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Refresher Colloquium 1971 in the Fields of Stratigraphy and Micropalaeontology: Final Report

Erscheinungsjahr: 1972
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PDF <1> Benesova, Eva
Applied micropaleontology in the Paleogene of Moravia

PDF <2> Gabrielova, N.
Plant mircoremains in crude oil

PDF <3> Hanzlikova, Eva
Applied micropaleontology in the Cretaceous of Moravia

PDF <4> Hercogova, Jitka
The Foraminifera and their Significance for the Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous of Bohemia

PDF <5> Kaiserova-Kalibova, Milada
Palynology of the Carboniferous of the Bohemian Massif

PDF <6> Konzalova, Magda
Paleophytoplankton in geological research

PDF <7> Lehotayova, R.
Electron Microscopic Investigation of Calcareous Nannoflora from Neogene Pelites in Slovakia

PDF <8> Planderova, E.
Importance of Palynology for Stratigraphy and Development of the Neogene Flora in the Region of the West Carpathians

PDF <9> Rehakova, Z.
Solution of sedimntological and stratigraphic problems with the use of diatom analysis

PDF <10> Stemprokova-Jirova, Dana
Important Foraminifera of the Bohemian Cretaceous

PDF <11> Vanova, Margit
Nummulites from the Area of Bojnice, the Upper Hron Depression and the Budin Paleogene around Sturovo

PDF <12> Bona, J.
Palynological Practice in the Investigation of Liassic Coal Measures in the Mecsek Mountains (South Hungary)

PDF <13> Dudich, E.
Paradoxes and Use of Bryozoa

PDF <14> Goczan, F.
Comparative Palynology and the Paleoclimate of Bauxite Formation

PDF <15> Hajos, M.
Siliceous Unicellulars: their Use for Faciology and Biostratigraphy

PDF <16> Haq, Bilal U.
Rates of Evolution in Cenozoic Calcareous Nannoplankton

PDF <17> Honnappa, Honnappa
Ostracoda from the Recent Sediments of Mangalore Harbour Area, West Coast of India

PDF <18> Jafar, Syed Abbas
Some Aspects of Relict Sediments off the Coast of Bombay, India and its Bearing on the Pleistocene Sea Level Fluctuation

PDF <19> Jambor-Kness, M.
Eocene Stratigraphy of the Dorog Basin based upon Larger Foraminifera

PDF <20> Jarai-Komlodi, M.
Role and Importance of Pleistocene and Holocene Palynology

PDF <21> Kadar, Darwin
Upper Miocene Planktonic Foraminifera from Bali

PDF <22> Kavary, Emadeddin
Significant Upper Triassic Microspores from Bleiberg, Austria

PDF <23> Khoga, Ibrahim
Palynological Investigation on Upper-Triassic (Kurashine-Dolomit) deposits of northeastern Part of Syria

PDF <24> Klaus, W.
Review of Palynology

PDF <25> Kollmann, H. A.
Austria's contribution to Micropaleontology

PDF <26> Kollmann, K.
New Information on the Microstructure of Ostracods as obtained by means of the Scanning Electron Microscope

PDF <27> Korecz-Laky, I.
Foraminiferal Studies on Miocene Formations of Hungary

PDF <28> Küpper, Heinrich
Outline of the See Floor Geology as per 1970

PDF <29> Küpper, Heinrich
Outline of the world Petroleum Situation as per 1970

PDF <30> Küpper, Heinrich; Stradner, Herbert
Review of Calcareous Nannoplankton Investigations: (carried out 1964/72 in connection with the Vienna UNESCO Postgraduate Training Center)

PDF <31> Mostler, H. K.
Conodonts of the Triassic

PDF <32> Nagy, E.
Aspects of Nomenclature, Taxonomy, Ecology, Cenology, Climatology and Faciology in Paleopalynological Research

PDF <33> Nagy, E.
Micropaleontology in the Hungarian Geological Institute

PDF <34> Oberhauser, Rudolf
Excursion to the Dobratsch-Range, West of Villach, Carinthia with comments on general alpine tectonics

PDF <35> Olivella, Jorge Bendeck
A Contribution to the Palynological Knowledge of Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy of the Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia, South America

PDF <36> Oravecz-Scheffer, A.
Triassic Foraminiferal Assemblages of Stratigraphic Value in Hungary

PDF <37> Papp, Adolf Anton
Global Stratigraphy of the Tertiary

PDF <38> Resch, Werner
The Pleistocene of the Inn valley/Tyrol

PDF <39> Sadek, Ali
Nannofossils from the Middle - Upper Eocene Strata of Egypt

PDF <40> Saxena, Gyan Nand
The Danian in South India

PDF <41> Schmid, M. E.
Evolutionary trends in the foraminiferal genus Uvigerina in the Badenian of the Vienna basin

PDF <42> Schnabel, Wolfgang

PDF <43> Schönlaub, Hans Peter
Palaeozoic Conodonts

PDF <44> Sido, M.
Biostratigraphic Importance of Cretaceous Foraminifera

PDF <45> Steininger, F.
Macro- and Micropalaeontology as a basis of a modern stratigraphy of the Tertiary

PDF <46> Stradner, H.
Nannoplankton Stratigraphy