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International Nannoplankton Association. Vienna Meeting 1985

ISBN: 3900312540
Seiten: 315
H. Stradner & K. Perch-Nielsen
Erscheinungsjahr: 1987
Preis: € 33,00

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PDF <1> Almekinders, Rene
Silicoflagellates from the Pliocene of Aitania (Crete), a Quantitative Inventory

PDF <2> Backman, Jan
Quantitative Calcareous Nannofossil Biochronology of Middle Eocene through Early Oligocene Sediment from DSDP Sites 522 and 523

PDF <3> Bown, Paul Richard
The Structural Development of Early Mesozoic Coccoliths and its Evolutionary and Taxonomic Significance

PDF <4> Crux, Jason A.
Concerning Dimorphism in Early Jurassic Coccoliths and the Origin of the Genus Discorhabdus Noel 1965

PDF <5> Farhan, Anba
Evolutionary Trend of the Genus Lithastrinus to the Genus Uniplanarius

PDF <6> Flores, Jose-Abel; Sierro, Francisco-Javier
Calcareous Plankton in the Tortonian/Messinian Transition Series of the Northwestern Edge of the Guadalquivir Basin

PDF <7> Gard, Gunilla
Observation of a Dimorphic Coccosphere

PDF <8> Hill, Merton E.; Bralower, Tim
Early Evolution, Stratigraphy and Taxonomy of Eiffellithus eximinus and Closely-Related Species

PDF <9> Jakubowski,Martin
A Proposed Lower Creataceous Nannofossil Zonation Scheme for the Moray Firth Area of the Sea

PDF <10> Janin, Marie-Christine
The Imprints of Cenozoic Calcareous Nannofossils from Polymetallic Concretions: Biostratigraphic Significance for two Crusts from the Central Pacific (Line Islands Ridge and Mid-Pacific Mountains)

PDF <11> Mortimer, Chris P.
Upper Cretaceous Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of the Southern Norwegian and Danish North Sea Area

PDF <12> Mutterlose, Jörg; Harding, Ian
Phytoplankton from the Anoxic Sediments of the Barremain (Lower Cretaceous) of North-West-Germany

PDF <13> Nagymarosy, Andras
Measurements on Lower Miocene Sphenolithus Populations

PDF <14> Posch, Friedrich; Stradner, Herbert
Report on Triassic Nannoliths from Austria

PDF <15> Pujos, Annick
Late Eocene to Pleistocene Medium-Sized and Small-Sized "Reticulofenistrids"

PDF <16> Stradner, Herbert
A Monospecific Thanatocoenosis Deposited after a Late Oligocene Nannoplankton Bloom

PDF <17> Van Heck, Shirley E.; Perch-Nielsen, Katharina
Validation of Chiasmolithus danicus (BROTZEN, 1959)

PDF <18> Van Heck, Shirley E.; Prins, Ben
A Refined Nannoplankton Zonation for the Danian of the Central North Sea

PDF <19> Young, Jeremy R.
Possible Functional Interpretations of Coccolith Morphology