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RECCCE Workshop 24-28 April 2009 Gams, Austria.

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PDF <1> Adatte, Thierry; Keller, Gerta; Berner, Zsolt; Stueben, Doris
Stratigraphy, nature and origin of the near KT breccia, relation with the Chicxulub impact

PDF <2> Bartosova, Katerina; Koeberl, Christian; Mader, Dieter
The Late Eocene Impact Ejecta Layer: Chesapeake Bay impact structure (Virginia, USA), and comparison with the K-T Event

PDF <3> Chira, Carmen Mariana; Balc, Ramona; Cetean, Claudia; Juravle, Doru Toader; Filipescu, Sorin; Igritan, Alin; Florea, Florin; Popa, Mirela Violetta
Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary in north-eastern Romania

PDF <4> Chumakov, Nikolay M.
Evolution of climatic zonality during Cretaceous greenhouse epoch

PDF <5> Deutsch, Alex; Berndt, Jasper; Mezger, Klaus; Schulte, Peter
Concurrent PGE anomaly, negative carbon isotope shift, and Chicxulub ejecta at the K-T boundary in ODP Leg 207: No evidence for multiple-impact scenario

PDF <6> Deutsch, Alex; Schulte, Peter
The Chicxulub impact and the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) boundary: Current status and pending issues

PDF <7> Egger, Hans
RECCCE Excursion. Stop 6: Paleocene-Eocene at Anthering near Salzburg

PDF <8> Egger, Hans
The Paleocene-Eocene Boundary in Austria

PDF <9> Egger, Hans; Wagreich, Michael
RECCCE Excursion. Stop 2: Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary at Krautgraben/Gams

PDF <10> Egger, Hans; Wagreich, Michael
RECCCE Excursion. Stop 3: Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary interval in tributary of Gamsbach

PDF <11> Gebhardt, Holger; Wagreich, Michael
Decline and recovery of foraminifera at the northern Tethyan margin during the Cenomanian-Turonian OAE-2: the Rehkogelgraben record (Ultrahelvetic Zone, Upper Austria)

PDF <12> Grachev, Andrei F.; Kollmann, Heinz A.
RECCCE Excursion. Stop 1: Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary at Knappengraben/Gams

PDF <13> Grachev, Andrei F.; Korchagin, Oleg A.; Tselmovich, Vladimir A.; Kollmann, Heinz A.
Morphology and composition of the cosmic dust and micrometeorites in the Transitional Clay Layer at the Cretaceous-Pleogene Boundary in the Gams Section (Eastern Alps)

PDF <14> Grachev, Andrei F.
The K/T Boundary of Gams (Eastern Alps, Austria) and the nature of terminal Cretaceous Mass Extinction

PDF <15> Hart, Malcolm B.; Smart, Christopher W.; Searle, Sarah R.
Benthic foraminifera across the K/T boundary: Brazos River (Texas, USA) compared to Stevns Klint (Denmark)

PDF <16> Hart, Malcolm B.
The Cenomanian/Turonian Boundary Event: A review of the micropalaeontological evidence

PDF <17> Herman, Alexei B.; Akhmetiev, Mikhail A.; Kodrul, Tatyana M.; Moiseeva, Maria G.
Floristic changes near the K/T boundary in North-eastern Russia, Far East and Northern Alaska: role of plant migrations and climate fluctuations

PDF <18> Keller, Gerta; Adatte, Thierry; Berner, Zsolt
The role of the Chicxulub Impact in the KT Mass Extinction

PDF <19> Keller, Gerta; Adatte, Thierry; Gertsch, Brian
Is Deccan Volcanism the real cause for the KT Mass Extiction?

PDF <20> Kodrul, Tatyana M.
Paleocene-Eocene freshwater aquatic and wetland ecosystems of the Zeya-Bureya Basin, Russian Far East and their responses to climate change

PDF <21> Korchagin, Oleg A.; Kollmann, Heinz A.
Planktonic foraminifera from the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary deposits of Gams (Eastern Alps, Austria)

PDF <22> Korchagin, Oleg A.
The resolution of Cenomanian events in the Crimea and eastern Central Asia

PDF <23> Mader, Dieter; Koeberl, Christian
Iridium Coincidence: Spectrometry in the University of Vienna Gamma Spectrometry Laboratory: Determination of Iridium in Very Low Abundances in geological Samples

PDF <24> Malata, Ewa; Uchman, Alfred; Frytek, Monika
The Palaeozoic-Eocene boundary in turbiditic successions: an example from the Slopniczanka section of the Magura Nappe, Polish Outer Carpathians

PDF <25> Mohamed, Omar; Piller, Werner E.
Palynological respond at the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary in the Northern Calcareous Alps, Gams area, Austria

PDF <26> Neuhuber, Stephanie; Wagreich, Michael
From OAE 2 anoxia to oxic CORBs - rapid environmental changes in the Late Cretaceous

PDF <27> Oms, Oriol; Dinarès-Turell, Jaume; Riera, Violeta; Gaete, R.; Vila, B.; Galobart, A.
The continental Cretaceous-Paleogene transition from the southern Pyrenees: magnetostratigraphy and vertebrate succession correlations

PDF <28> Pavlishina, Polina; Wagreich, Michael
Palynological investigation of the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary section in the Ultrahelvetic Zone, Eastern Alps, Austria

PDF <29> Pechersky, Diamar M.; Grachev, Andrei F.; Nourgaliev, Danis K.; Tselmovich, Vladimir A.
Petromagnetic analysis of the K/Pg boundary layer of Gams (Eastern Alps) and other K/Pg sections

PDF <30> Riera, Violeta; Anadon, P.; Oms, Oriol; Estrada, R.; Maestro, E.; Vicens, E.
Preliminary geochemical features of non-marine biogenic carbonates from the Maastrichtian of the southern Pyrenees

PDF <31> Schulte, Peter
Carbon release, transient global warming, and productivity feedback during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) and related hyperthermal events

PDF <32> Schulte, Peter; Deutsch, Alex
The Chicxulub impact, shocked carbonates, and correlation to the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) boundary: New data from ejecta deposits in the Gulf of Mexico area

PDF <33> Schumann, Dirk; Raub, Timothy D.; Kopp, Robert E.; Guerquin-Kern, Jean-Luc; Wu, Ting-Di; Rouiller, Isabelle; Smirnov, Aleksey; Sears, S. Kelly; Lücken, Uwe; Tikoo, Sonia M.; Hesse, Reinhard; Kirschvink, Joseph L.; Vali, Hojatollah
Environmental change during the PETM drives formation of gigantic biogenic magnetite

PDF <34> Summesberger, Herbert; Wagreich, Michael; Bryda, Gerhard
RECCCE Excursion. Stop 4: Mid-Maastrichtian ammonite site E of Haid

PDF <35> Summesberger, Herbert; Wagreich, Michael; Bryda, Gerhard
Upper Maastrichtian cephalopods and the correlation to clacareous nannoplankton and planktic foraminifera zones in the Nierental Formation of Gams (Styria, Austria)

PDF <36> Svabenicka, Lilian; Hradecka, Lenka; Svobodova, Marcela
Micropaleontological changes at the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Czech Republic

PDF <37> Uchman, Alfred; Rodriguez-Tovar, Francisco J.
Ichnofabrics of the Cenomanian-Turanian Boundary Event in the Baltic Cordillera, southern Spain

PDF <38> Uchman, Alfred; Rodriguez-Tovar, Francisco J.
Ichnological analysis of the Cretaceous-Palaeogene boundary interval in the Caravaca and Agost sections, southern Spain

PDF <39> Wagreich, Michael; Egger, Hans; Koeberl, Christian; Spötl, Christoph
From the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary to the Paleocene/Eocene-boundary in the Gosau Group of Gams (Austria)

PDF <40> Wagreich, Michael; Kollmann, Heinz A.; Egger, Hans; Grachev, Andrei F.; Summesberger, Herbert
Excursion Guide to RECCCE Workshop

PDF <41> Wagreich, Michael; Neuhuber, Stephanie; Egger, Hans
RECCCE Excursion. Stop 5: Cenomanian-Turonian at Rehkogelgraben/Hagenmühle (Upper Austria)

PDF <42> Willumsen, Pi Suhr; Vajda, Vivi
A Southern Hemisphere Study of dinoflagellate cysts and miospores assemblages from the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary - Ecosystems reponse and restitution time