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GELMON 2011: 1st International Workshop on Geoelectric Monitoring: Book of extended abstracts.- International Workshop.

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Erscheinungsjahr: 2012

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PDF <1> Dahlin, Torleif; Jonsson, Peter
A Data Acquistion System for Geoelectric Monitoring

PDF <2> Jinguuji, Motoharu
Development of multi-transmission high speed survey system and the application of geyser monitoring

PDF <3> Supper, Robert; Römer, Alexander; Kreuzer, Gerhard; Jochum, Birgit; Ottowitz, David; Ita, Anna; Kauer, Stefanie
The GEOMON 4D electrical monitoring system: current state and future developments

PDF <4> Treichel, Andrea; Huisman, Johan A.; Zhao, Yulong; Zimmermann, Egon; Esser, Odilia; Kemna, Andreas; Vereecken, Harry
Effects of borehole design on complex electrical resistivity measurements

PDF <5> Drahor, Mahmut G.; Berge, Meric A.; Bakak, Özde; Öztürk, Caner
An Example of Electrical Resistivity Tomography Monitoring in Geothermal Sites: Balcova-Izmir Case Study

PDF <6> Hermans, Thomas; Daoudi, Moubarak; Vandenbohede, Alexander; Robert, Tanguy; Caterina, David; Nguyen, Frédéric
Comparison of temperature estimates from heat transport model and electric resistivity tomography during a shallow heat injection and storage experiment

PDF <7> Kneisel, Christof; Rödder, Tobias; Roth, Nils; Schwindt, Daniel
Electrical resistivity monitoring for the detection of changes in mountain permafrost at different time scales

PDF <8> Ottowitz, David; Jochum, Birgit; Supper, Robert; Römer, Alexander; Pfeiler, Stefan; Keuschnig, Markus
Permafrost monitoring at Mölltaler Glacier and Magnetköpfl

PDF <9>
Assessment of borehole resistivity tomography for subsurface CO₂ leakage: Lab-scale preliminary study

PDF <10>
CO₂ injection test in a shallow aquifer-feasibility of geoelectrical monitoring

PDF <11>
Monitoring of geological CO₂ storage with electrical resistivity tomography (ERT): Results from a field experiment near Ketzin/Germany

PDF <12>
Geophysical and saoil gas monitoring methods for the characterization of CO₂ degassing sites - What can we learn from natural analogues?

PDF <13> Günther, Thomas
Timelapse ERT inversion appraoches and their applications

PDF <14> Karaoulis, Marios; Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Kim, Jung-Ho
Comparison of algorithms of Time-lapse ERT inversion

PDF <15> Nguyen, Frédéric; Kemna, Andreas; Robert, Tanguy; Hermans, Thomas; Caterina, David
Inversion of multi-temporal geoelectronical data sets: insights from several case studies

PDF <16> Kim, Jung-Ho; Tsourlos, Panagiotis; Supper, Robert
4D inversion of L1 and L2 norm minimizations

PDF <17> Chambers, Jonathan E.; Meldrum, Philip I.; Wilkinson, Paul B.; Gunn, David A.; Kuras, Oliver; Wragg, Joanna; Munro, Chris
Geophysical-geotechnical sensor networks for slope stability monitoring

PDF <18> Krummel, Heinrich; Janik, Markus; Wiebe, Heiko; Holland, Raphael
Resistivity monitoring of a landslide in the Swabian Alb, Germany

PDF <19> Lebourg, Thomas; Levy, Clara; Zerathe, Swann
Pluri-annual time lapse survey applied to landslide monitoring: new highlights on short and long term dynamics

PDF <20> Perrone, Angela; Piscitelli, Sabatino; Lapenna, Vincenzo
Electrical resistivity tomographies for landslide monitoring: a review

PDF <21> Di Maio, Rosa; Piegari, Ester; Scognamiglio, Solange
Stability Analysis of Pyroclastic Covers by a new Geoeletrical-Hydrogeological Approach

PDF <22> Popp-Hofmann, Steffen; Altdorff, Daniel; Sauer, Uta; Paasche, Hendrik; Dietrich, Peter
Electromagnetic Induction (EM) for monitoring of soil-moisture pattern at the hill-slope scale

PDF <23> Supper, Robert; Jochum, Birgit; Kim, Jung-Ho; Ottowitz, David; Pfeiler, Stefan; Baroň, Ivo; Römer, Alexander; Lovisolo, Mario; Moser, Günther
The TEMPEL geoelectrical monitoring network for landslides: highlights of recent monitoring result

PDF <24> Ahn, Hee-Yoon; Lim, Huei-Dae; Ahn, Hee-Bok; Kim, Jung-Ho
Electrical resistivity monitoring of simulated piping and hydraulic fracturing within a dam structure

PDF <25> Cho, In-Ky; Ha, Ik-Soo; Kim, Ki-Seog; Ahn, Hee-Yoon; Lee, Seunghee; Kang, Hye-Jin
Resistivity monitoring for the detection of leakage zones in earth fill dams

PDF <26> Giao, Pham Huy; Nguyen Quoc Cuong; Loke, Meng Heng
Monitoring the Chemical Grouting in Sandy Soil by Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT)

PDF <27> Ryu, Hee-hwan; Cho, Gye-Chun; Yang, Sung-Don; Shin, Hyun-Kang
Development of Tunnel Electrical Resistivity Prospecting: System and its Application

PDF <28> Seidel, Knut; Serfling, Ulrich; Köhler, Manfred; Sedlacek, Christoph
Geoelectrical monitoring of the tunnel boring at lot H3-4, section Kundl/Radfeld-Baumkirchen

PDF <29> Papadopoulos, Nikos; Chatziathanasiou, Stefanos
ERT pollution monitoring in areas of olive oil mills' wastes (OOMW): Preliminary results from a disposal site in Crete (Greece)

PDF <30> Taborik, Petr; Pánek, Tomáš; Lenart, Jan; Prokesova, Roberta; Medvedova, Alzbeta
Geoelectrical imaging of slope deformations - towards repeated measurements, effective electrode array and limitations

PDF <31> Rode, Matthias; Sass, Oliver
Monitoring of water content, water displacement and freeze-thaw processes in alpine rock walls using geoelectric survey lines

PDF <32> Dahlin, Torleif; Rumpf, Benedict; Pojmark, Pontus; Hellman, Kristofer; Persson, Magnus; Günther, Thomas
Resistivity imaging and image analysis for estimating water and solute transport across the capillary fringe in laboratory experiments

PDF <33> Garré, Sarah; Günther, Thomas; Diels, Jan; Vanderborght, Jan
Sensitivity and resolution of ERT for soil moisture monitoring in contour hedgerow intercropping systems: a methodological analysis

PDF <34> Kang, Hye-Jin; Cho, In-Ky; Kim, Jung-Ho; Yong, Hwan-Ho; Yi, Sang-Sun; Park, Young-Gyu; Kweon, Young-Duk
SP Monitoring at a Sea Dyke

PDF <35> Coscia, Ilaria; Greenhalgh, Stewart; Rabenstein, Lasse; Linde, Niklas; Green, Alan; Günther, Thomas; Vogt, Tobias
3D crosshole ERT for quifer characterization and monitoring of infiltrating river water

PDF <36> Robert, Tanguy; Caterina, David; Deceuster, J.; Kaufmann, Oliver; Nguyen, Frédéric
A salt tracer test monitored with surface ERT to detect preferential flow and transport paths in fractured/karstified limestones

PDF <37> Römer, Alexander; Bieber, Gerhard; Jochum, Birgit; Markart, Gerhard; Klebinder, Klaus
Monitoring a short term geoelectric tracer experiments to investigate the shallow interflow in small alpine micro-catchments

PDF <38> Noell, Ursula; Günther, Thomas; Ganz, Christina; Lamparter, Axel
Quantitative assessment of infiltration processes using ERT: more questions than answers

PDF <39> Takakura, Shinichi; Nishi, Yuji
Four-year repeated geoelectrical surveys for the monitoring of temperature and water content in the unsaturated zone

PDF <40> Grinat, Michael; Südekum, Wolfgang; Epping, Dieter; Meyer, Robert; Günther, Thomas
Monitoring the freshwater/saltwater transition zone on the North Sea Island Borkum using vertical electrode systems

PDF <41> Möller, Marcus; Schmidt-Hattenberger, Cornelia; Wagner, Florian; Schröder, Stephan
Development of an integrated monitoring concept to detect possible brine migration

PDF <42> Dahlin, Torleif; Rosqvist, Hakan; Johansson, Sara; Mansson, Carl-Henrik; Svensson, Mats; Lindsjö, Magnus; Loke, Meng Heng
Geoelectrical Monitoring for Mapping of Gas and Water Migration in Landfills

PDF <43> Müller, Karel; Blaha, Pavel; Abdullaev, Shavkat; Duras, Roman
Geoelectrical Monitoring behind the "Iron Curtain"