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Abstracts of the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft.- Vienna • Austria • September 27 to October 1, 2021.

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S. Stumpf, J. Türtscher, C. Pfaff, P.L. Jambura & J. Kriwet
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
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PDF <1> Abel, Pascal; Pommery, Y.; Ford, D. P.; Koyabu, D. B.; Werneburg, I.
Suture Morphology and Skull Mechanics in the Permian ‘Anapsid’ Captorhinus aguti and the Origin of Amniote Temporal Fenestration

PDF <2> Amson, Eli; Bibi, F.
Differing effects of size and lifestyle on bone structure in mammals

PDF <3> Asher, Robert J.; Smith, M. R.
Is accurate phylogeny reconstruction possible in paleontology?

PDF <4> Baranov, V.; Haug, Joachim T.
Fossil organism site as a palaeoclimate proxy for deep time - prospect and first results

PDF <5> Begat, Arnoud; Kriwet, Jürgen; Goin, Francisco J.; Gelfo, J. N.; Gouiric-Cavalli, S.; Schultz, J. A.; Martin, T.
Elasmobranch fishes from the Cenomanian (Late Cretaceous) of Patagonia, Argentina display an impressive palaeodiversity in high latitude deposits

PDF <6> Braig, F.; Haug, Joachim T.; Haug, C.
Raptorial appendages in Mantis shrimps - evolution of a specialized predatory apparatus

PDF <7> Buchwitz, Michael; Frenzel, P.; Pint, Anna; Voigt, S.; Jansen, M.
Ideas for a more objective assessent of a fossil locality's importance based on an exemplary non-marine early Permian site and its peers

PDF <8> De Baets, Kenneth
Phanerozoic parasitism and marine metazoan diversity - dilution versus amplification

PDF <9> De Gracia, C.; Rodriguez, F.; Aguilera, O.; Jaramillo, C.; Kriwet, Jürgen
Comparative morphology between extinct and extant froms provides evidence for earlier radiation in istiophorid billfishes (Teleostei, Istiophoriformes)

PDF <10> Effiom, Angela C.; Neumann, F. H.; Gensel, J.; Bamford, M. K.; Schefuß, E.; Zabel, M.; Scott, L.
Palynological development of the Mkhuze Swamps, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

PDF <11> El Atfy, Haytham; El Beialy, Salah Y.; El Khoriby, E. M.; Uhl, Dieter
Vegetation reconstruction on the southern shores of the Tethys Ocean during the early Oligocene - insights from continental palynomorphs, Egypt

PDF <12> Falk, Daniel; Wings, Oliver; McNamara, M. E.
Controls on the skeletal taphonomy of Anurans from lacustrine-hosted Cenozoic Lagerstätten

PDF <13> Falkenberg, Janina; Mutterlose, Jörg
Burning experiments on calcareous nannofossils - contribution to a better understanding of historic mortar production

PDF <14> Filek, Thomas; Kranner, Matthias; Pabst, B.; Göhlich, Ursula B.
A tail of defence - almost complete tail skeleton of Plateosaurus (Sauropodomorpha, Late Triassic) reveals possible defence strategies

PDF <15> Foster, William J.
Environmental controls on the recovery following the end-Permian mass extinction - new insights from Japan

PDF <16> Gauweiler, Joshua; Haug, Joachim T.
Peramorphosis in the pterosaurian neck vertebrae - elliptic fourier analysis shows different patterns of shape change among the cervical vertebrae between groups

PDF <17> Geißler, C.; Hammel, J. U.; Harms, D.; De Francesco Magnussen, I.; Müller, S. P.; Kotthoff, U.
The origin of the Burmese amber wildlife - how the fossil record of arachnids sheds a light on Cretaceous paleogeography

PDF <18> Grossmann, Mariana; Nielsen, S. N.; Rivadeneira, M.; Valdivia, N.
Latitudinal gradient in functional diversity of marine mollusk assemblages from the lower Miocene (~20 Ma) of the southeast pacific coast of Chile

PDF <19> Guenser, Pauline; Goudemand, Nicolas; Escarguel, Gilles
How to survive a crisis - biogeography and macroecology of Early Triassic conodonts

PDF <20> Harzhauser, Mathias; Neubauer, T. A.
The European Cenozoic land snail faunas - extinctions and turnovers

PDF <21> Haug, Joachim T.
The fossil record of caterpillars - the rise of a unique eating machine

PDF <22> Herbert, Melanie C. M.; Solorzano-Kraemer, Monica M.; Brown, B. V.
The fossil scuttle flies - palaeodiversity and evolution from Cretaceous to Holocene

PDF <23> Herbert-Mainero, Andrea; Vasilyan, Davit; Reichenbacher, B.
Killifish palaeodiversity from a middle Miocene lake in the Bugojno Basin, Bosnia and Herzegovina

PDF <24> Hörnig, Marie K.; Haug, C.; Haug, Joachim T.
Syninclusions and 'frozen beahvior' in amber - what they can tell us about the evolution of insect lifestyles

PDF <25> Hohmann, Niklas; Jarochowska, E.; Bialik, Or
The temporal resolution of the stratigraphic record and its environmental gradients

PDF <26> Ifrim, Christina; Stinnesbeck, Wolfgang; Gonzalez Gonzalez, A. H.; Schorndorf, N.; Gale, A. S.
The world's largest ammonite Parapuzosia (P.) seppenradensis (Landois, 1895): Ontogeny, evolution and palaeogeographic distribution

PDF <27> Jansen, Maren; Buchwitz, Michael; Renaudie, Johan; Marchetti, Lorenzo; Voigt, S.
Uncertain phylogenetic relationships as a source of error in the trackway-data-based reconstruction of locomotion evolution within amniote ancestors

PDF <28> Javadova, A.
To the study of ostracod of the quaternary deposits in the South Caspian offshore part of the basin

PDF <29> Johanson, Zerina
Evolution and development of chondrichthyan skeletal mineralization

PDF <30> Karapunar, B.; Nützel, Alexander
The extinction and recovery of Pleurotomariida (Gastropoda) across the Permian-Triassic - how taxonomic andecological studies improve our knowledge

PDF <31> Kelz, Valentin; Guenser, Pauline; Rigo, M.; Jarochowska, E.
Growth allometry in Upper Triassic conodonts supports molar-like element function

PDF <32> Kerp, Hans; Blomenkemper, P.; Abu Hamad, A.; Bomfleur, Benjamin
Saportaea salisburioides Fontaine et White - an enigmatic, long-ranging, widely distributed but rare type of late Paleozoic foliage

PDF <33> Kerp, Hans; DiMichele, William A.; Lucas, Spencer G.; Chaney, Dan S.
A complete plant of the late Paleozoic Lyginopterid, Sphenopteridium germanicum (Weiss) Kerp et DiMichele nov. comb., and a taxonomic revision of the species

PDF <34> Ketwetsuriya, Chatchalerm; Dumrongrojwattana, P.
Holocene marine microgastropods from Bangkok clay of Samut Sakorn Province, central Thailand

PDF <35> Kevrekidis, Charalampos; Cerwenka, A. F.; Reichenbacher, B.
Phylogenetic relationships of fossil herring-like fishes (Clupeiformes, Teleostei)

PDF <36> Kiesmüller, Christine; Haug, Joachim T.; Hörnig, Marie K.
"Camouflage" in immature bark lice in 100 million-year-old amber

PDF <37> Kowalewska, Agata
Trilobite diversity in Baltoscandian erratic boulders

PDF <38> Kranner, Matthias; Harzhauser, Mathias; Mandic, Oleg; Strauss, P.; Siedl, Wolfgang; Piller, Werner E.
Palaeobathymetrical and palaeoecological development in the Vienna Basin (Austria) during the early and middle Miocene

PDF <39> Kustatscher, Evelyn
The permo-triassic transition and its effect on plant diversity and distribution

PDF <40> Kustatscher, Evelyn; Nowak, H.; Roghi, G.
Botanical affinities of spores and pollen from the Triassic of the Southern Alps

PDF <41> Laaß, Michael; Leipner, A.; Hauschke, N.; Rößler, Ronny
Plant-arthropod interactions from the Piesberg Quarry near Osnabrück, Germany (Middle Pennsylvanian)

PDF <42> Lallensack, Jens N.; Farlow, J. O.; Falkingham, P. L.
Elongate dinosaur tracks explained as deep penetration of the foot, not plantigrade locomotion

PDF <43> Landwehrs, Jan; Feulner, G.; Sames, Benjamin; Wagreich, Michael
Earth system model contributions to investigating Mesozoic ecological trends and extinctions

PDF <44> Lasseron, Maxime; Martin, T.; Allain, R.; Haddoumi, H.; Jalil, N.-E.; Zouhri, S.; Gheerbrant, E.
An African World in the shadows of giants - mammals and other microvertebrates from the Jurassic-Cretaceous transition of Ksar Metlili, Morocco

PDF <45> Linhart, S.; Zippel, A.; Braig, F.; Gietl, D.; Müller, P.; Haug, G. T.; Haug, C.; Haug, Joachim T.
An example of diversity of immature lacewings - a quantitative comparison of aphid lions over geological time

PDF <46> Löw, M.; Söte, T.; Becker, R. T.; May, A.; Stichling, S.
Microfauna and microfacies from the initial reef stadium of Binolen in the Hönne Valley (Sauerland, Middle Devonian)

PDF <47> Luft, A. S.; Marsh, Mike; Gendron, M.; van Heteren, A. H.
Assessing the suitability of the bone analysis plug-in of ORS Dragonfly for bone microstructure analysis

PDF <48> Lukeneder, Alexander; Lukeneder, Petra
Upper Triassic palaeobiota from a marine Konservat-Lagerstätte deposited during the Carnian Pluvial Episode in Austria

PDF <49> Lukeneder, Petra; Lukeneder, Alexander
3D reconstruction of Late Triassic coleoid cranial cartilage from the Polzberg Konservat-Lagerstätte (Northern Calcareous Alps)

PDF <50> Malekhosseini, M.; Ensikat, H.-J.; McCoy, V. E.; Wappler, Torsten; Kunzmann, Lutz; Rust, Jes
Identification of calcium oxalate biomineral traces in fossil plant leaves of the Oligocene and Eocene

PDF <51> Mandic, Oleg; Schneider, S.; Harzhauser, Mathias; Danninger, Wolfgang
Bivalves from the Innviertel Group of Allerding in the North Alpine Foreland Basin (Lower Miocene, Upper Austria)

PDF <52> Martin, T.; Averianov, A. O.; Schultz, J. A.; Schellhorn, R.; Schwermann, Achim H.
New mammals from the Early Cretaceous of Balve-Beckum (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) and their palaeobiogeographic implications

PDF <53> Moseri, Moteng E.; Neumann, F. H.; Bamford, M. K.
Reconstructing Oligo-Miocene palaeoenvironments and the influence of sea level fluctuations on the south-western coast of South Africa

PDF <54> Müller, Christian; Roth-Nebelsick, Anita; Wappler, Torsten; Kunzmann, Lutz
Integrated leaf trait analysis - a new tool for analyzing european paleogene ecosystems

PDF <55> Mutterlose, Jörg; Falkenberg, Janina; Kaplan, Ulrich
Provenance analysis of historic mortars and mortar based materials - a micropalaeontological approach

PDF <56> Neubauer, T. A.
Extinction at the fifth and sixth mass extinction - a freshwater perspective

PDF <57> Newham, Elis; Gill, P. G.; Brewer, P.; Corfe, I. J.; Schneider, P.; Jäger, K. R. K.; Schultz, J. A.; Martin, T.
Fossil cementum offers a window onto physiological evolution amongst mammaliaforms and early mammals

PDF <58> Pena-Kairath, C.; Rivadeneira, M. M.; Nielsen, Sven N.
Predation on Miocene marine mollusks along a latitudinal gradient in the southeastern Pacific

PDF <59> Nowak, Hendrik; Kustatscher, Evelyn; van Konijnenburg-van Cittert, Johanna H. A.; Roghi, G.
In situ fern spores from the Triassic of Europe

PDF <60> Nützel, Alexander
The Lazarus metaphor in palaeontology and the scientific value of this and other metaphors

PDF <61> Olatoyan, Jerry; Neumann, F. H.; Orijemie, Emuobosa; Sievers, C.; Evans, M.; Mvelase, S.; Schoeman, A.
Archaeobotanical evidence of the emergence of pastoralism and farming in southern Africa

PDF <62> Ommer, T. K.-H.; Söte, T.; Kosma, Ralf; Fischer, V.; Heijne, J.
A new late Toarcian (Early Jurassic) ichthyosaur from Schandelah (Lower Saxony) in 3D-preservation

PDF <63> Panciroli, Elsa; Benson, R. B. J.; Martin-Serra, A.; Luo, Z.-X.
Examining ecomorphology using 3D geometric morphometric analysis on the postcrania of the Mesozoic mammaliaform Borealestes

PDF <64> Pauly, L.
New insights into the world of mesozoic echinoderms - exceptionally preserved fossils from the Ornatenton Formation of the Wiehen Hills (Callovian, Middle Jurassic)

PDF <65> Pint, Anna; Frenzel, P.; Alivernini, Mauro; Heubeck, Christoph; Hübner, T.; MacDougall, M. J.; Marchetti, Lorenzo; Scholze, Frank; Voigt, T.; Fröbisch, Jörg
The Bromacker Lagerstätte in the Thuringian Forest - a unique window into the continental Lower Permian world

PDF <66> Pommery, Yannick; Scheyer, Torsten M.; Neenan, J. M.; Reich, Tobias; Fernandez, V.; Voeten, D. F. A. E.; Losko, A. S.; Werneburg, I.
Study of the dentition of the particular placodont Henodus chelyops - tooth replacement and feeding behaviour

PDF <67> Posada Zuluaga, V.; Haug, C.; Haug, Joachim T.
Diversity of owlfly larvae - a quantifiable morphological analysis across the fossil record and extant representatives

PDF <68> Rasser, Michael W.; Rebelo, Ana Christina
Rolling around rocky shelfs - fossil and extant rhodoliths on North Atlantic islands

PDF <69> Reddin, Carl J.; Kocsis, Adam T.; Raja, N. B.; Aberhan, M.
Thermal extinction selectivity patterns during global warmin events

PDF <70> Reich, M.; Stegemann, Tanja R.
Neglected microfossils - Early Jurassic echinoderm larval skeletons from Germany and France

PDF <71> Ricetti, Joao H. Z.; Iannuzzi, Roberto; Pinheiro, E. R. S.; Santos, T. B.; Schneider, J. W.
Western Gondwana arthropod-plant interaction - a perspective from a high productivity Early Permian assemblage of Brazil

PDF <72> Schade, Marco; Stumpf, Sebastian; Kriwet, Jürgen; Kettler, C.; Pfaff, Cathrin
Unravelling the biology of the Nodosaurid dinosaur Struthiosaurus austriacus from the Late Cretaceous of Austria

PDF <73> Schädel, Mario; Hyžný, Matúš; Nagler, C.; Haug, Joachim T.
Close relatives of extant parasitic forms of crustaceans from the Mesozoic of Europe

PDF <74> Schultz, J. A.; Weaver, L. N.; Jäger, K. R. K.; Grossnickle, D. M.
Molar occlusion with an anteriorly directed component in the power stroke is unique to Therian mammals and may have influenced early Therian dietary diversification

PDF <75> Schulz-Mirbach, Tanja; Schlepütz, C. M.; Hess, M.; Gstöhl, S. J.; Maiditsch, I. P.; Ladich, Friedrich
The Weberian apparatus in action - how do the auditory structures of otophysan fishes interact during sound exposure?

PDF <76> Skutschas, P. P.; Averianov, A. O.; Schellhorn, R.; Kolosov, P. N.; Kolchanov, V. V.; Martin, T.
Amphibians from the high latitude Early Cretaceous Teete locality, Yakutia, Russia

PDF <77> Söte, T.; Becker, R. T.
Exceptionally high diversity in the Frasnian (Upper Devonian) Tornoceratidae (Ammonoidea) from Büdesheim (Rhenish Massif, Germany)

PDF <78> Solorzano-Kraemer, Monica M.; Kunz, R.; Hammel, J. U.; Penalver, E.; Delclós, Xavier; Engel, Michael S.
Extinct stingless bees discovered in defaunation resin and Holocene copal from Africa

PDF <79> Spiekermann, Rafael; Jasper, André; Siegloch, A. M.; Guerra-Sommer, M.; Uhl, Dieter
The discovery of Iratinia australis - the oldest known anatomically preserved axis bearing affinities with cycadales

PDF <80> Stansfield, Ekaterina; Mitteroecker, Philipp; Vasilyev, S. Y.; Butaric, L. N.
Respiratory adaptation to climate in the Upper Palaeolithic

PDF <81> Stumpf, Sebastian; Underwood, C. J.; Cuny, Gilles; Kriwet, Jürgen
Living on the edge - diversity patterns of hybodontiform shark-like chondrichthyans prior to the biotic turnover at the Jurassic-Cretaceous transition

PDF <82> Suarez-Ibarra, J. Y.; de Melo Franca, Lucas; Dantas, Mario Andre Trindade; Weinkauf, M. F. G.
Geometric morphometrics - a new tool to classify South American quaternary gomphothere (Proboscidea: Mammalia) molar remains?

PDF <83> Theda, Denis; Schwermann, Achim H.
Pterosaur tracks (Pteraichnus Stokes, 1957) from the Late Jurassic of the Wiehengebirge, northwestern Germany

PDF <84> Toscano, A. G.; Andrada, A. M.; Luci, L.; Soledad Cataldo, Cecilia
Fossiliferous concentrations - unique bio-events in a second order lowstand wedge of the Lower Cretaceous (Neuquen Basin, Argentina)

PDF <85> Trümper, Steffen; Hellwig, A.; Rößler, Ronny
Dead but still interactive - fossil woody debris as archive for deep-time interactions in continental environments

PDF <86> van der Wal, Serita; Schädel, Mario; Ekrt, Boris; Haug, Joachim T.
Indication of parasitism and ontogenetic development in the fossil record - an isopodan crustacean from the Late Eocene as example

PDF <87> van Heteren, A. H.; Sander, P. Martin
The dwarfing of hippopotami on Cyprus

PDF <88> Vasilyan, Davit; Maul, L.; Becker, D.; Meyer, M.; Bukhskianidze, M.; Mayr, G.; Lazarev, S.
First data on pliocene continental fossil record of Armenia, southern Caucasus

PDF <89> Vinther, Jakob
Palaeocolour and the evolution of display and camouflage in dinosaurs and birds

PDF <90> Wedmann, Sonja; Hörnschemeyer, T.; Engel, M. S.; Zetter, Reinhard; Grímsson, Friðgeir
Final meal of a fossil fly - evidence of pollen consumption and inference of present-day biology

PDF <91> Weinkauf, M. F. G.; Hoffmann, R.; Wiedenroth, K.
The evolutionary-phylogenetic pathway of Aegocrioceras spp. - revisiting a Cretaceous ammonoid

PDF <92> Weinmann, Anna E.; Triantaphyllou, M. V.; Langer, M. R.
The recent distribution of benthic shallow-water foraminifera in Corfu Island (Greece, Ionian Sea) - a biodiversity hotspot between the eastern and western Mediterranean

PDF <93> Yilmaz, H. E.; Tóth, M.; de Beenhouwer, J.; Dewanckele, J.; Marsh, Mike; van Heteren, A. H.
Intraspecific variation in the bine microstructure of Sciurus vulgaris fuscoater Humeri

PDF <94> Zoppe, S. F.; Deveaux, M.; Gischler, E.
Sclerochronology of hermatypic scleractinian corals from the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System in Belize, Central America