Geological Mapping

The division Geological Mapping is in charge of fulfilling the central task of the Geological Survey of Austria. Results coming from geolgical mapping are the interpretational base for almost all continuative mostly applied geoscientific programs and projects.

This organisational unit is responsible for the area wide geological mapping of the federal territory (read also: task definition of the geological survey in § 18 "Forschungsorganisationsgesetz"). This is first of all accomplished by systematic cartographic work in the field.

Despite its major significance for applied questions, geological mapping itself is like fundamental research because rock composition and underground structure in many areas of Austria are being investigated for the first time without any initially limiting interests of application.

In order to guarantee scientific quality and actuality the geological mapping is being amended by scientific works in the fields of: tectonics, structural geology, sedimentology, petrology and geochronology etc. . This working area is called "supportive basic research".

Main products of the geological mapping are published map collections and single maps in different scales as well as its appropriate explanatory notes and sections. The results of the supportive basic research are published independently from maps and explanatory notes in scientific journals.

Through our web services geological series of maps and single maps of the survey are available online. In order to provide GIS databases online in the future (Webfeature-Services), the division of Central Services is intensively working on the standardisation of the information shown on the maps.

The results of this work are published in the Thesaurus Service of the survey.

Another very important sector is the tight cooperation with the departments of the division Applied Geosciences, especially by advising, data exchange and joint project work.

The division is split into three departments:

  • Department of "Sedimentary Geology" with focus on young sediment basins and the sedimentary rock units of the Eastern Alps.
  • Department of "Hard Rock Geology" with main focus on the "Wald- and Mühlviertel" (Bohemian Massif) as well as the central parts of the Eastern Alps.
  • Department of "Palaeontology & Stratigraphy" performs biostratigraphic sampling, takes care of the numerous collections of various precious fossil types and additionally contributes in the geological mapping.
Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter:

» HR Mag. Dr. Hans-Georg Krenmayr (Direktor)