring: Application to leachate flow into waste landfills

PDF <33> Power, C.; Gerhard, Jason I.; Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Soupios, P.; Simyrdanis, K.; Karaoulis, Marios
Geoelectrical monitoring of dense non-aqueous phase liquids with surface-to-horizontal borehole ERT

PDF <34> Kirkou, S.; Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Soupios, P.; Papadopoulos, Nikos; Simyrdanis, K.
3D time-lapse ERT monitoring of an experimental simulation of olive-oil mills’ waste movement

PDF <35> De Carlo, Lorenzo; Berardi, M.; Vurro, M.; Caputo, M. C.
4D ERT monitoring for the hydrological characterization of the rocky unsaturated zone

PDF <36> Watlet, Arnaud; Kaufmann, O.; Francis, O.; Van Camp, M.; Wilkinson, Paul; Meldrum, Phil; Chambers, Jonathan
ERT monitoring of the vadose zone of a karst system sounds like a challenge!

PDF <37> Ronczka, M.; Voss, T.; Rücker, Carsten; Günther, Thomas
Cost-efficient saltwater monitoring of a shallow aquifer using longelectrode ERT

PDF <38> Rücker, Carsten; Günther, Thomas; Wagner, Florian
Coupled hydrogeophysical modelling and ERT monitoring using pyGIMLi

PDF <39> Bloem, Esther; Fernández, P.; French, H. K.
Integrating electrical resistivity with multi-compartment sampler techniques to study heterogeneous solute transport in the unsaturated zone

PDF <40> Gourdol, Laurent; Remi, Clement; Hissler, C.; Juilleret, J.; Pfister, L.
Combining multi-scale surface ERT for fast and robust shallow hydrostratigraphic units delineation at catchment scale

PDF <41> Henine, Hocine; Remi, Clement; Jaegler, H.; Forquet, Nicolas; Lauvernet, C.
Spatializing of soil water content measurement at the scale of the agricultural field, using geoelectrical monitoring and geostatistical method

PDF <42> Sauer, Uta; Borsdorf, H.; Schütze, Claudia
How to achieve a good evaluation of soil moisture content at different depths with available measuring techniques?

PDF <43> Schütze, Claudia; Pohle, M.; Kreck, Manuel; Werban, U.; Dietrich, P.; Vienken, T.
Comparative Study of a Sulfate Tracer Monitoring Experiment Using Geoelectrical and Hydrogeological Survey Techniques

PDF <44> Bülow, Rhea von; Klitzsch, Norbert; Burs, D.; Wellmann, Florian
Geoelectrical monitoring of fresh water injection into a limestone aquifer

PDF <45> Lim, Sung-Keun; Cho, Y.-K.; Kim, Dong-Ho; Lee, K.-H.; Kang, Sang-Jin
Evaluation of Dam Seepage Problems Using Geological and Geophysical Methods, Republic of Korea

PDF <46> Hoyer, Stefan; Ottowitz, David
Results and further investigations based on the LAMOND Landslide Monitoring Network: Case study Bagnaschino Monitoring site: Soil water flow model based on Geoelectric Monitoring inversion results

PDF <47> Jouen, Thomas; Remi, Clement; Moreau, Sylvain; Mazeas, L.
Geoelectrical monitoring during waste biodegradation process

PDF <48> Mollaret, Coline; Hiblich, C.; Hauck, C.
Case study: Long-term permafrost evolution at the Schilthorn monitoring site, Swiss Alps, using electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) monitoring

PDF <49> Pfeiler, Stefan; Schöner, W.; Flores-Orozco, Adrián; Reisenhofer, S.
The ATMOperm – project: Atmosphere - permafrost relationship in the Austrian Alps - extreme atmospheric events and their relevance for the mean state of the active layer

PDF <50> Jirků, Jaroslav; Barta, J.; Vilhelm, J.; Broz, M.; Sosna, K.
Crystalline rocks time-lapse behavior via geophysical methods

PDF <51> Ryu, Hee-hwan; Song, K.-I.; Lee, D.-S.; Cho, Gye-Chun; Kim, K.-Y.
Exploration of underground utilities for electric field analysis in jointed rock mass with anomaly

PDF <52> Chouteau, Michel; Dimech, A.; Plante, B.; Medina, F.; Martin, V.; Broda, S.; Bussiere, B.; Aubertin, M.
Monitoring water infiltration in an experimental mine rock waste pile with time-lapse ERT and multi-parameter data collection

PDF <53> Makarov, Dmitry; Marchenko, M.; Modin, Igor
Processing of geoelectrical monitoring data. Unconventional approach to detection of local subsurface heterogenety

PDF <54> Bogdanov, Mikhail I.; Modin, Igor N.
Electrical monitoring on construction sites in Russia