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Cephalopods-Present and Past

ISSN: 0378-0864
ISBN: 3-85316-014-X
Seiten: 569
H .Summesberger, K. Histon & A. Daurer
Erscheinungsjahr: 2002
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PDF <1> Aguirre-Urreta, Maria B.
Hemihoplitid Ammonoids from the Austral Basin of Argentina and Chile

PDF <2> Avram, Emil
The Taxonomic Position and Biostratigraphic Value of the Genus Pseudocrioceratites EGOIAN, 1969 (Lytoceratina, Lower Cretaceous)

PDF <3> Bardhan, Subhendu; Sardar, Subrata K.; Jana, Sudipta K.
The Middle Jurassic Kheraiceras SPATH 1924 from the Indian Subcontinent

PDF <4> Bockwinkel, Jürgen; Becker, Ralph Thomas; Ebbighausen, Volker
Morphometry and Taxonomy of Lower Famennian Sporadoceratidae (Goniatitida) from Southern Morocco

PDF <5> Boletzky, Sigurd v.
Yolk Sac Morphology in Cephalopod Embryos

PDF <6> Bonnot, Alain; Courville, Philippe; Marchand, Didier
Parallel Biozonation in the Upper Callovian and the Lower Oxfordian Based on the Peltoceratinae Subfamily (Ammonitina, Aspidoceratidae)

PDF <7> Doguzhaeva, Larisa A.; Mapes, Royal H.; Mutvei, Harry
Shell Morphology and Ultrastructure of the Early Carboniferous Coleoid Hematites FLOWER & GORDON, 1959 (Hematitida ord.nov) from Midcontinent (USA)

PDF <8> Doguzhaeva, Larisa A.; Mutvei, Harry; Donovan, Desmond T.
Pro-ostracum, Muscular Mantle and Conotheca in the Middle Jurassic Belemnite Megateuthis

PDF <9> Doguzhaeva, Larisa
Adolescent Bactritoid, Orthoceroid, Ammonoid and Coleoid Shells from the Upper Carbiniferous and Lower Permian of the South Urals

PDF <10> Ebbighausen, Volker; Becker, Ralph Thomas; Bockwinkel, Jürgen
Morphometric Analyses and Taxonomy of Oxyconic Goniatites (Paratornoceratinae n.subfam.) from the Early Famennian of the Tafilalt (Anti-Atlas, Morocco)

PDF <11> Fernandez-Lopez, Sixto Rafael; Henriques, Maria Helena; Duarte, Luis Victor
Taphonomy of Ammonite Condensed Associations - Jurassic Examples from Carbonate Platforms of Iberia

PDF <12> Gleadall, Ian G.
The Pseudophallus of the Incirrate Octopoda: An Organ Specialized for Releasing Spermatophores Singly

PDF <13> Goncalves, Ines; Sendao, Joao; Borges, Teresa C.; Borges, J.
Octopus vulgaris (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) Gametogenesis: A Histological Approach to the Verification of the Macroscopic Maturity Scales

PDF <14> Haas, Winfried
The Evolutionary History of the Eight-armed Coleoidea

PDF <15> Histon, Kathleen
Telescoping in Orthoconic Nautiloids: An Indication of High or Low Energy Hydrodynamic Regime?

PDF <16> Holland, Charles Hepworth
One of Many Problems: Taxonomy of the Common Silurian Nautiloid Cephalopod "Orthoceras" bullatum J. DE C. SOWERBY

PDF <17> Jagt, John W. M.
Late Cretaceous Ammonite Faunas of the Maastrichtian Type Area

PDF <18> Kaplan, Peter
Biomechanics as a Test of Functional Plausibility: Testing the Adaptive Value of Terminal-Countdown Heteromorphy in Cretaceous Ammonites

PDF <19> Kennedy, William J.; Cobban, William A.; Klinger, Herbert C.
Muscle Attachment and Mantle-Related Features in Upper Cretaceous Baculites from the United States Western Interior

PDF <20> Kennedy, William J.; Landman, Neil H.; Cobban, William A.; Larson, Neal L.
Jaws and Radulae in Rhaeboceras, a Late Cretaceous Ammonite

PDF <21> Klofak, Susan M.
Size Classes in Ammonoids from the Middle Devonian Cherry Valley Limestone of New York State, U.S.A.

PDF <22> Klug, Christian
Conch Parameters and Habitats of Emsian and Eifelian Ammonoids from the Tafilalt (Morocco) and their Relation to Global Events

PDF <23> Kostak, Martin
Teuthoidea from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic) - A Critical Review

PDF <24> Kröger, Björn
On the Ability of Withdrawing of Some Jurassic Ammonoids

PDF <25> Kulicki, Cyprian; Landman, Neil H.; Heaney, Michael J.; Mapes, Royal H.; Tanabe, Kazushige
Morphology of the Early Whorls of Goniatites from the Carboniferous Buckhorn Asphalt (Oklahoma) with Aragonitic Preservation

PDF <26> Kullmann, Jürgen
Ammonoid Evolution During the Critical Intervals Before and After the Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary and the Mid-Carboniferous Boundary

PDF <27> Lipinski, Marek R.
Growth of Cephalopods: Conceptual Model

PDF <28> Lukeneder, Alexander; Harzhauser, Mathias
Shell Accumulations of the Nautilidae Aturia (Aturia) aturi (BAST.) in the Lower Miocene Paratethys (Lower Austria)

PDF <29> Mapes, Royal H.; Dalton, Rodney B.
Scavenging or Predation? Mississippian Ammonoid Accumulations in Carbonate Concretion Halos Around Rayonnoceras (Actinoceratoidea - Nautiloidea) Body Chambers from Arkansas

PDF <30> Marchand, Didier; Courville, Philippe; Bonnot, Alain; Rossi, Jacques; Scoufflaire, Quentin
Very Small Ammonites (Micromorphs) from Lower Oxfordian Marls (Mariae Zone)

PDF <31> Mikhailova, Irina A.; Baraboshkin, Evgenij J.
Volgoceratoides and Koeneniceras - New Small-Size Lower Aptian Heteromorphs from the Ulijanovsk Region (Russian Platform)

PDF <32> Mutvei, Harry
Nautiloid Systematics Based on Siphuncular Structure and Position of Muscle Scars

PDF <33> Neige, Pascal; Dommergues, Jean-Louis
Disparity of Beaks and Statoliths of Some Coleoids: A Morphometric Approach to Depict Shape Differentiation

PDF <34> Richter, Ute; Fischer, Rudolf
Soft Tissue Attachment Structures on Pyritized Internal Moulds of Ammonoids

PDF <35> Sprey, Anton Martin
Early Ontogeny of three Callovian Ammonite Genera (Binatisphinctes, Kosmoceras (Spinikosmoceras) and Hecticoceras) from Ryazan (Russia)

PDF <36> Stephen, Daniel A.; Stanton, Robert J.
Impact of Reproductive Strategy on Cephalopod Evolution

PDF <37> Tanabe, Kazushige; Landman, Neil H.
Morphological Diversity of the Jaws of Cretaceous Ammonoidea

PDF <38> Vörös, Attila
Paleoenvironmental Distribution of Some Middle Triassic Ammonoid Genera in the Balaton Highland (Hungary)

PDF <39> Warnke, Kerstin; Söller, Rainer; Blohm, Dietmar; Saint-Paul, Ulrich
Assessment of the Phylogenetic Relationship Between Octopus vulgaris CUVIER, 1797 and O. mimus GOULD 1852, Using Mitochondrial 16S rDNA in Combination with Morphological Characters

PDF <40> Yun, Cheol-Soo
Faunal and Biogeographical Characteristics of the Ordovician Cephalopods from Korea