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Landslide Monitoring Technologies, Early Warning Systems.

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R.Supper, I.Baron
Erscheinungsjahr: 2010
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PDF <1> Seifert, Peter

PDF <2>
Introductory Foreword

PDF <3> Casagli, Nicola; Supper, Robert
The Safeland Project: General Overview and Monitoring Technology Development

PDF <4> Baroň, Ivo; Supper, Robert
State-of-the-Art of Landslide Site Monitoring in Europe: Preliminary Results of the SafeLand Questionaire

PDF <5> Schiano, P.
Meteorological and Climate Forecasting for Landslide Prediction

PDF <6> Michoud, C.; Derron, M.-H.; Abellan, A.; Jaboyedoff, M.
A Review of Remote Sensing and Ground-Based Techniques for Landslides Detection, Fast Characterization, Rapid Mapping and Long-Term Monitoring

PDF <7> Travelletti, Julien; Malet, Jean Philippe; Schmittbuhl, J.; Toussaint, R.; Delacourt, C.; Stumpf, A.
A Multi-Temporal Image Correlation Method to Characterize Landslide Displacements

PDF <8> Kerle, N.; Stumpf, A.; Malet, Jean Philippe
Object-Oriented and Cognitive Methods for Multi-Data Event-Based Landslide Detection and Monitoring

PDF <9> Tofani, V.; Catani, F.; Casagli, N.
Weather Forecasting and Radar Technologies for Landslide Prediction and Mapping: Some Examples in Italy

PDF <10> Van Den Eeckhaut, Miet; Hervás, Javier
Testing Different Techniques for Detection, Rapid Mapping and Monitoring of Landslide in the Barcelonette Region Using Satellite and Airborne Optical Imagery

PDF <11> Picarelli, L.; Fornaro, G.; Comegna, L.
Advanced Criteria and Techniques for Landslide Monitoring

PDF <12> Cascini, L.; Peduto, Dario; Fornaro, G.
A New Approach to the Use of DinSAR Data in Landslide Studies at different Scales: the Case Study of National Basin Authority of Liri-Garigliano and Volturno Rivers (Italy)

PDF <13> Carman, M.; Kumelj, S.
GeoZS-Landslide Issues in Slovenia and Contribution to the SafeLand Project Stoze Landslide

PDF <14> Gili, J. A.
DinSAR vs. Wire Extensometer Calibration, and GBSAR First Survey at the Vallcebre Landslide (Spain)

PDF <15> Agliardi, F.; Crosta, G. B.; Frattini, P.
Forecasting the Failure of Large Landslides for Early Warning: Issues and Directions

PDF <16> Supper, Robert; Baroň, Ivo; Jochum, Birgit; Ita, Anna; Motschka, Klaus; Winkler, Edmund
Airborne Geophysics and Geoelectric and Inclinometric Monitoring at the Gschliefgraben Landslide

PDF <17> Lovisolo, M.
Bagnaschino Landslide: From Early Warning to Site-Specific Kineamtic Analysis

PDF <18> Cardellini, S.; Osimani, P.
Living with Landslides: the Ancona Case History and Early Warning System

PDF <19> Roth, M.; Blikra, L. H.
Seismic Monitoring of the Unstable Rock Slope at Aknes, Norway