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V International Symposium: Cephalopods - Present and Past.- Abstracts Volume.- Vienna, 6-9th September 1999.

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PDF <1> Aguirre-Urreta, Maria Beatriz
Hemihoplitid Ammonoids from the Austral Basin of Patagonia, Argentina

PDF <2> Arkadiev, V. V.; Vavilov, M. N.
Types of lobe line development of the Middle Triassic Ammonoidea of the Boreal Area

PDF <3> Arkhipkin, Alexander; Bizikov, Vyacheslav
Statolith shape as an indicator of the life style in recent and extinct decapod cephalopods

PDF <4> Avram, Emil
The taxonomic position and biostratigraphic value of the genus Pseudocrioceratites Egoian, 1969 (Lytoceratina) in Romania

PDF <5> Balini, Marco
The classic Anisian (Middle Triassic) Ammonoid localities of the Southern Alps, and their significance for the definition of the Anisian subdivisions

PDF <6> Bandel, Klaus
Evaluation of constructional differences in Jurassic ammonite shells and Nautilus

PDF <7> Bardhan, Subhendu; Sardar, Subrata; Jana, Sudipta
The Middle Jurassic ammonite Kheraiceras Spath from the Indian subcontinent

PDF <8> Becker, Ralph Thomas
Phylogeny and systematics of the Wocklumeriina (Ammonoidea, Clymeniida, Middle to Late Famennian)

PDF <9> Beuerlein, Knut; Gebauer, Martin; Versen, Bernhard; Schipp, Rudolf
Arterial hemolymph supply in the branchial hearts of the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis L. (Cephalopoda, Dibranchiata)

PDF <10> Bockwinkel, Jürgen; Becker, Ralph Thomas; Ebbighausen, Volker
Variability and taxonomy of Maeneceras (Goniatitida, Sporadoceratidae) from the early Famennian of Southern Morocco

PDF <11> Bogdanova, Tamara N.; Mikhailova, Irina A.
The origin and evolution of the Family Deshayestidae Stoyanow, 1949

PDF <12> Boletzky, Sigurd v.
Dwarf cephalopods: Conditions of reproduction at small size

PDF <13> Boletzky, Sigurd v.
Yolk sac morphologies in cephalopod embryos

PDF <14> Bonnot, Alain; Marchand, Didier; Courville, Philippe
Parallel biozonation in the Upper Callovian and the Lower Oxfordian based on the Peltoceratinae Sub-family (Ammonitina, Aspidoceratidae)

PDF <15> Checa, Antonio G.; Histon, Kathleen; Sandoval, Jose
Cephalopod accumulations linked to condensation episodes in the Jurassic of the Subetic (Southern Spain) and in the Silurian of the Carnic Alps (Austria)

PDF <16> Checa, Antonio G.; Keupp, Helmuth
Regulation of coiling in planispiral ammonites, inferred from cases of infestation in vivo by epizoans

PDF <17> Christensen, Walter Kegel
Paleobiogeography and migration in the late Cretaceous belemnite Family Belemnitellidae

PDF <18> Dagys, Algirdas
Phylogeny and taxonomy of the Boreal Anisian family Czekanowskitidae

PDF <19> Dalton, R. B.; Mapes, Royal H.
Scavenging or predation: Mississippian goniatite accumulations in carbonate concretion around Rayonnoceras (Actinocerida) body chambers from Arkansas

PDF <20> Davis, Richard A.; Mapes, Royal H.
Pits in internal molds of cephalopods

PDF <21> Doguzhaeva, Larisa A.
Early shell ontogeny in bactritoids and allied taxa: Comparative morphology, shell wall ultrastructure, and phylogenetic implication

PDF <22> Doguzhaeva, Larisa A.; Mapes, Royal H.; Mutvei, Harry
Rostrum and phragmocone structures in the lower Carbinoferous coleoid Hematites and its taxonomic assignment

PDF <23> Doguzhaeva, Larisa A.; Mutvei, Harry; Donovan, Desmond T.
Structure of the pro-ostracum and muscular mantle in Belemnites

PDF <24> Ebbighausen, Volker; Becker, Ralph Thomas; Bockwinkel, Jürgen
Morphometric analysis of Paratornoceratids (Goniatitida) from the early Famennian of southern Morocco

PDF <25> Engeser, Theo
Phylogeny of the "Post-Triassic" Nautiloids

PDF <26> Engeser, Theo
The data retrieval system Nautiloidea (DRSN)

PDF <27> Fernandez-Lopez, Sixto; Henriques, Maria Helena; Duarte, Luis Victor
Taphonomy of Ammonite condensed associations: Jurassic examples from carbonate platforms of Iberia

PDF <28> Fernandez-Lopez, Sixto; Meléndez, Guillermo
Trimarginia and Trimarginites (Ammonoidea) from the Iberian Basin

PDF <29> Fraaye, Rene H. B.
Organism in body chambers of fossil cephalopods

PDF <30> Galacz, Andras; Matiya, Bronislaw
Passendorfer's middle jurassic ammonites from the high Tatras

PDF <31> Gavrilova, Vera A.
Ammonoidea of the Mangyshlak Lower Triassic

PDF <32> Gleadall, Ian G.
The terminal region of the male genital tract in cephalopod systematics: A revised terminology, and an illustration of intrageneric variation within one genus of Octopus

PDF <33> Glowniak, Ewa
Biology and biogeography of the middle Oxfordian ammonites of the subgenus Platysphinctes: A new evidence from Poland

PDF <34> Goncalves, Ines; Sendao, Joao; Borges, Teresa
Octopus vulgaris (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) gametogeneses: A historical approach to the verification of the macroscopic maturity scales

PDF <35> Haas, Winfried
The evolution of the Octopoda

PDF <36> Hielscher, Brigitte; Boletzky, Sigurd v.
Organization and reorganozation of the main nerve cord in untreated and regenerating tentacles of the cephalopod Sepia officinalis L.

PDF <37> Hillebrandt, Axel v.
Paleobiogeography and relationship of South American Hettangian (Lower Jurassic) ammonites

PDF <38> Histon, Kathleen
Telescoping in orthoconic nautiloids: An indication of high or low energy hydrodynamic regime?

PDF <39> Hoedemaeker, Philip J.
Sexual dimorphism in the genus Pseudothurmannia

PDF <40> Holland, Charles Hepworth
One of the many problems: Taxonomy of the common Silurian Nautiloid cephalopod Orthoceras bullatum C.Sowerby

PDF <41> House, Michael Robert; Becker, Ralph Thomas
The phylogeny of Pharciceratids and their relatives (Ammonoidea, Anarcestida: Late Givetian to Middle Frasnian)

PDF <42> Hudelot, Cendrine; Boucher-Rodoni, Renata
What molecular tools tell us about Octopods systematics?

PDF <43> Jagt, John W. M.
Late Cretaceous ammonite faunas of the Maastrichtian type area

PDF <44> Kaplan, Peter
Biomechanics as a test of fuctional plausibility: Testing the adaptive value of terminal-countdown heteromorphy in Cretaceous ammonoids

PDF <45> Kennedy, W.James; Cobban, William A.; Klinger, Herbert C.
Muscle attachment and mantle-related features in Upper Cretaceous Baculites from the United States Western Interior

PDF <46> Keupp, Helmut
Injuries: A key to understanding life modes of ammonoids

PDF <47> Klinger, Herbert C.; Kennedy, W.James
Ammonoid palaeobiogeography - the Pseudoschloenbachia Paradox

PDF <48> Klofak, Susan M.
Size classes in a Devonian ammonoid from the Middle devonian Cherry Valley Limestone of New York State, U.S.A.

PDF <49> Klug, Christian
Devonian ammonoid biometry and global events - preliminary results

PDF <50> Klug, Christian; Korn, Dieter
Ammonoid succession in Devonian Sections of Northwest Africa

PDF <51> Korn, Dieter
From Pliny to Walch - 1700 pioneering years of ammonoid research

PDF <52> Korn, Dieter
Phylogeny of Early and Middle Devonian ammonoids

PDF <53> Korn, Dieter; Price, John; House, Michael
Ammonoid faunas from the Devonian and Early Carbonifeous of the Carnic Alps

PDF <54> Kostak, Martin
Coleoidea of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic, Europe)

PDF <55> Kröger, Björn
Shell-loss due to predation: Effects on ammonoids buoyancy

PDF <56> Krystyn, Leopold
A major Phylloceratid-Lytoceratid faunal turnover in the Lower Jurassic

PDF <57> Krystyn, Leopold; Balini, M.
Triassic ammonoids and the Himalayas

PDF <58> Kulicki, Cyprian; Landman, Neil H.; Heaney, Michael J.; Mapes, Royal H.; Tanabe, Kazushige
Morphology of the early whorls of goniatites from the Carboniferous Buckhorn Asphalt (Oklahoma) with aragonitic preservation

PDF <59> Kulicki, Cyprian; Tanabe, Kazushige
The ultrastructure of the dorsal shell wall of Mesozoic ammonoids

PDF <60> Kullmann, Jürgen
Ammonoid evolution during the critical intervals before and after the Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary and the mid-Carboniferous Boundary

PDF <61> Kullmann, Jürgen
Palaeozoic ammonoidea in the database system Goniat

PDF <62> Landman, Neil H.; Klofak, Susan M.; O'Shea, S.; Mikkelsen, P. M.
A giant squid in New York City

PDF <63> Lesch, Christine; Kitzrow, Dieter; Kämpfer, Peter; Neef, Alexander; Schipp, Rudolf
Microbiological and physiological studies on bacteria populations in the pericardial coelom of Nautilus pompilius L. (Cephalopoda, Tetrabranchiata)

PDF <64> Lewy, Zeev
The tropic control on the function of the Aulacoceratid and Belemnoid guard and phragmocone

PDF <65> Lukeneder, Alexander; Harzhauser, Mathias; Mandic, Oleg; Roetzel, Reinhard
Shell-accumulation of the nautilidae Aturia (Aturia) aturi (Basterot, 1825) in the Retz-Formation (Lower Austria, Upper Eggenburgian, Lower Miocene)

PDF <66> Lukeneder, Alexander
Two ammonite mass-occurrences of the Alpine Lower Cretaceous (Northern Calcareous Alps, Upper Austria)

PDF <67> Macchioni, Francesco; Parisi, Guido
Effects of cpmpaction in mammonite moulds and their taphonomic implications: An example from the Rosso Ammonitico of the Northern Appennines (Early-Middle Toarcian, Umbria-Marche, Italy)

PDF <68> Machalski, Marcin
The last Maastrichtian ammonites in Poland

PDF <69> Manda, Štěpán
Wenlock and Ludlow cephalopods in the Prague Basin: Communities, palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology (Bohemian)

PDF <70> Manger, Walter L.; Meeks, Lisa K.; Russell, Richard A.
Dimorphism in middle Carboniferous ammonoids from the southern midcontinent, United States

PDF <71> Manger, Walter L.; Meeks, Lisa K.; Russell, Richard A.
Evaluation of septal crowding as an indication of sexual maturity in some Lower and Middle Carboniferous ammonoids from the North America Midcontinent, United States

PDF <72> Mapes, Royal H.; McComas, Gregory A.
Septal implosion in coiled nautiloids from an Upper Carboniferous unit in Ohio, USA

PDF <73> Mapes, Royal H.; Tanabe, Kazushige; Landman, Neil H.
Siphuncular menbranes in Upper Paleozoic Prolecanitid Ammonoids from Nevada, USA

PDF <74> Marchand, Didier; Courville, Philippe; Scoufflaire, Quentin; Bonnot, Alain; Rossi, Jacques
Ammonite faunas from marls with pyritic ammonites (Lower Oxfordian): Original faunas at the interface distal platform and basin

PDF <75> Marcinowski, Ryszard
Change within ammonite assemblages from Mangyshlak Mountains (Western Lazakhstan) during the Mid-Cretaceous transgression

PDF <76> Matyja, Bronislaw A.; Wierzbowski, Andrzej
Biological response of ammonites to changing environmental conditions: An example of Boreal Amoeboceras invasions into Submediterranean Province during Late Oxfordian

PDF <77> Moriya, Kazuyoshi; Hirano, Hiromichi
Ammonoid assemblages in the Santonian age of Hokkaido, Japan, with special reference to covariance of shell shape and mode of occurrence of Desmoceratidae

PDF <78> Mouty, Mikhail; Gauthier, Henri
Mit-Cretaceous ammonites from the coastal chain of Syria

PDF <79> Mutvei, Harry
Nautiloid systematics based on siphuncular structure and position of muscle scars

PDF <80> Neige, Pascal
Diversity versus disparity: Examples from present (Coleoids) and past (Ammonites) Cephalopods

PDF <81> Pálfy, József
Ammonoid biostratigraphy of the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary near Csövar, Hungary: A progress report

PDF <82> Pálfy, József
Early Jurassic ammonoids from the Persani Mts. (East Carpathians, Romania)

PDF <83> Ploch, Izabela
Problem of sexual dimorphism in the Valanginian (Lower Cretaceous) ammonites Valanginites nucleus and Saynoceras verrucosum

PDF <84> Reboulet, Stéphane
Limiting factors on shell growth and segregation of ammonite populations: Evidence from adult size variations with time and space

PDF <85> Richter, Ute; Fischer, Rudolf
Soft-tissue attachment structures on pyritized intenal mould of ammonoids

PDF <86> Rodda, Peter U.; Murphy, Michael A.
Hypophylloceras and the classification of the Phylloceratidae

PDF <87> Rouget, Isabelle; Neige, Pascal
Intraspecific variation of ammonoid embryonic growth stages and its bearing on post embryonic growth

PDF <88> Ruth, Peter; Schmidtberg, Henrike
Cilated cells on the digital tentacles of Nautilus pompilius L. indicate their function as sense organs (Cephalopoda, Tetrabranchiata)

PDF <89> Sandoval, Jose; O'Dogherty, Luis; Guex, Jean
Sea level ammonite turnover and isotopic record in the early-middle Jurassic of the Betic Cordillera (Spain)

PDF <90> Sauer, Warwick; Melo, Yolanda
Estimating actual fecundity of a logiginid squid

PDF <91> Schweigert, Günter; Dietl, Gerd
Preservation of Cephalopods in the Upper Jurassic Nusplingen Lithographic Limestone (Late Kimmeridgian, SW Germany)

PDF <92> Seibertz, Ekbert; Spaeth, Christian
Range and distribution of belemnites in the Jurassic and Cretaceous of Mexico: A progress report

PDF <93> Serventi, Paolo; Gnoli, Maurizio; Histon, Kathleen
Revision of Silurian nautiloid cephalopods from the Carnic Alps from various museum collections

PDF <94> Serventi, Paolo
Some new Silurian nautiloid cephalopods from the Italian site of the Carnic Alps

PDF <95> Sprey, Anton Martin
Early ontogeny of three Callovian ammonite genera (Binatisphinctes, Kosmoceras and Hecticoceras)

PDF <96> Stephen, Daniel A.; Stanton, Robert J.
Impact of reproductive strategy on cepahlopod evolution

PDF <97> Summesberger, Herbert; Jurkovsek, Bogdan; Kolar-Jurkovšek, Tea
Upper jaws of Placenticeratidae from the Karst Plateau (Upper Cretaceous, Slovenia)

PDF <98> Szives, Ottilia
Hetermorph ammonites from the Tata Limestone Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Aptian-Albian), Hungary

PDF <99> Tanabe, Kazushige; Landman, Neil H.; Mapes, Royal H.; Sasaki, Takenori
Comparative microanatomy of the siphuncular cord in Permian ammonoids and Recent Nautilus

PDF <100> Tanabe, Kazushige; Landman, Neil H.
Morphological diversity of the jaws of Cretaceous Ammonoidea

PDF <101> Taverne, Nico; Fraaye, Rene H. B.; Jäger, M.
Predation of early Jurassic ammonites

PDF <102> Turek, Vojtich
Remarks to post-mortem behaviour of orthoconic shells

PDF <103> Van der Tuuk, Luit A.; Jagt, John W. M.
An enigmatic cephalopod jaw element from the latest Maastrichtian of the Netherlands

PDF <104> Vasicek, Zdenek
Paleobiogeography of the early Cretaceous ((Pre-Albian) cephalopod bearing formations of the Western Carpathians (Czech and Slovak Republics) and the Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria)

PDF <105> Vörös, Attila
Paleoenvironmental distribution of Middle Triassic ammonoids in the Balaton Highland (Hungary)

PDF <106> Vörös, Attila
Triassic ammonoids and biostratigraphy of the Balaton Highland: New results from the Anisian, Ladinian and Carnian

PDF <107> Warnke, Kerstin; Söller, Rainer; Blohm, Dietmar; Saint-Paul, Ulrich
Assessment of the phylogenetic relationship between Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797 and O.mimus Gould 1852, using mitochondrial 16S rRNA

PDF <108> Weitschat, Wolfgang
Wrinkle layer and dorsal muscle scars in Amauroceras ferrugineum from the Domerian of NW-Germany

PDF <109> Westermann, Bettina; Schipp, Rudolf
Cytobiological investigations of the digestive organs of Nautilus pompilius L. (Cephalopoda, Tetrabranchiata)

PDF <110> Westermann, Gerd E. G.
Cephalopods, Vienna: Borth of marine Paleobiogeography

PDF <111> Westermann, Gerd E. G.
Recent hypotheses on mechanical and metabolic functions of septal fluting and sutural complexity in post-Carboniferous ammonoids

PDF <112> Wiese, Frank
Middle Turonian to Lower Coniacian ammonite assemblages in Northern Germany, with reference to Nostoceratids and Diplomoceratids

PDF <113> Wilmsen, Markus
Upper Cretaceous nautiloids from northern Cantabria, Spain

PDF <114> Yacobucci, Margaret M.
Buckman's paradox: Constraints on ammonoid ornament and shell shape

PDF <115> Yazykova, Elena A.
Campanian-Maastrichtian ammonites from Far Eastern Russia, stratigraphy and palaeobiogeography

PDF <116> Yun, Cheol-Soo
Biogeographical characteristics of the Ordovician cephalopods from Korea

PDF <117> Zeiss, Arnold
The Upper Jurassic ammonite fauna of Ernstbrunn (NE Austria) and its interesting position between Tethian and subboreal faunas