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FOREGS `99 Vienna.-150 Years Geological Survey of Austria.

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Erscheinungsjahr: 1999
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PDF <1> Barth, Fritz E.
Archaeological heritage of the Hallstatt region

PDF <2> Hofmann, Thomas
Introduction to selected geological main units of Austria: The Bohemian Massif - a short introduction

PDF <3> Hofmann, Thomas; Krenmayr, Hans Georg
Road side geology - from Vienna to Hallstatt

PDF <4> Hofmann, Thomas
Panoramic view to the eastern side of Lake Traunsee

PDF <5> Krenmayr, Hans Georg
The Austrian sector of the North Alpine Molasse: A classic foreland basin

PDF <6> Lobitzer, Harald; Mandl, Gerhard W.
A brief history of geological research of the Dachstein-Hallstatt-Salzkammergut Region

PDF <7> Lobitzer, Harald; Mandl, Gerhard W.
The Loser panorama road: Cyclity of the Dachstein Limestone - the dominant feature of the Dachstein landscape

PDF <8> Mandl, Gerhard W.
Geological overview of the "Juvavic" Realm

PDF <9> Mandl, Gerhard W.
Geology of the central and eastern sector of the Northern Calcareous Alps (NCA)

PDF <10> Mandl, Gerhard W.; Lobitzer, Harald
The Dachstein-reef of the Gosaukamm - An Upper Triassic carbonate platform and its margins

PDF <11> Mandl, Gerhard W.
Short notes on the Hallstatt salt rock - the "Haselgebirge"

PDF <12> Pavuza, Rudolf; Stummer, Günter
The Dachstein Caves: The Dachstein Region - its karst and its caves

PDF <13> Piller, Werner E.
The Neogene of the Vienna Basin

PDF <14> Schnabel, Wolfgang
The Flysch Zone of the Eastern Alps

PDF <15> Trimmel, Hubert
Legislative cave conservation in Austria: Experiences and results

PDF <16> Wessely, Godfrid
Oil and Gas Occurrences of the Vienna Basin