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GELMON 2020.- 5th International Workshop on Geoelectrical Monitoring.- Book of Abstracts, November 18th to November 19th, 2020, Vienna, Austria.

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B. Jochum (Ed.)
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020

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PDF <1> Hilbich, Christin; Pellet, Cécile; Mollaret, Coline; Staub, Benno; Noetzli, Jeannette; Hauck, Christian
Permafrost monitoring through resistivity time-series analysis: the PERMOS ERT Database

PDF <2> Mollaret, Coline; Hilbich, Christin; Pellet, Cécile; Hauck, Christian
Towards a geoeletrical database for permafrost monitoring to enable the processing and repetition of historical measurements

PDF <3> Uhlemann, Sebastian; Dafflon, Baptiste; Peterson, John E.; Ulrich, Craig; Shirley, Ian; Michail, Sofia; Hubbard, Susan S.
Geophysical monitoring of hydrological dynamics in a transitional permafrost system

PDF <4> Maierhofer, Theresa; Katona, Timea; Morra di Cella, Umberto; Pogliotti, Paolo; Drigo, Elisabetta; Hilbich, Christin; Hauck, Christian; Flores-Orozco, Adrián
Seasonal and annual dynamics of frozen ground in a mountain permafrost site in the Italian Alps detected by Spectral Induced Polarization

PDF <5> Lévy, Léa; Bording, Thue; Christiansen, Anders V.; Fiandaca, Gianluca; Thalund-Hansen, Rasmus; Madsen, Line M.; Bjerg, Poul L.
Cross-borehole complex geo-electrical monitoring of treatment zone installation in an urban area: Case study from Farum, Denmark

PDF <6> Lévy, Léa; Kühl, Anders K.; Bording, Thue; Madsen, Line M.; Christiansen, Anders Vest; Christensen, Jørgen Fjeldsø
Cross-borehole electrical resistivity tomography for monitoring in-situ chemical oxidation remediation: Large-scale project at Kærgård Plantation, Denmark

PDF <7> Nivorlis, Aristeidis; Dahlin, Torleif; Rossi, Matteo
Geoelectrical monitoring for following changes due to in-situ bioremediation of chlorinated solvents contamination

PDF <8> Uhlemann, Sebastian; Wang, Jiannan; Otto, Shawn; Dozier, Brian; Kuhlmann, Kristopher; Wu, Yuxin
Investigating the coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical behavior for nuclear waste storage using resistivity monitoring and distributed fiber optic sensing

PDF <9> Butler, Karl E.; Boulay, Daniel E.
3D resistivity monitoring for seepage assessment at an earth dam abutment: System design and early results

PDF <10> Choi, Jeong-Ryul; Kim, Seung-Sep; Sung, Nackwon
Reservoir leaking assessment using electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) with capacitively-coupled system

PDF <11> Nooroz, Reyhaneh; Dahlin, Torleif; Olsson, Per-Ivar; Nivorlis, Aristeidis; Günther, Thomas; Bernstone, Christian
Pre-study for geoelectrical monitoring for detection of internal defects and anomalous seepage in the Älvkarleby test embankment dam

PDF <12> Tresoldi, Greta; Hojat, Azadeh; Cordova, Leopoldo; Zanzi, Luigi
The latest installation of G.RE.T.A. along the tailings dam of a copper mine in Chile

PDF <13> Lévy, Léa; Maurya, Pradip K.; Fiandaca, Gianluca; Bording, Thue S.; Madsen, Line M.; Gailler, Lydie; Byrdina, Svetlana; Jónsson, Jón E.; Benediktsdóttir, Ásdís; Árnason, Knútur
Geo-electrical monitoring of H2S mineralization into pyrite, upon re-injection in basalts at Nesjavellir geothermal site, Iceland

PDF <14> Bording, Thue S.; Lévy, Léa; Fiandaca, Gianluca
Time‐lapse monitoring of landfill leachate through time‐domain induced polarization with temperature corrections

PDF <15> Papadopoulos, Nikos; Simyrdanis, Kleanthis
Monitoring the “pollutant” flow in a supervised test-site using 4-D Electrical Resistivity Tomography in boreholes

PDF <16> Tsakirmpaloglou, K.; Martin, T.; Kaufmann, O.; Goderniaux, P.
Monitoring System for remediation of a brownfield

PDF <17> Fiandaca, Gianluca; Madsen, Line M.; Kühl, Anders K.; Bording, Thue S.
Generalized Minimum Support Norm for automatic data processing

PDF <18> Fiandaca, Gianluca; Bording, Thue S.; Lévy, Léa; Madsen, Line M.
Generalized Minimum Support Norm for time-lapse inversion

PDF <19> Kühl, Anders K.; Bording, Thue S.; Fiandaca, Gianluca
Inversion Based Processing of Time Domain Induced polarization data

PDF <20> Katona, Timea; Maierhofer, Theresa; Oberender, Pauline; Flores-Orozco, Adrián
Application of a novel data analysis for time lapse multi frequency data in Induced Polarization imaging

PDF <21> Wicki, Adrian; Hauck, Christian
ERT monitoring at a landslide-prone hillslope in the Napf region (Switzerland) for regional landslide early warning

PDF <22> Jochum, Birgit; Ottowitz, David; Römer, Alexander; Bieber, Gerhard; Pfeiler, Stefan
Geoelectric monitoring during pumping tests

PDF <23> Capozzoli, Luigi; De Martino, Gregory; Giampaolo, Valeria; Rizzo, Enzo
Electrical and electromagnetic monitoring for engineering applications: a lab test for evaluating the concrete curing phenomenon with 4D-ERT

PDF <24> Isabelle, Anne; Fabien-Ouellet, Gabriel; Pabst, Thomas; Dimech, Adrien; Cheng, Li Zhen
Estimation of water content distribution using time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography and ensemble Kalman filter

PDF <25> Fäth, Julian; Kunz, Julius; Kneisel, Christof
Geoelectrical monitoring for detecting soil moisture changes in the main rooting zone of forest sites with different lithology in Lower Franconia, Germany

PDF <26> Dimech, Adrien; Cheng, Li Zhen; Bussiere, Bruno; Chouteau, Michel; Fabien-Ouellet, Gabriel; Isabelle, Anne
Hydrogeological and geoelectrical monitoring of mining reclamation covers to assess the accuracy of moisture content estimations