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Fifty Years of Geological Cooperation Between Austria, The Czech Republik and The Slovak Republik

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H. Lobitzer (Ed.) & C. Janda (Ed.)
Erscheinungsjahr: 2010
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PDF <1> Hofmann, Thomas
Book Reviews

PDF <2> Venera, Zdenek
Foreword from the Director of the Czech Geological Survey

PDF <3> Zec, Branislav
Foreword from the Director of the State Geological Institute of Dionyz Stur in the Slovak Republic

PDF <4> Seifert, Peter
Foreword from the Director of the Geological Survey of Austria

PDF <5> Hofmann, Thomas
50 Years of Geological Cooperation with the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic - the Austrian Point of View

PDF <6> Breiter, Karel
Geochemical classification of Variscan Granitoids in the Moldanubicum (Czech Republic, Austria)

PDF <7> Szente, István; Lobitzer, Harald; Schlagintweit, Felix
A Short Note on the Occurrence of the Upper Triassic Oyster Umbrostrea? montiscaprilis (KLIPSTEIN, 1843) (Mollusca: Bivalvia) in the Northern Alpine Raibl Beds of the Schafberg, Salzburg, Austria

PDF <8> Haas, János; Piros, Olga; Budai, Tamas; Görög, Ágnes; Mandl, Gerhard W.; Lobitzer, Harald
Transition Between the Massive Reef-Backreef and Cyclic Lagoon Facies of the Dachstein Limestone in the Southern Part of the Dachstein Plateau, Northern Calcareous Alps, Upper Austria und Styria

PDF <9> Siblik, Milos; Szente, István; Mikulas, Radek; Lobitzer, Harald
An Invertebrate Faunula in the Kössen Beds of Starnkogel (Bad Ischl, Upper Austria)

PDF <10> Siblik, Milos
Catalogue of the Triassic and Lower Jurassic Brachiopod Holotypes (excl. Bittner) in the Collections of the Geological Survey of Austria

PDF <11> Mandl, Gerhard W.; Dulai, Alfred; Schlögl, Jan; Siblik, Milos; Szabó, Janos; Szente, István; Vörös, Attila
First Results on Stratigraphy and Faunal Content of the Jurassic between Bad Mitterndorf and Toplitzsee (Salzkammergut, Austria)

PDF <12> Szente, István; Baron-Szabo, Rosemarie C.; Hradecka, Lenka; Kvacek, Jiri; Svobodova, Marcela; Svabenicka, Lilian; Schlagintweit, Felix; Lobitzer, Harald
The Lower Gosau Subgroup of the Kohlbachgraben and "Station Billroth" North of St. Gilgen (Turonian-? Coniacian, Salzburg, Austria)

PDF <13> Mikulas, Radek; Svobodova, Marcela; Svabenicka, Lilian; Lobitzer, Harald
Ichnofossils of the Ressen Formation in Gosau (Campanian, Upper Gosau Subgroup, Upper Austria)

PDF <14> Lobitzer, Harald; Lelkes-Felvari, Gyöngyi; Ottner, Franz; Svobodova, Marcela; Svabenicka, Lilian
Grindstone Mining in Gosau - the Classical Locality of the Ressen Formation (Lower Campanian, Gosau, Upper Austria)

PDF <15> Dulai, Alfred; Hradecka, Lenka; Konzalova, Magda; Less, György; Svabenicka, Lilian; Lobitzer, Harald
An Early Fauna and Flora from "Rote Kirche" in Gschliefgraben near Gmunden, Upper Austria

PDF <16> Havlicek, Pavel; Holasek, Oldrich; Roetzel, Reinhard; Smolikova, Libuse
Quaternary Sediments at the Southeastern Margin of the Bohemian Massif in the Borderland of Austria and the Czech Republic (Lower Austria - South Moravia)

PDF <17> Smolikova, Libuse; Havlicek, Pavel; Roetzel, Reinhard
Stratigraphy of Quaternary Fossil soils along Highway A5 between Wolkersdorf and Schrick (Vienna Basin, Lower Austria)