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8th Himalaya Karakorum Tibet Workshop (Vienna, 29.3.-2.4.1993).- Abstract Volume.

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G. Fuchs
Erscheinungsjahr: 1993
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PDF <1> Angiolini, L.; Gaetani, M.; Nicora, A.
The Permian Succession of the Baroghil Area (E Hindu Kush)

PDF <2> Appel, Erwin; Patzelt, A.; Chouker, C.
Palaeomagnetic Results of Cretaceous/Tertiary Sediments from the Zanskar Range

PDF <3> Ayres, M.
Trace Element Modelling of Pelite-Derived Crustal Melts (Zanskar, North India)

PDF <4> Berra, F.; Jadoul, F.; Garzanti, E.; Nicora, A.
Stratigraphic and Paleogeographic Evolution of the Carnian-Norian Succession in the Spiti Region (Tethys Himalaya, India)

PDF <5> Blisniuk, P. M.; Saheed, G.
The Tectonic Evolution of Fault Systems with Strong Lateral Variations in Tectonic Style: The Trans-Indus Ranges (Northern Pakistan)

PDF <6> Brookfield, M. E.
Paleodrainage Patterns and Basin Evolution of the NW Himalaya

PDF <7> Brown, R. L.; Nazarchuk, J. H.; Parrish, R. R.
U-Pb Determinations and Tectonic History in the Kali Gandaki Region (Annapurna Himal, West-Central Nepal)

PDF <8> Brunel, M.; Arnaud, N.; Tapponnier, P.; Pan, Y.; Wang, Y.
The Kongur Shan Normal Fault: An Example of Mountain Building Assisted by Extension (Karakorum Fault, Eastern Pamir)

PDF <9> Casnedi, R.
The Cambro-Ordovician Orogenic Cycle in the Himalayan Chain: Comparison and relationships with the Evolution of the Continental Margin of Eastern Gondwana (Antarctica and Australia)

PDF <10> Chalaron, E.; Mugnier, J. L.; Mascle, G.
Lateral and Frontal Structure of the Dun of Dang (Siwalik Belt, Western Nepal) - Geodynamic Correlation with a 3D Numerical Model of a Critical Wedge Taper

PDF <11> Chaudhry, M. N.; Ghazanfar, M.; Walsh, J. N.
The Panjal Sea, Kashmir Hazara Microcontinent and Hercynide Geology of Northwest Himalaya in Pakistan

PDF <12> Colchen, M.
Late Orogenic Extension in the Himalaya: The Thakkhola Hemi-Graben (Nepal)

PDF <13> Colchen, M.
Late Orogenic Extension in the High Himalaya The Thakkhola Hemi-Graben (Nepal)

PDF <14> Debon, F.; Khan, N. A.
Field Study of the Western Karakorum Axial Batholith Along the Karambar Valley (Northern Pakistan)

PDF <15> Dellmour, Rudolf W.; Rodgers, M.
Deformation History and Structural Pattern Within an Exploration Concession in the Eastern Potwar Basin (NE Pakistan)

PDF <16> Dransfield, M.
Extensional Exhumation of High-Grade Metamorphic Rocks in the Zanskar Himalaya

PDF <17> Frank, Wolfgang; Grasemann, Bernhard; Guntli, Peter; Miller, Christine
Cooling History of the MCT-Process in the NW-Himalayas in the Light of Geochronology, Thermal Modelling and Palaeogeography

PDF <18> Fuchs, Gerhard; Linner, Manfred
Contribution to the Geology of SE Zanskar, Lahul, Chamba - the Sangtha - Dharamsala Section

PDF <19> Gaetani, M.; Nicora, A.; Angiolini, L.; Le Fort, P.
Geological Traverse from Chitral to Karambar (E Hindu Kush to W Karakorum) Preliminary Geological Results

PDF <20> Gansser, Augusto
The Himalayas Seen from Bhutan

PDF <21> Garzanti, E.; Berra, F.; Jadoul, F.; Nicora, A.
A Complete Section Through the Paleozoic to Mesozoic Indian Continental Margin (Spiti Himalaya, N India)

PDF <22> Garzanti, E.; Critelli, S.
Initial Rising of the Himalaya as Deduced from Petrography of Syncollisional Redbeds (Muree Supergroup, Pakistan, and Chulung La Formation, Tethys Himalaya, India)

PDF <23> George, M. T.
Structural and Thermal Constraints on the Tectonic Evolution of the North-Western Margin of the Nanga Parbat-Haramosh Massif (Pakistan)

PDF <24> Guillot, S.; Le Fort, P.; Pecher, A.; Hodges, K. V.
Thrusting, Normal faulting and High Himalayan Leucogranite Relationships in Central Himalaya

PDF <25> Harris, N.
Melting and Metamorphism in the Himalayan Orogen

PDF <26> Herlec, Uros; Jamnik, A.
A Geology Lesson in Manang Mountaineering School in Nepal

PDF <27> Joshi, B. C.; Singh, V. K.; Saklani, P. S.
Kinematic Analysis of Folds Within the Chail Rocks of Garhwal Himalaya (India)

PDF <28>
Paleoatmospheric Consequences of CO₂ Released During Tertiary Regional Metamorphism in the Himalayan Orogen

PDF <29> Lemennicier, Y.; Reuber, I.
Field Study and Geochemical Evolution of the Kargil Plutonic Complex (Ladakh, NW India)

PDF <30> Linner, Manfred; Fuchs, Gerhard
Contribution to the Geology of Eastern Ladakh - the Upshi - Sangtha Section

PDF <31> Manickavasagam, R. M.; Jain, A. K.; Asokan, A.; Singh, S.
Higher Himalayan Metamorphism and its Relation to Main Central Thrust

PDF <32> Massey, J. A.
An Oxygene Isotope Traverse through the High Himalayan Crystalline (HHC) (Langtang Valley, Central Nepal)

PDF <33> Najman, Y.; Clift, P.; Johnson, M.; Robertson, A.
Constraints on the Timing of High Himalayan Unroofing, as Deduced from Detrital Garnets from Sediments of the Kasauli Formation (Lesser Himalaya, N India)

PDF <34> Pflästerer, H.; Schaller, J.; Willems, H.
Examples of the Campanian to Paleocene Sedimentary Record of the Northern Indian Shelf (Tethys Himalaya)

PDF <35> Pogue, K. R.; Hylland, M. D.; Yeats, R. S.
Stratigraphic and Structural Framework of Himalayan Foothills (Northern Pakistan)

PDF <36> Rad, U. v.; Ogg, J. G.; Dürr, S. B.; Wiedmann, J.
Triassic Rifting and tethyan Paleoenvironment of a NE-Gondwana Passive Margin (Thakkhola, Nepal)

PDF <37> Rad, U. v.; Ogg, J. G.; Dürr, S. B.; Wiedmann, J.
Triassic Stratigraphy and Facies Evolution (Tethys Himalaya, Thakkhola, Nepal)

PDF <38> Rai, S. M.; Le Fort, P.
A Boron and Tourmaline Point of View of the Central Nepal Himalaya

PDF <39> Schouppe, M.; Fontan, D.
Geological Outline of Neelum Valley (Azzad Kashmir, NE Pakistan)

PDF <40> Searle, M. P.
Structure, Metamorphism and Cooling History of the Central Karakoram (North Pakistan)

PDF <41> Steck, A.; Spring, L.; Vannay, J.-C.; Masson, H.; Stutz, E.; Buchner, H.; Marchant, R.; Tieche, Jean-Claude
Geological Transsect Across the Northwestern Himalaya in Eastern Ladakh and Lahul - A Model for the Continental Collision of India and Asia

PDF <42> Treloar, P. J.; Wheeler, J.; Potts, G. J.; Rex, D. C.; Hurford, A. J.
Geochronology of the Indus Gorge and Astor Valley Sections through the Nanga Parbat Syntaxis: Constraints on Uplift History

PDF <43> Treloar, P. J.; Wheeler, J.; Potts, G. J.
Metamorphism and Melting within the Nanga Parbat Syntaxis (Pakistan)

PDF <44> Vince, K. J.; Treloar, P. J.
Late-Stage Extension along the Mains Mantle-Thrust (Pakistan;Himalaya): New Field and Microstructural Evidence

PDF <45> Yeats, R. S.
Earthquake Hazard of the Himalayan Front

PDF <46> Yeats, R. S.; Hussein, A.
Geology of the Himalayan Foothills from the Perspective of the Attock - Cherat Range

PDF <47> Zanchi, A.
Structural History of the Sedimentary Cover of the North Karakorum Terrane in the Upper Hunza Valley (Pakistan)