Head Office

From 1 July 2019, vice director HR Mag. Robert Supper is provisionally assigned with the superintendence.

The Geological Survey of Austria (GBA) is headed by a director whose responsibility covers the functional program and operational activities. He decides as head of this subordinated department directly under control of the BMfWF with respect to personnel according to the public services and salary laws in all functional and operative issues of the GBA.

The head is in charge of the supervision of the entire personal of the geological survey.

The principal has to take decisions within the framework of provisions alone, regarding:

  • Distribution of resources for programs, scientific departments and external services.
  • Appointing the organizational responsible people for programs and projects.
  • Staff issues.
  • Issues in the service schedule.

The director of the Geological Survey of Austria is per definition general secretary of the Austrian National Committee of Geosciences (ÖNKG), management board member of the Austrian Geological Society (ÖGG) and he represents Austria at the EGS (European Geological Surveys), a unification of all European geological surveys..