Exhibition "GRAFIT - Kunst.Werk.Rohstoff" (Art.Work.Raw Material)

Currently, information about the relevant raw material graphite is presented in the large showcase of the Geological Survey - available to the public around the clock and with online resources.

In the large display window of the Geological Survey (GBA), historical and current information on the important raw material graphite is currently being presented. In addition to a historical graphite sculpture from the Vienna World's Fair in 1873 and historical maps, posters also provide information on the GBA's ongoing PotGraf project, in which exploration methods are being further developed and, for the first time, potential estimates of domestic deposits of the industrial mineral are being carried out in accordance with the UNFC. The exhibition can be viewed around the clock from the public space, further information is provided online and linked here:

» Exhibition poster (in German)
» Project PotGraf