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Second European Conodont Symposium Ecos II. Guidebook, Abstracts.

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Seiten: 214
H.P. Schönlaub
Erscheinungsjahr: 1980
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PDF <1> Aldridge, R.J.
Conodont Biostratigraphy of the British Silurian

PDF <2> Austin, R.L.
Dinantian Conodont Studies in the British Isles 1969-1979

PDF <3> Baesemann, J.F.; Lane, H.R.
Comparison of Conodont- and Ammonoid-Based Correlation of the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Boundary in North America with the Namurian of Europe

PDF <4> Bergstrom, S.M.
Conodont Color Alteration as Indicator of Incipient Metamorphism in Ordovician Rocks in Scandinavia and the British Isles

PDF <5> Bessiere, G.; Feist, R.; Perrest, M.F.
Conodont Biotratigraphy in Carboniferous Limestones of Southern France

PDF <6> Bitter, P.H.v.; Hertzenberg, W.v.
Christian Heinrich Pander (1794-1865)

PDF <7> Bitter, P.H.v.; Merrill, G.K.
Resorption of Calcium Phosphate in Conodontophorids: A Body Weight Control Mechanism?

PDF <8> Buchroithner, Manfred F.
Conodont Faunas from Devonian and Carboniferous Conglomerates of the Western Mediterranean and their Paleogeographic Implications

PDF <9> Bultynck, P.L.
The Value of Icriodontidae in Stratigraphic Correlation

PDF <10> Carr, T.R.
Reexamination of Late Pennsylvanian and Early Permian Conodont Apparatuses Using Clustering Techniques

PDF <11> Chlupac, Ivo; Kriz, Jiri; Schönlaub, Hans Peter; Klapper, G.; Zikmundova, J.
Field Trip E: Silurian and Devonian Conodont Localities of the Barrandian

PDF <12> Clark, D.L.
Extinction of Triassic Conodonts

PDF <13> Dreesen, Roland J.M.J.
Conodont Biofacies in the Belgian Famennian

PDF <14> Ebner, Fritz
Field Trip C: Conodont Localities in the Surroundings of Graz/Styria

PDF <15> Flajs, Gerd
Conodont Metamorphism: Grain Size-Temperature Relationship

PDF <16> Hirsch, Francis
Some Late Eo- and Mesotriassic Conodont Multi-Elements: Notes on their Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Distribution

PDF <17> Horowitz, A.S.; Rexroad, C.B.
A Summary of Chesterian (Carboniferous) Conodonts from the Illinois Basin, USA

PDF <18> Igo, H.
Recent Progress of Conodont Biostratigraphy in Japan

PDF <19> Kennedy, D.J.
On Vicarious Lower Ordovician Simple Cone Conodonts: Problems in Lower Ordovician Conodont Taxonomy

PDF <20> Kozur, Heinz
Middle and Upper Triassic Conodont Zonation of the Tethyan Realm

PDF <21> Krystyn, Leopold; Plöchinger, Benno; Lobitzer, Harald
Field Trip B: Triassic Conodont Localities of the Salzkammergut Region (Northern Calcareous Alps)

PDF <22> Krystyn, Leopold
Stratigraphy of the Hallstatt Region

PDF <23> Kuwano, Y.
Silurian Conodonts from Yokokura-yama, Shikoku, Japan

PDF <24> Lane, H.R.; Sandberg, C.A.; Ziegler, Willi
Taxonomy and Phylogeny of some Lower Carboniferous Conodonts and Preliminary Standard Post-Siphonodella Zonation

PDF <25> Legall, F.D.; Barnes, Ch.R.
Organic Metamorphism and Thermal Maturity of Paleozoic Strata of Southern Ontario Based on Studies of Conodont and Acritarch Alteration

PDF <26> Lobitzer, Harald
History of Geologic Research in the Salzkammergut

PDF <27> Mendez, C.A.; Menendez Alvarez, J.R.
Lata Bashkirian-Early Moscovian Conodonts in a Section of the Cantabrian Mountains (Spain)

PDF <28> Merrill, G.K.; Bitter, P.H.v.
Phylogeny and Biostratigraphy of the Conodont Gondolella (Carboniferous-Permian), Eastern and Central North America

PDF <29> Mock, Rudolf
Field Trip D: Triassic of the West Carpathians

PDF <30> Nowlan, G.S.; Barnes, Ch.R.; Carson, D.M.
Ordovician Conodont Zonation and Paleogeography of the Canadian Arctic

PDF <31> Perri, M.C.; Spaletta, C.; Vai, G.B.
Problems and Models of Conodont Reworking in the Upper Devonian of the Alps

PDF <32> Ramovs, A.
Perm-Conodonten in Slowenien (NW-Jugoslawien)

PDF <33> Repetski, J.E.
Early Ordovician Fused Conodont Clusters from the Western United States

PDF <34> Requadt, H.; Weddige, K.
A Conodont Sequence over the Lower/Middle Devoian Boundary in the SW Lahn-Mulde/Eastern Rhenish Slate mountains

PDF <35> Sandberg, Ch.A.
Utility of Conodonts in Determining Rates of Synorogenic Sedimentation and in Timing Antler Orogenic Events, Western United States

PDF <36> Schönlaub, Hans Peter; Jaeger, Hermann; House, M.R.; Price, J.D.; Göddertz, B.; Priewalder, Helga; Walliser, O.H.; Kriz, Jiri; Haas, W.; Vai, Gian Battista
Field Trip A: Carnic Alps

PDF <37> Sudar, M.
The Triassic Conodonts from the Inner Dinarides of Yugoslavia

PDF <38> Sweet, W.C.
Conodont-based Zonation of post-Chazyan Ordovician Rocks of the North American Midcontinent Province

PDF <39> Szaniawski, H.
Fused Clusters of Paraconodonts

PDF <40> Viira, V.
Conodont Zonation and Paleoecology in the Silurian of Estonia