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11th Workshop on Alpine Geological Studies, 7thEuropean Symposium on Fossil Algae.- Abstracts and Field Guides.- Schladming, Sept. 2013.

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R. Schuster
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PDF <1> Schuster, Ralf
Emile Argand Conference (11th Workshop on Alpine Geological Studies) 7th - 14th September 2013 Schladming, Austria: Abstract Volume

PDF <2> Abednego, M.; Vouillamoz, N.; Husen, Stephan; Wust-Bloch, H. G.; Mosar, J.
Analysis of microseismicity in the Fribourg area (Western Swiss Molasse Basin)

PDF <3> Andric, Nevena; Fügenschuh, Bernhard; Zivotic, D.; Cvetkovic, V.
Study of the thermal history of the Miocene Jarando basin (Southern Serbia)

PDF <4> Bader, Lukas; Krenn, K.; Kurz, W.
Quartz vein formation during decompression and recrystallization in the Venediger Nappe Complex and Eclogite Zone of the southern Tauern Window (Eastern Alps): Fluid Inclusions linked with structures

PDF <5> Ballèvre, Michel; Manzotti, P.; Le Bayon, B.; Le Carlier de Veslud, C.; Pitra, P.
Geometry, kinematics and P-T paths of the Money window (Western Alps): lower-pressure rocks overthrusted by higher-pressure ones?

PDF <6> Bartel, Esther M.; Neubauer, Franz
A ductile shear zone terminating a brittle strike-slip fault: The gypsum-dominated Paluzza-Comeglians shear zone as western extension of the Fella-Save fault, Southern Alps

PDF <7> Bauer, Helene; Schroeckenfuchs, Theresa; Decker, Kurt
Analyzing hydrogeological properties of fault rocks and fracture networks in fault zones in carbonate rocks

PDF <8> Bauville, A.; Schmalholz, S. M.
2D thermo-mechanical modeling of basement-cover deformation with application to the Western Alps

PDF <9> Berger, Alfons; Herwegh, M.; Wehrens, R.; Baumberger, P.; Peters, M.
Alpine evolution of the central Aar-massif (Grimsel section)

PDF <10> Bianchi, Irene; Miller, M.; Bokelmann, G.
The lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary below the Eastern Alps and the effect of eastward extrusion

PDF <11> Bichler, Mathias G.; Reindl, Martin; Häusler, Hermann; Ivy-Ochs, S.; Wirsig, Ch.; Reitner, Jürgen M.
Landscape evolution north of the Sonnblick (Salzburg) during the Alpine Lateglacial

PDF <12> Birk, Steffen; Wagner, T.; Mayaud, C.
Thresholds in karst catchments: the example of the Lurbach karst system

PDF <13> Böhm, K.; Schuster, Ralf; Wagreich, Michael; Koller, F.; Wimmer-Frey, Ingeborg
Serpentinite slices within a tectonic zone at the base of the Juvavic nappe systems (Eastern Alps, Austria): petrography and geochemistry

PDF <14> Bokelmann, Götz; Qorbani Chegeni, Ehsan; Bianchi, Irene
Large-Scale Deformation of the Eastern Alps from Seismic Anisotropy

PDF <15> Borojević Šoštarić, Sibila; Palinkas, A. L.; Neubauer, F.; Cvetkovic, V.; Bernroider, Manfred; Genser, Johann
The origin and age of the metamorphic sole from the Rogozna Mts., Western Vardar Belt: New support for the one-ocean model for the Balkan ophiolites

PDF <16> Bukovská, Zita; Jerabek, P.
Tectonometamorphic record in the cover sequences of the western Tauern Window, Eastern Alps

PDF <17> Burn, M.; Giuntoli, F.; Regis, D.; Lanari, P.; Engi, M.
Mobility Within the Subduction Channel: Correlation of P-T-D-t Stages Amongst Tectonic Fragments

PDF <18> Cao, Shuyun; Neubauer, Franz
Geodynamic and structural controls on the exhumation of Cenozoic metamorphic core complexes: Application to the Alpine-Carpathian-Hellenic orogenic belt

PDF <19> Carminati, Eugenio; Berra, F.
Differential compaction and early rock fracturing in the Triassic Esino Limestone high-relief carbonate platform (Central Southern Alps): field evidence and numerical modeling

PDF <20> Carminati, Eugenio; Doglioni, C.; Lustrino, M.; Negredo, A. M.; Petricca, P.; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, J.
Subduction flip in the Mediterranean and the asymmetry of Alps and Apennines

PDF <21> Cavargna-Sani, Mattia; Epard, Jean-Luc
Structure and kinematics of the northern Adula nappe (Central Alps, Switzerland) and its emplacement in the Lower Penninic nappe stack

PDF <22> Csaszar, Geza
Two separated Lower Cretaceous basins in the Transdanubian Range, Hungary and their relation to the Eastern and Southern Alps

PDF <23> Cvetkovic, V.; Saric, Kristina; Grubic, Aleksandar; Cvijic, R.; Milosevic, A.
Late Cretaceous bimodal igneous association of the northern Kozara Mts. revisited: New geochemical data serving for refined geodynamic interpretations

PDF <24> Decarlis, A.; Manatschal, G.; Masini, E.
The Meliata and Piemont-Ligurian rifted margins: stratigraphic record and tectonic evolution of polyphase rift systems

PDF <25> Decarlis, A.; Manatschal, G.; Masini, E.
Stratigraphic architecture and correlation of rifting-related deposits of potential conjugate distal margins: the Ligurian Prepiedmont-Piedmont (I) and the Lower Austroalpine (CH)

PDF <26> Egli, Daniel; Mancktelow, N.; Müller, W.; Spikings, R.
Geochronology of Alpine shear zones in the Mont Blanc region using 40Ar/39Ar step-heating and Rb-Sr microsampling techniques

PDF <27> Favaro, Silvia; Schuster, Ralf; Scharf, A.; Hawemann, Friedrich; Gipper, Peter; Handy, M. R.; Oberhänsli, Roland
Development of nappe stacking in the eastern Tauern Window with special attention to new Rb/Sr biotite and 40Ar/39Ar white mica ages, and peak-temperature data

PDF <28> Fodor, Laszlo I.; Sztano, O.; Köver, Sz.; Fozy, I.
Jurassic to Early Cretaceous basin evolution of the northern Transdanubian Range: structural influences of two oceans

PDF <29> Fodor, Laszlo I.; Sztano, O.; Magyar, I.; Töro, B.; Uhrin, A.; Varkonyi, A.; Csillag, Gábor; Köver, Sz.; Lantos, Z.; Tokes, L.
Late Miocene depositional units and syn-sedimentary deformation in the western Pannonian basin, Hungary

PDF <30> Froitzheim, Niko; Sandmann, S.; Nagel, T. J.; Herwartz, D.
Garnet systematics of a polymetamorphic basement unit: Evidence for coherent exhumation of the Adula Nappe (Central Alps) from eclogite-facies conditions

PDF <31> Georgiev, N.; Froitzheim, Niko; Nagel, T. J.; Pleuger, J.
A review of magmatic zircon ages from the Rhodope Metamorphic Complex: tectonic implications

PDF <32> Georgiev, N.; Pomella, H.; Fügenschuh, Bernhard; Cifelli, F.; Mattei, M.
Distinguishing different generations of deformation structures by structural and magnetic fabric analyses: examples from the Central gneiss (Tauern window) and Tschigotgranodiorite (Eastern Alps)

PDF <33> Glotzbach, C.; Danisik, Martin; Rahn, M.; Van der Beek, P.; Spiegel, Cornelia
Early exhumation of the Aiguilles Rouges and Mont Blanc massifs, European Alps

PDF <34> Glotzbach, C.; Van der Beek, P.; Carcaillet, Julien; Delunel, Romain
Deciphering the driving forces of short-term erosion in glacially impacted landscapes, an example from the Western Alps

PDF <35> Gnos, Edwin; Berger, A.; Janots, E.; Whitehouse, M.; Soom, M.; Frei, R.; Waight, Tod E.
Dating Alpine brittle deformation with hydrothermal monazite

PDF <36> Gorican, Spela; Celarc, B.; Placer, Ladislav; Kosir, Adrijan
Mesozoic stratigraphy and general structure of the Julian Alps (eastern Southern Alps, NW Slovenia)

PDF <37> Grabowski, Jacek; Csaszar, Geza; Haas, J.; Marton, E.; Pszczolkowski, Andrzej; Sobien, Katarzyna; Szinger, Balazs
Magnetic susceptibility and spectral gamma ray stratigraphy of the Tithonian-Berriasian limestones in the Carpathians of Poland and Hungary - paleoenvironmental implications

PDF <38> Gruber, Marius; Sommaruga, Anna; Mosar, J.
3D Modeling of the Fribourg Area - Western Swiss Molasse Basin

PDF <39> Guillot, Francois; Durand, C.
The Gran Paradiso massif: an upside down lower crust?

PDF <40> Haupert, Isabelle; Manatschal, G.; Decarlis, A.; Mohn G.; Unternehr, P.
Evolution and reactivation of basement highs at hyper-extended rifted margins: the example of the Brianconnais domain in the Alps and comparisons with modern analogues

PDF <41> Hausegger, Stefan; Kurz, Walter
Internal structure of cataclastic faults along the SEMP fault system (Eastern Alps, Austria)

PDF <42> Hausegger, Stefan; Kurz, Walter
Changing fluid chemistry during continuous shearing in cataclastic fault zones along the SEMP fault system

PDF <43> Heberer, Bianca; Neubauer, Franz; Dunkl, I.; Genser, Johann; Borojević Šoštarić, Sibila
Oligocene and Neogene tectonic processes in the southeastern Alps and northwestern Dinarides: constraints from new (U-Th-Sm)/He apatite ages

PDF <44> Heinisch, Manuel; Micheuz, P.; Krenn, K.; Hoinkes, Georg; Tropper, Peter
Mapping the transition between the eo-Alpine HP-nappe system and the Ötztal-Bundschuh Nappe system using garnet zoning types and geothermobarometry

PDF <45> Herwegh, M.; Härtel, M.; Pettke, T.; Campani, M.; Mancktelow, N.
Strain localization history of the Simplon Fault Zone: How far can we look back?

PDF <46> Horvat, M.; Slovenec, Da.; Lugovic, B.
New geochemical data of Badenian volcanic rocks from south Pannonian Basin in Baranja, Eastern Croatia

PDF <47> Horvath, B.; Hips, Kinga
Middle and Upper Triassic slope and basin carbonates along the Neo-Tethyan (Meliata) margin (NE Hungary): facies and paleoenvironmental interpretation

PDF <48> Iglseder, C.; Schuster, Ralf
Inside the Gurktal nappes - A modified tectonic and lithostratigraphic concept

PDF <49> Jaquet, Y.; Bauville, A.; Schmalholz, Stefan M.
Viscous overthrusting versus folding: 2D numerical modeling and application to the Helvetic and Jura fold-and-thrust belts

PDF <50> Keil, Melanie; Neubauer, Franz
Orogen-parallel exhumation and topographic gradients east of the Tauern window: a possible clue for shear strength at depth and intra-orogenic raft tectonics

PDF <51> Keppler, R.; Ullemeyer, K.; Stipp, M.; Behrmann, J. H.
Deformation within a subduction channel at eclogite facies conditions and consecutive exhumation: The Eclogite Zone of the Tauern Window, Austria

PDF <52> Kirst, F.; Nagel, T. J.; Froitzheim, Niko; Faßmer, K.; Sandmann, S.
Alpine metamorphism in the continental Etirol-Levaz slice (Western Alps, Italy) - Insights from petrological, thermodynamic and geochronological investigations

PDF <53> Köver, Sz.; Fodor, L.
New constraints to the Mesozoic structural evolution of the Inner Western Carpathians achieved by metamorphic, structural and age data

PDF <54> Kurzawski, R. M.; Nagel, T. J.
Plagioclase metastability during HP-metamorphism? Observations and models from the Adula Nappe

PDF <55> Lanari, Pierre; Schwartz, S.; Rolland, Y.; Guillot, Stéphane; Vidal, O.; Riel, N.; Tricart, P.; Engi, M.
P-T-t estimates in low-grade metamorphic terrains, a key to reconstruct the geodynamic evolution of the Alpine continental subduction (Brianconnais zone, Western Alps)

PDF <56> Lugovic, B.; Slovenec, Da.; Schuster, Ralf; Schwarz, Winfried H.; Horvat, M.
Gabbro olistoliths from the Mts. Kalnik and Ivanscica ophiolite melanges in the NW Dinaric-Vardar ophiolite zone (Croatia)

PDF <57> Maier, Gerald; Mlekusch, Thomas; Krische, Oliver; Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen
Biostratigraphy, isotope stratigraphy (δ¹⁸O, δ¹³C) and geochemical characteristics (XRF) of Upper Tithonian to Lower Cretaceous deeper-water sedimentary rocks (Northern Calcareous Alps, Salzburg) as a tool to prospect raw material for the cement industry

PDF <58> Manatschal, G.; Beltrando, M.; Decarlis, A.; Haupert, Isabelle; Masini, E.; Mohn, G.
Alternative models to explain the evolution of Alpine-type collisional orogens: the importance of rift inheritance

PDF <59> Manzotti, Paola; Zucali, Michele; Ballèvre, Michel; Engi, Martin
The structure and P-T evolution of the Dent Blanche Tectonic System (Austrioalpine Domain, Western Alps): from the Permian lithospheric thinning to the Alpine subduction and collision

PDF <60> Marton, E.; Ćosović, V.; Moro, A.
Tectonic models for Adria and the External Dinarides in the context of Jurassic-Cretaceous paleomagnetic results

PDF <61> Matos, Bojan; Tomljenovic, B.; Herak, M.; Herak, D.; Takac, D.
Identification of tectonically active areas in the Panonnain basin: a combination of DEM based morphotectonic and structural analysis of Bilogora Mt. area (NE Croatia)

PDF <62> Mayaud, Cyril; Wagner, T.; Birk, S.
Single event time-series analysis in a karst catchment evaluated using a groundwater model

PDF <63> Melzner, Sandra; Lotter, Michael; Linner, Manfred; Pestal, Gerhard; Kociu, Arben
Rockfall occurrence at the southern border of the Tauern Window - structural, lithological and geomorphologic aspects

PDF <64> Micheuz, Peter; Krenn, K.; Fritz, H.; Kurz, W.
Deformation and metamorphism of blueschists within the Phyllite-Quartzite Unit of the External Hellenides, Greece: a comparative study on fluid inclusions

PDF <65> Miladinova, I.; Froitzheim, Niko; Sandmann, S.; Nagel, T. J.; Georgiev, N.; Münker, C.
Middle Triassic eclogite in the Rila Mountains (Rhodope Upper Allochthon, Bulgaria): A vestige of Palaeotethys subduction?

PDF <66> Missoni, Sigrid; Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen; Kronome, K.; Plasienka, D.; Prochaska, W.; Aubrecht, R.
Carnian-Norian tectonics and seawater from Silicka Brezova, Western Carpathians

PDF <67> Misur, I.; Belak, Mirko; Balen, Dražen
Petrographic features of chloritoid schist from southeastern slopes of Mt. Medvednica, (Zagorje-Mid-Transdanubian zone, Croatia)

PDF <68> Mohn, G.; Manatschal, G.; Beltrando, M.; Haupert, Isabelle
The role of rift-inherited hyper-extension in Alpine-type orogens

PDF <69> Mosar, J.; Abednego, M.; Gruber, M.; Ibele, Tobias; Sommaruga, Anna; Vouillamoz, N.
Tectonics in the Swiss Molasse Basin

PDF <70> Neubauer, Franz; Genser, Johann; Friedl, G.
Aspects of the pre-Alpine and Alpine tectonic evolution of the Gurktal Extensional Allochthon, Eastern Alps: Constraints from structural studies and 40Ar/39Ar white mica ages

PDF <71> Neubauer, Franz; Schorn, Anja; Leitner, C.
Emplacement mechanisms of evaporite melanges: conceptual models and application to Northern Calcareous Alps

PDF <72> Neumeister, Stefan; Banjac, Nenad; Bechtel, Achim; Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen
Source rock investigations and organic geochemistry of a Cretaceous succession of the Outer Dinarides (Mokra Gora, Tara Mountain, SW Serbia)

PDF <73> Ortner, Hugo; Kilian, Sinah
In-sequence and out-of-sequence thrusts: nappe structure of the western Northern Calcareous Alps revisited

PDF <74> Pauritsch, Marcus; Winkler, G.; Kellerer-Pirklbauer, Andreas; Birk, Steffen
Relict rock glaciers - complex quifer systems in alpine catchments, Niedere Tauern Range, Austria

PDF <75> Pfingstl, S.; Hauzenberger, C.; Kurz, W.; Schuster, Ralf
Pre-Alpine and Alpine evolution of the Seckau crystalline basement (Seckau mountains, Eastern Alps)

PDF <76> Plasienka, D.
Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous tectonics of the Western Carpathians: coupled vs. uncoupled hinterland shortening and foreland stretching

PDF <77> Pleuger, Jan; Podladchikov, Y.
Possible amounts of tectonic overpressure in the Adula nappe (Central Alps) derived from a new restoration of the NFP-20 East cross section

PDF <78> Pomella, Hannah; Bertrand, A.; Ortner, Hugo; Zerlauth, Michael; Fügenschuh, Bernhard
The central Alps - eastern Alps boundary in western Austria: a crustal-scale cross section

PDF <79> Rabin, Mickael; Sue, Christian; Champagnac, Jean-Daniel; Eichenberger, Urs
Plio-Quaternary deformation of the Jura mountain belt: a quantitative geomorphology approach

PDF <80> Richoz, Sylvain; Krystyn, Leopold; Heilig, Philipp; Lein, Richard
Progress in integrated Late Triassic stratigraphy of the Northern Calcareous Alps

PDF <81> Robl, Jörg; Hergarten, Stefan; Stüwe, Kurt; Salcher, Bernhard
Base level changes and landscape response in the Eastern Alps: Tectonics versus Climate

PDF <82> Scharf, Andreas; Favaro, Silvia; Bertrand, A.; Handy, Mark Richard; Schuster, Ralf; Fügenschuh, Bernhard; Schmid, Stefan M.; Sudo, M.
Late Oligocene to Miocene exhumation and cooling history of the Tauern Window (Eastern Alps) - new age constraints

PDF <83> Scheiber, Thomas; Pfiffner, O. Adrian; Schreurs, G.
Crystalline nappes in the Central Alps: case study Suretta nappe and Bernhard nappe complex

PDF <84> Schmid, Stefan M.; Scharf, Andreas; Handy, Mark Richard; Rosenberg, Claudio
The Tauern Window (Eastern Alps, Austria): a new tectonic map, with cross-sections and a tectonometamorphic synthesis

PDF <85> Schorn, Anja; Neubauer, Franz
The structure of the Hallstatt evaporite body (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria): a compressive diapir superposed by strike-slip shear?

PDF <86> Schuster, Ralf; Hoinkes, Georg; Puhr, Barbara; Richoz, Sylvain; Moshammer, Beatrix
Chemostratigraphic constraints of marbles from the medium-grade, partly polymetamorphic Austroalpine Basement (Eastern Alps)

PDF <87> Schuster, Ralf; Wegner, W.; Horschinegg, Michael; Kollmann, Ch.
Lithostratigraphy and internal structure of the Austroalpine units in the Niedere Tauern and northern Gurktal Alps (Eastern Alps, Austria)

PDF <88> Simic, V.; Saric, Kristina; Miladinovic, Z.; Andric, Nevena; Vukovic, N.
Listvenite from Serbia as Gemstone Resource

PDF <89> Sipos, A. A.; Marton, E.; Fodor, László; Sipos-Benko, Krisztina
Towards a quantitative evaluation of the degree of coincidence between the orientation of a magnetic fabric of deformational origin and the stress tensor calculated from microtectonic measurements

PDF <90> Stipp, M.; Nommensen, L.; Münker, C.; Pomella, Hannah; Fügenschuh, Bernhard
New constraints on kinematics and timing of the Periadriatic Fault System from the petrology and Lu-Hf apatite geochronology of Giudicarian magmatic lamellae and the Presanella intrusion (Southern Alps, Italy)

PDF <91> Stüwe, Kurt; Robl, Jörg; Hergarten, Stefan; Legrain, Nicolas
What Happened 5 Million Years Ago in the Alps?

PDF <92> Sue, Christian; Champagnac, Jean-Daniel; Bertrand, A.; Rabin, Mickael
Statistical analysis of a huge fault database around the bend of the Western/Eastern Alps

PDF <93> Trajanova, Mirka; Zorz, Zmago
The abandoned Remshnig mine, occurrence of rare minerals; Palaeozoic or Tertiary ore mineralization?

PDF <94> Tropper, Peter; Fügenschuh, Bernhard; Mair, V.; Montresor, L.; Morelli, C.; Moretti, A.; Pichin, G.; Pomella, Hannah; Zanchetta, S.
The tectonometamorphic evolution of the Austroalpine Complexes in the Vinschgau (Ötztal Complex, Campo-Ortler Complex, Texel Complex) in the course of the mapping project CARG 012 (sheet Schlanders)

PDF <95> Tropper, Peter; Wyhlidal, Stefan; Kunze, Richard
How good do simple experiments using natural rocks reproduce natural observations and theoretical calculations: selected examples ranging from high-P to high-T settings

PDF <96> Van Gelder, I. E.; Beniest, A.; Matenco, L.; Willingshofer, E.; Andriessen, P. A. M.; Gruic, A.; Tomljenovic, B.
From orogenic buildup to extensional unroofing: the evolution of the Adria-Europe collisional zone in the Medvenica Mountains of Croatia

PDF <97> Van Gelder, I. E.; Willingshofer, E.; Sokoutis, D.
The influence of the rotation of Adria and extension in the Pannonian Basin on lateral extrusion in the Alps: insights from crustal-scale models

PDF <98> Vannucchi, Paola; Molli, G.
The Alps/Apennines boundary: structures and kinematics of interfering orogens and comparison with other modern analogues

PDF <99> Vojtko, R.; Králiková, S.; Minár, J.; Fügenschuh, Bernhard
Low thermal evolution of the Southern Veporic Unit crystalline basement (Central Western Carpathians) constrained by new fission track data

PDF <100> Von Niederhäusern, B.; Manzotti, P.; Burn, M.; Cenki-Tok, B.; Zucali, Michele; Rubatto, D.; Darling, J.; ElKorh, A.; Engi, Martin
Permian metamorphism and magmatism in the internal Western Alps: Constraints from high spatial resolution U-Th-PB geochronology

PDF <101> von Tscharner, Marina; Schmalholz, Stefan M.
3D FEM modeling of fold nappe formation in the Western Swiss Alps

PDF <102> Vouillamoz, Naomi; Abednego, M.; Deichmann, N.; Wust-Bloch, H. G.; Mosar, J.
Micro-seismic characterization of the Fribourg Lineament - Switzerland

PDF <103> Wagreich, Michael; Hofer, Gerald
Provenance analysis and paleogeography of the Gosau Group (Upper Cretaceous - Paleogene) in eastern Austria and western Slovakia

PDF <104> Wagreich, Michael; Pfersmann, Clemens; Aubrecht, Roman; Plašienka, Dušan
The St. Veit Klippenzone in Vienna - missing piece in the Alpine-Carpathian klippen puzzle

PDF <105> Wegner, Wencke; Linner, Manfred; Schuster, Ralf; Hobiger, Gerhard
Composition of the Bohemian spur in the subsurface of the Eastern Alps: indications from exotic blocks

PDF <106> Willingshofer, Ernst; Sokoutis, D.; Lüth, S.; Cloetingh, S.
Analogue modelling of continental subduction with laterally changing subduction polarity

PDF <107> Wipfler, K.; Fischer, S.; Gruber, C.; Kurz, Walter; Fritz, H.
Pre-Alpine and Alpine Tectonic evolution of the western and northern parts of the Gurktal and Bundschuh nappe system

PDF <108> Wölfler, Andreas; Glotzbach, Christoph; Dunkl, István; Stüwe, Kurt; Fügenschuh, Bernhard
3D thermo-kinematic modelling of a crustal-scale low-angle normal fault: the Katschberg detachment, Eastern Alps

PDF <109> Wölfler, Andreas; Kurz, Walter; Fritz, H.; Danisik, M.
Middle- to Late Miocene exhumation of the central Eastern Alps: new structural-, fission track and apatite (U-Th)He data

PDF <110> Zerlauth, Michael; Rantitsch, G.; Ortner, Hugo; Bertrand, A.; Pomella, Hannah; Fügenschuh, Bernhard
Thermal modeling of an external Unit of the Eastern Alps- the Helvetic zone of western Austria and Upper Allgäu

PDF <111> Missoni, Sigrid; Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen
International Fossil Algae Association (IFAA) 7th European Symposium on Fossil Algae 9th - 11th September 2013 Schladming, Austria: Abstract volume

PDF <112> Bucur, Ioan I.
Mesozoic dasycladalean algae from Romanian Carpathians: diversity, environment and palaeogeographic context

PDF <113> Bucur, Ioan I.; Pascariu, Lucian; Sasaran, Emanoil
Calcareous algae from the olistoliths at Poiana Zanoaga, northern part of Piatra Craiului Syncline (Southern Carpathians, Romania)

PDF <114> Bucur, Ioan I.; Schlagintweit, Felix; Wilmsen, Markus; Fuersich, Franz T.; Majidifard, Mahmoud Reza
Lower Cretaceous calcareous algae from the Khur area, Central Iran

PDF <115> Hubmann, Bernhard; Reuter, Markus
Zeapora - an endemic Devonian 'praecodiacean' of Graz or a common tropical cosmopolitan?

PDF <116> Mastik, Viirika; Tinn, Oive
Silurian non-calcified algal flora from the Kalana Lagerstaette, Estonia

PDF <117> Moshammer, Beatrix
Non-geniculate coralline algae and foraminifers as main constituents in microfacies types of 'Leitha Limestone', Middle Miocene, north-eastern Leithagebirge, Austria

PDF <118> Pretkovic, V.; Braga, J. C.; Novak, V.; Roesler, A.; Renema, W.
Microbial carbonates in Miocene reefs in the Mahakam Delta in East Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia

PDF <119> Rashidi, K.; Bucur, Ioan I.; Schlagintweit, Felix; Saberzadeh, B.
Lower Cretaceous calcareous algae from Herisht Mount (Ardakan area, Central Iran)

PDF <120> Rashidi, K.; Schlagintweit, Felix; Parvizi, T.; Bamdad, L.; Saberzadeh, B.
Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) dasycladalean algae from the Naghan area (Zagros Mountains, SW Iran): Preliminary results

PDF <121> Rashidi, K.; Senowbari-Daryan, Baba; Salari, N.; Saberzadeh, B.
Algal assemblage of some small Permian patch reefs from the Sirjan area, (south Iran)

PDF <122> Riding, Robert
Cyanobacterial 'whiting' origin of Devonian-Mississippian carbonate mud mounds?

PDF <123> Sasaran, Emanoil; Ples, George; Mircescu, C.; Bucur, Ioan I.
Peritidal cyclical sequences of Kimmeridgian-Berriasian-?Valanginian limestones from Piatra Craiului Massif (Romania): the role of microbialites and rivulariacean-type cyanobacteria

PDF <124> Suarez-Gonzalez, Pablo; Quijada, I. E.; Benito, M. I.; Mas, R.; Riding, Robert
A coastal paradise for Aptian microbialites (Early Cretaceous, N Spain)

PDF <125> Tosti, F.; Mastandrea, Adelaide; Guido, Adriano; Demasi, Fabio; Russo, Franco; Riding, Robert
Microbial carbonate reef components in the mid-Triassic Italian Dolomites: A biogeochemical approach

PDF <126> Wang, J.; Zhou, Xiaolin
The division of the morphological groups of the Li Mei calcareous algal bioherms, Western Hunan, China

PDF <127> Schuster, Ralf; Kurz, Walter; Krenn, Kurt; Fritz, Harald
Introduction to the Geology of the Eastern Alps

PDF <128> Celarc, Bogomir; Vrabec, Marko; Rožič, Boštjan; Kralj, Polona; Jamšek Rupnik, Petra; Kolar-Jurkovšek, Tea; Gale, Luka; Šmuc, Andrej
Field Trip A1: Southern Alps of Slovenia in a nutshell: paleogeography, tectonics, and active deformation

PDF <129> Kurz, Walter; Fritz, Harald
Field Trip A2: Structural evolution of the Silvretta-Seckau nappe system in the area of the Schladminger Tauern

PDF <130> Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen; Missoni, Sigrid; Schlagintweit, Felix; Lein, Richard
Field Trip A3: Triassic to Early Cretaceous shallow-water carbonates in the central Northern Calcareous Alps (Northwestern Tethyan realm)

PDF <131> Kurz, Walter; Handy, Mark R.; Favaro, Silvia; Fritz, Harald; Krenn, Kurt; Scharf, Andreas
Excursion B1: Cross section from the Austroalpine nappes to the Penninic and Subpenninic nappes of the Tauern Window

PDF <132> Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen; Missoni, Sigrid
Field Trip B2: Triassic to Early Cretaceous geodynamic history of the central Northern Calcareous Alps (Northwestern Tethyan realm)

PDF <133> Hubmann, Bernhard; Messner, Fritz
Field Trip B3: Lower to Middle Devonian algal limestones of the Graz Palaeozoic (Austria)