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IUGS Subcomission on Silurian Stratigraphy. Field Meeting Eastern and Southern Alps, Austria 1994.

ISSN: 1017-8880
Seiten: 156
H.P.Schönlaub & L.H.Kreutzer
Erscheinungsjahr: 1994
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PDF <1> Barca, S.; Corradini, C.; Ferretti, A.; Olivieri, R.; Serpagli, E.
Abstracts : Conodont Evedences from the "Ockerkalk" of Southern Sardinia (Silurian, Silius area)

PDF <2> Bogolepova, Olga K.
Cephalopod Limestone Biofacies: Tajmyr (eastern Siberia) - the Carnic Alps

PDF <3> Buggisch, Werner; Bogolepova, Olga K.; Ebner, Fritz; Kreutzer, Lutz Hermann; Mostler, Helfried; Priewalder, Helga; Schönlaub, Hans Peter
Field Meeting: Field Trip Program

PDF <4> Ferretti, A.; Kriz, Jiri
The "Cephalopod Limestones" of The Prague Basin (Silurian, Czech Republic)

PDF <5> Gubanov, Alexander P.
The Dynamics of Change in Composition of the Silurian Gastropod Communities in the Siberian Basin

PDF <6> Histon, Kathleen; Gnoli, Maurizio
Bathymetry of the Silurian Nautiloid Fauna from the 'Orthoceratite Limestone' SW Sardinia

PDF <7> Jeppsson, L.
A new Standard Wenlock Conodont Zonation

PDF <8> Johnson, Markes E.; Rong, Jia-yu
A Steppened Karst Unconformity as an Early Silurian Rock Shoreline in Guizhou Province (South Cina)

PDF <9> Kaljo, D.
Stages, Substages and/or Chronozones and/or Standard Zones - What is Needed in the Silurian?

PDF <10> Koren, T. N.
A Simplified Graptolite Zonal Sequence - Reliable Levels for Global Palaeogeographic Reconstructions

PDF <11> Kozlowska-Dawidziuk, A.
Silurian Retiolitdis from Poland

PDF <12> Kriz, Jiri; Jaeger, H.; Dufka, P.; Schönlaub, Hans Peter
Jarovian Stage and Bitovian Stage - a Proposal for the Pridoli Series Subdivisions (Silurian, Prague Basin, Bohemia)

PDF <13> Kriz, Jiri
Major Facial and Faunal Chanes in the Silurian of the Prague Basin, Bohemia

PDF <14> Loydell, D. K.; Cave, R.
Identification of the Llandovery-Wenlock Boundary in Welsh Graptolitic Sequences

PDF <15> Männik, P.
Some Additions to the Llandovery Conodont Zonation

PDF <16> Märss, T.; Ritchie, A.
On the Loganellia taiti Zone

PDF <17> Melchin, M. J.
Graptolite Extinction at the Llandovery-Wenlock Boundary

PDF <18> Modzalevskaya, T. L.
Middle Ludfordian Event in Brachiopod Evolution in the European Province

PDF <19> Picarra, J. M.; Storch, P.; Gutierrez, M. J. C.; Oliveira, J. T.
The p. acuminatus Biozone in the Silurian of Barrancos Region (ossa Morena Zone, South Portugal)

PDF <20> Priewalder, Helga
Chitinozoans of the Cellon Section (Upper Ordovician - Lower Devonian). - Apreliminary Report

PDF <21> Schönlaub, Hans Peter; Heinisch, Helmut
The Classic Fossiliferous Palaezoic Units of the Eastern and Southern Alps

PDF <22> Schönlaub, Hans Peter
The Faunal Relationship of the Silurian of the Alps

PDF <23> Storch, P.
Llandovery, Wenlock Boundary Interval in the Graptolite-rich Sequence of the Barrandian Area (Bohemia)

PDF <24> Teller, Lech
Upper Silurian Graptolite Zonation of the Polish Part of East European Platform

PDF <25> Tomczykowa, E.; Tomczyk, H.
The Wenlock/Ludlow Boundary Based on Biostratigraphikal and Geophysikal Data of Poland

PDF <26> Verniers, J.; Nestor, V.; Paris, F.; Dufka, P.; Sutherland, S.; Grootel, G. van
A Global Chintinozoa Biozonation for Silurian

PDF <27> Yolkin, E. A.
The Silurian of a Western Part of the Altai-Sayan Folded Area: A Recognition of Standard Boundaries and Geological Events

PDF <28>
Travel from Vienna to the Carnic Alps (Kötschach-Mauthen)

PDF <29> Ebner, Fritz
Silurian/Devonian boundary section of Eggenfeld/Paelozoic of Graz

PDF <30> Schönlaub, Hans Peter; Kreutzer, Lutz Hermann; Priewalder, Helga
Cellon Section

PDF <31> Schönlaub, Hans Peter
The Oberbuchach 1 Section

PDF <32> Jaeger, Hermann; Schönlaub, Hans Peter
Graptolithengraben (graptolite gorge) north of Upper Bischofalm

PDF <33> Schönlaub, Hans Peter
The Waterfall Section near Dr. Steinwender Hütte

PDF <34> Schönlaub, Hans Peter; Bogolepova, Olga K.
Rauchkofel Boden Section

PDF <35> Schönlaub, Hans Peter
The Section at the Base of Mount Seewarte

PDF <36> Schönlaub, Hans Peter
The Rauchkofel Bodentorl Section

PDF <37>
Travel across the Hohe Tauern along the route from the Gail Valley to Lienz, Iselsberg, Heiligenblut, Hochtor, Bruck (Großglockner Highway), Zell am See, Kitzbühel, Kirchberg to Aschau: A short geological route description

PDF <38> Schönlaub, Hans Peter
The Spießnägel Section in the Graywacke Zone of Tyrol

PDF <39> Mostler, Helfried
The Lachtal-Grundalm Section near Fieberbrunn