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Upper Triassic Subdivisions, Zonations and Events.- Sept., 28th-Oct. 2nd, 2008 Bad Goisern.

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L.Krystyn & G.W. Mandl
Erscheinungsjahr: 2008
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PDF <1> Balini, Marco; Bertinelli, Angela; Di Stefano, Pietro; Dumitrica, Paulian; Furin, Stefano; Gullo, Maria; Guaiumi, Chiara; Hungerbühler, Alexandre; Levera, Marco; Mazza, Michele; McRoberts, Christopher; Muttoni, Giovanni; Nicora, Alda; Preto, Nereo; Rigo, Manuel
Integrated stratigraphy of the Norian GSSP candidate Pizzo Mondello section (Sicani Mountains, Sicily)

PDF <2> Cwik, Ernst
Stratigraphic significance of the ammonoid family Arcestidae around the Norian/Rhaetian boundary

PDF <3> Giordano, Nicola; Rigo, Manuel; Ciarapica, Gloria; Mietto, Paolo; Passeri, Leonsevero
The Norian/Rhaetian boundary in the Lagonegro Basin, Southern Apennines, Italy

PDF <4> Haas, János
Excursion 2: Characteristic features of the Lofer cyclicity on the Dachstein Plateau (Austria)

PDF <5> Hillebrandt, Axel v.; Urlichs, Max
Foraminifera and Ostracoda from the Northern Calcareous Alps and the end-Triassic biotic crisis

PDF <6> Klets, Tatiana V.; Kopylova, Alena V.
Upper Triassic conodonts from Northeastern Russia: paleobiogeography, evolutional stages, biostratigraphy

PDF <7> Kozur, Heinz W.; Bachmann, Gerhard H.
Updated correlation of the Germanic Triassic with the Tethyan scale and assigned numeric ages

PDF <8> Krystyn, Leopold
An ammonoid-calibrated Tethyan conodont time scale of the late Upper Triassic

PDF <9> Krystyn, Leopold
Excursion 1: The Hallstatt pelagics - Norian and Rhaetian Fossillagerstaetten of Hallstatt

PDF <10> Krystyn, Leopold; Kürschner, Wolfram M.; Richoz, Sylvain
An itegrated palaeontological, geochemical & palynological study of the Rhaetian Zlambach marls in the Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria)

PDF <11> Krystyn, Leopold; Lein, Richard; Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen
How many Tethyan Triassic oceans?

PDF <12> Levera, Marco; McRoberts, Christopher A.
Carnian/Norian halobiids from Pizzo Mondello succession (Sicani Mountains, Sicily)

PDF <13> Lobitzer, Harald; Mandl, Gerhard W.
A brief history of geological research of the Dachstein-Hallstatt-Salzkammergut Region

PDF <14> Mandl, Gerhard W.; Krystyn, Leopold
Excursion 3: The Dachstein-reef of the Gosaukamm - An Upper Triassic carbonate platform margin

PDF <15> Maslo, Martin
Taxonomy and stratigraphy of the Upper Triassic heteromorphic ammonoids: Preliminary results from Austria

PDF <16> Mazza, Michele; Rigo, Manuel
Taxonomy and Phyllomorphogenesis of the Carnian/Norian conodonts from Pizzo Mondello Section (Sicani Mountains, Sicily)

PDF <17> McRoberts, Christopher A.
Rhaetian Bivalves and the Norian/Rhaetian Boundary

PDF <18> Pálfy, József; Friedman, Richard; Mundil, Roland
Revised U-Pb ages of the Triassic-Jurassic boundary and the earliest Jurassic and their implications

PDF <19> Richoz, Sylvain; Krystyn, Leopold; Spötl, Christoph; Kürschner, Wolfram M.
Building an Upper Triassic Carbon Isotope Reference Curve

PDF <20> Rigo, Manuel; Galli, Maria Teresa; Jadoul, Flavio
Conodont biostratigraphy of the late Triassic in the western Bergamasc Alps (Italy)

PDF <21> Roniewicz, Ewa; Mandl, Gerhard W.; Ebli, Oskar; Lobitzer, Harald
Early Norian Scleractinian Corals of the Dachstein Limestone of Feisterscharte, Dachstein Plateau (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria)

PDF <22> Siblik, Milos
Review of the Upper Triassic brachiopods in the Northern Calcareous Alps

PDF <23> Tekin, Ugur Kagan; Goncuoglu, Cemal
Late Middle to Early Late Triassic Radiolarian Faunas from the Izmir-Ankara Suture Belt in Western Turkey: Remarks on the evolution of the Neotethyan Izmir-Ankara Ocean