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PANGEO AUSTRIA 2018.- Abstracts.- 24.–26. September 2018, Universität Wien.

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PDF <1> Aigner, Lukas; Bücker, Matthias; Steiner, Matthias; Gallistl, Jakob; Flores-Orozco, Adrián
Improved inversion of Induced Polarization and Transient Electromagnetic methods to characterize fractured media

PDF <2> Auer, Fabian; Meyer, Michael
Bringing light into the underworld - optically stimulated luminescence dating of the loess section and wine-cellars of the Loisium wine-world, Lower Austria

PDF <3> Barnikel, Friedrich; Seifert-Lorenz, Ulrike; Brütting, Tobias; Plötz, Robert
Internationale Schulkooperationen im Rahmen von Erasmus+ – Best practice Beispiele

PDF <4> Barnikel, Friedrich
Unterrichtseinheiten in den Geowissenschaften von Lehrkräften für Lehrkräfte

PDF <5> Baroň, Ivo; Plan, Lukas; Grasemann, Bernhard; Mitrovic, Ivanka
Geological evidences of active tectonics in the Eastern Alps revealed in caves

PDF <6> Baron-Szabo, Rosemarie C.; Sanders, Diethard
Scleractinian corals from the Lower Oligocene of the Eastern Alps, Austria: taxonomic composition, palaeoecology and palaeobiogeography---preliminary results

PDF <7> Bauer, Moritz; Grasemann, Bernhard; Bichler, Mathias
Equilibrium line altitude (ELA)-reconstructions of a Younger Dryas system in the Eastern Alps

PDF <8> Berberich, Thomas; Anselmetti, Flavio; Hilbe, Michael; Fabbri, Stefano; Lauterbach, Stefan; Kowarik, Kerstin; Reschreiter, Hans; Strasser, Michael
Geomorphological map and event stratigraphy of Lake Hallstatt

PDF <9> Bernabe, Egon; Tropper, Peter
Tourmaline as a petrogenetic recorder for the polymetamorphic evolution of the Matsch Nappe (Vinschgau/South Tyrol)

PDF <10> Biachni, Irene; Hetényi, György; Plomerová, Jaroslava
Eastern Alpine Seismic Investigation (EASI): aims, deployment and results

PDF <11> Birk, Steffen
Interpretation der Trockenwetterfalllinien von Quellen: Quantitative Methode oder Spekulation?

PDF <12> Boch, Ronny; Kluge, Tobias; Wang, Xianfeng; Leis, Albrecht; Lin, Ke; Pluch, Hannes; Melcher, Frank; Dietzel, Martin
Calcium & iron carbonates from Erzberg - New insights from stable, radiogenic & clumped isotope data

PDF <13> Boch, Ronny; Leis, Albrecht; Mittermayr, Florian; Simic, Sanja; Eichinger, Stefanie; Grengg, Cyrill; Hippler, Dorothee; Almer, Martin; Dietzel, Martin
Unwanted mineral deposits in geotechnical settings – Scaling forensic investigation of formation conditions and related material characteristics

PDF <14> Brünjes, Robert Martin; Höhn, Philipp; Hofmann, Thilo
Umweltverhalten von Gadoliniumkomplexen

PDF <15> Burda, Jolanta; Woskowicz-Slezak, Beata; Kloetzli, Urs; Gaweda, Aleksandra
Cadomian protolith ages of ‘exotic’ mega blocks from Bugaj and Andrychów and their significance for the reconstruction of the palaeogeography of the Western Outer Carpathians (Poland): evidence from zircon U-Pb LA-MC-ICP-MS dating

PDF <16> Burger, Ulrich; Perello, Paolo; Lorenzi, Stefano
Hydraulische Charakterisierung des Hochstegenmarmors am Westrand des Tauernfensters – Brenner Region

PDF <17> Castan, Stephanie; Hüffer, Thorsten; Sigmund, Gabriel; Hofmann, Thilo
Influence of Humic Acid and Ionic Strength on the Sorption of Pyrene to Carbonaceous Materials

PDF <18> Daxer, Christoph; Oswald, Patrick; Molenaar, Ariana; Ortler, Marcel; Liebl, Moritz; Huang, Jyh-Jaan; Hammerl, Christa; Strasser, Michael; Moernaut, Jasper
Lacustrine Paleoseismology in Tyrol and Carinthia: Establishing the first continuous postglacial earthquake records in Austria

PDF <19> Daxer, Christoph; Moernaut, Jasper; Taylor, Timothy; Haas, Jean Nicolas; Strasser, Michael
The Late Glacial and Holocene Sedimentary Infill of Lake Mondsee (Eastern Alps, Austria) and Historical Rockfall Activity revealed by Reflection Seismics and Sediment-Core Analysis

PDF <20> Decker, Kurt; Habermüller, Mario; Piani, Edoardo; Exner, Ulrike; Reingruber, Alan; Troiss, Wilma
Recent thrust tectonics in the frontal part of the Eastern Alps: an approach based on integrated subsurface data

PDF <21> Draganits, Erich; Koshraftar, Reza; Saeedi, Sahand; Schimerl, Nicolas; Aali, Abolfazl; Bagherpour-Kashani, Natascha; Boenke, Nicole; Stöllner, Thomas
Geology, geoarchaeology or ethnogeoarchaeology?: Landscape reconstruction at the Chehrabad salt mine (Zanjan, Iran) since the Achaemenid Period

PDF <22> Ebner, Fritz; Hippler, Dorothee; Dietzel, Martin; Mali, Heinrich; Ovissi, Masoud; Ghorbani, Masoud
Mg-Isotopie in Magnesiten: Weiterführende Charakterisierung und Implikationen für die Magnesitgenese

PDF <23> Eder, Markus; Winkler, Gerfried; Hauzenberger, Christoph; Goessler, Walter; Kurz, Walter
Origin of arsenic contamination of springs in an alpine environment, examples of the Seckau Tauern Range (Austria)

PDF <24> Fleris, Emmanouil; Preh, Alexander
A study of Rockfall processes at different geomorpholocigal settings through numerical simulations in 3D

PDF <25> Frank, Nils; Hauzenberger, Christoph; Kurz, Walter; Dong, Yunpeng
Detrital U/Pb zircon age distribution in Alpine metasedimentary rocks of the Koralpe-Wölz nappe system (Eastern Alps)

PDF <26> Frühauf, Sabrina; Melcher, Frank; Rantitsch, Gerd
Thermometrie an Erzen und Nebengesteinen der Sideritlagerstätte Steirischer Erzberg

PDF <27> Fuchs, Florian; Hibert, Clément; Lenhardt, Wolfgang; Bokelmann, Götz
Searching fore- and afterslides of gravitational mass movements

PDF <28> Fuchs, Iris; Engelbrecht, Andrea; Wagreich, Michael
Cold case: in search of the provenience of an exceptionally preserved Cretaceous shark

PDF <29> Fuchs, Iris; Engelbrecht, Andrea; Pfaff, Cathrin; Kriwet, Jürgen
Identifying hidden secrets of shark teeth (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii) using sophisticated approaches

PDF <30> Funk, Barbara; Flores-Orozco, Adrián; Plan, Lukas
Geophysical detection of caves to prevent natural hazards – Two case studies from Lower Austria

PDF <31> Garcia Ramos, Diego Antonio; Zuschin, Martin
High-frequency cycles of brachiopod shell beds on subaqueous delta-scale clinoforms (early Pliocene, SE Spain)

PDF <32> Gebhardt, Holger
Campanian to Maastrichtian planktic foraminifera of the Pálava Formation may point to southward flow of boreal waters into the Penninic Ocean

PDF <33> Gebhardt, Holger; Schenk, Bettina; Wolfgring, Erik; Zorn, Irene
Cyclic paleo-salinity changes inferred from benthic foraminiferal assemblages in the Upper Burdigalian (Lower Miocene) Korneuburg Basin, Austria

PDF <34> Golab, Antonia; Gallistl, Jakob; Strauss, Peter; Flores-Orozco, Adrián
Delineation of soil structure and the plough horizon through electrical imaging: laboratory investigations

PDF <35> Grasemann, Bernhard; Schneider, David A.; Rogowitz, Anna; Rice, A. Hugh N.
The ‘Cretan Detachment’ (Greece): a Miocene thrust or low-angle normal fault?

PDF <36> Grasemann, Bernhard; Huet, Benjamin; Schneider, David A.; Rice, A. Hugh N.; Lemonnier, Nicolas; Tschegg, Cornelius
The Trans Cycladic Thrust: a new major tectonic structure in the Eocene syn-orogenic Hellenic subduction channel (Cyclades, Greece)

PDF <37> Gribovszki, Katalin; Kovács, Károly; Esterhazy, Sofi; Mónus, Péter; Kiszely, Márta; Bokelmann, Götz
Progress in investigation of vulnerable stalagmites vibration, numerical and analogue modeling

PDF <38> Griesmeier, Gerit E. U.; Huet, Benjamin; Schuster, Ralf; Grasemann, Bernhard
P-T-t constraints for the Variscan history of the Gaugen Complex (Kreuzeck Mountains, Austria, Eastern Alps)

PDF <39> Gross, Doris; Misch, David; Bechtel, Achim; Mahlstedt, Nicolaj; Pötz, Stefanie; Rustamov, Javad; Sachsenhofer, Reinhard
Abundance of acidic compounds in Upper Visean black shales from the Dniepr-Donets Basin (Ukraine): advances in facies and maturity assessment

PDF <40> Habermüller, Mario; Grasemann, Bernhard; Exner, Ulrike
Styles of fault-related folding at the front of the Northern Calcareous Alps

PDF <41> Hamilton, Margret
The research of the western Tauern window between 1894 and 1898 in the documents of the mineralogist and petrographer Friedrich Becke: A project of the „Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften"

PDF <42> Hampl, Ferdinand Jakob
The karst bauxite of the Unterlaussa mining area (Upper Austria)

PDF <43> Hardege, Jonas; Plan, Lukas; Winkler, Gerhard; Baroň, Ivo; Grasemann, Bernhard
An enigmatic spring in a hydrothermal cave at the western margin of the Vienna Basin

PDF <44> Hartl, Irene; Benold, Christian; Eichinger, Florian; Elster, Daniel; Goldbrunner, Johann E.; Götzl, Gregor; Hobiger, Gerhard; Kralik, Martin; Kriegl, Christian; Pytlak, Lukasz; Sachsenhofer, Reinhard F.; Schubert, Gerhard
Hydrochemical Signatures of Groundwaters in Upper Austria – Contributions to a revision of the existing thermal aquifer model

PDF <45> Harzhauser, Mathias; Mandic, Oleg; Kranner, Matthias; Lukeneder, Petra; Kern, Andrea K.; Gross, Martin; Carnevale, Giorgio; Jawecki, Christine
Mind the gap!: The Sarmatian/Pannonian boundary at the western margin of the Vienna Basin (Austria)

PDF <46> Hausmann, Helmut; Weginger, Stefan
Earthquake Location in Austria: Accuracy, Reliability and Improvements for hypocenters after 2000

PDF <47> Heinrich, Maria; Lipiarski, Piotr; Rabeder, Julia; Moshammer, Beatrix; Schedl, Albert
Übersicht zu wichtigen und aktuell genutzten Naturwerkstein-Vorkommen in Österreich

PDF <48> Heinrich, Maria; Lipiarski, Piotr; Rabeder, Julia; Reitner, Heinz; Wimmer-Frey, Ingeborg
Zur Geologie der Weingärten in den Weinbaugebieten Wachau und Kremstal

PDF <49> Heuser, David; Klötzli, Urs
Thermo-dynamic forward modelling of the monazite and xenotime evolution during prograde metamorphism in the Ivrea-Verbano-Zone (N Italy)

PDF <50> Hinsch, Ralph; Pelz, Klaus; Schuller, Volker; Thöny, Wolfgang
Hunting for the trap: Applied Structural Geology in OMV Exploration

PDF <51> Hinsch, Ralph; Sellar, Christopher; Bretis, Bernhard; Gharabeigli, Gholamreza; Morsalnezhad, Davoud; Lovett, Tam; Gruber, Karin; Julapour, Ali Asghar; Tari, Gabor; Kosi, Walter
Structural Geological and Salt Tectonic processes in the south-eastern Zagros, Iran

PDF <52> Hintersberger, Esther; Ranftl, Eva-Maria; Decker, Kurt; Flores-Orozco, Adrián; Aigner, Lukas
Differentiation between Miocene and Quaternary displacement at the southern Diendorf Fault

PDF <53> Hintersberger, Esther; Griesmeier, Gerit; Iglseder, Christoph; Grösel, Klemens
Tektonische Grenzflächen in Niederösterreich – Auf dem Weg zu einer Störungsdatenbank im Maßstab 1:200.000

PDF <54> Hoehn, Philipp; Flores-Orozco, Adrián; Hofmann, Thilo
Investigating stream-aquifer exchange using waterborne spectral induced polarization imaging

PDF <55> Hofmann, Christa-Ch.; Kodrul, Tatiana M.; Jin, Jianhua; Huet, Benjamin
Palaeo-geographical and -historical implications of pollen taxa (e.g., Sarcandra, Phyllanthus, Fagus, Juglans, Lagerstroemia, Mortoniodendron, Cornus, Nyssa, Symplocus; Iodes) from the lower Bartonian Chanchang Formation (Hainan, South China) investigated by LM and SEM

PDF <56> Hofmann, Thomas
Die Bibliothek der Geologischen Bundesanstalt (GBA) als zentraler Knotenpunkt in der Vernetzung heimischer Geowissenschaften

PDF <57> Hofmann, Thomas; Dörflinger, Elfriede
Rocky Austria online – Lessons learned

PDF <58> Hollinetz, Marianne Sophie; Iglseder, Christoph; Schuster, Ralf; Huet, Benjamin; Rantitsch, Gerd; Grasemann, Bernhard
Tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Eo-Alpine extrusion wedge in the Eastern Alps (Oberhof window, Carinthia, Austria)

PDF <59> Höpfl, Stephan; Rogowitz, Anna; Grasemann, Bernhard
High finite strain flow pattern in marbles around boudinaged dykes

PDF <60> Hörfarter, Christine; Stöckl, Werner
Structuring of Geological Datasets in the Scale of 1: 50.000 in Austria – Advantages and Lessons Learned

PDF <61> Hormes, Anne; Reitner, Jürgen M.; Vecchiotti, Filippo
Surface Deformation Rates of a Deep-Seated Toppling Slope Failure in Lienz (Tyrol, Austria)

PDF <62> Huet, Benjamin; Knoll, Tanja; Schuster, Ralf; Paulick, Holger
Albite-spodumene pegmatites without large granite intrusions?: Exploring the feasibility of the alternative anatectic model

PDF <63> Huet, Benjamin; Schneider, David; Gelinas, Brittany; Schuster, Ralf; Iglseder, Christoph; Rantitsch, Gerd; Rockenschaub, Manfred; Hollinetz, Marianne Sophie; Klötzli, Urs
Pressure, temperature and time constraints for the Wildkogel Nappe (Steinkogelschiefer, Oberpinzgau, Salzburg, Austria)

PDF <64> Huet, Benjamin; Iglseder, Christoph; Schuster, Ralf; Schneider, David; Rogowitz, Anna; Linner, Manfred; Grasemann, Bernhard
Towards a new lithostratigraphic and tectonic model for the ‘Innsbruck Quartzphyllite Zone’ within the Upper Austroalpine nappes (Oberpinzgau, Salzburg, Austria)

PDF <65> Humer, Franko; Philippitsch, Rudolf
Textband "Isotopenzusammensetzung in natürlichen Wässern in Österreich – Grundlagen und Anwendungsbeispiele zur Wasser-Isotopenkarte Österreichs 1:500.000"

PDF <66> Iglseder, Christoph; Huet, Benjamin; Schuster, Ralf; Rantitsch, Gerd; Dunkl, István; Ratschbacher, Lothar
Tectonometamorphic evolution of the uppermost Upper Austroalpine: Insights from a section across the Gstoder, Bundschuh, Königstuhl, and Stolzalpe Nappes (Gurktal Alps, Austria)

PDF <67> Illeditsch, Mariella; Preh, Alexander
Waldmodul für THROW – Berücksichtigung des Einflusses von Vegetation bei 2D-Steinschlagmodellen

PDF <68> Jaeger, Dominik; Stalder, Roland; Masago, Hideki; Strasser, Michael
Provenance of Nankai Trough sediments: investigation via OH defect content of detrital quartz

PDF <69> Jawecki, Christine; Weil, Jonas; Decker, Kurt; Hintersberger, Esther; Novothny, Ágnes
Landesgeologie Wien: Beispiele aus Modellierung, Datierung, Archivierung

PDF <70> Jud, Markus; Lueschen, Ewald; Schreilechner, Marcellus G.; Binder, Heinz; Keglovic, Peter; Wessely, Godfrid
"GeoTief Wien" Seismische Exploration für tiefe Geothermie – Ergebnisse einer neuen 2D-Seismik

PDF <71> Kainz, Simon; Winkler, Gerfried; Leibniz, Otto
Sieve curve analysis to estimate K in fine grained mass movement and moraine material – a critical review

PDF <72> Katona, Timea; Gallistl, Jakob; Schlögel, Ingrid; Flores-Orozco, Adrián
Leakage detection in an industrial water pipe network using induced polarization imaging

PDF <73> Keller, Gerta; Sanders, Diethard; Schlagintweit, Felix; Studeny, Martin
Shallow-water Cretaceous-Paleocene transition associated with a rocky low-energy shore: The Kambühel section (Northern Calcareous Alps)

PDF <74> Klötzli, Urs
Geochronological pitfalls in petrochronologal research – the case of instrumental elemental fractionation effects

PDF <75> Klötzli, Urs; Kusiak, Monika; Kovaleva, Elizaveta; Wirth, Richard; Yi, Keewook
Pb nano-spheres in seismically deformed zircon from the Ivrea-Verbano Zone

PDF <76> Klötzli, Urs; Neugschwentner, Bernhard; Kanjanapayont, Pitsanupong; Konečný, Patrik; Broska, Igor
Petrogenesis of Triassic and Cretaceous metamorphic rocks from Khanom (Peninsular Thailand); monazite CHIME dating and thermo-barometry

PDF <77> Knoll, Tanja; Schuster, Ralf; Mali, Heinrich; Huet, Benjamin; Horschinegg, Monika; Paulick, Holger
The relationship between spodumene pegmatites, pegmatites and leucogranites from the Austroalpine Unit (Eastern Alps)

PDF <78> Köstelbauer, Felix; Draganits, Erich
Geoarchaeological studies of a Middle-Neolithic circular enclosure near Velm, eastern Austria

PDF <79> Koukal, Veronika; Wagreich, Michael
Paleogene deep-water facies of the Upper Gosau Subgroup at Gams (Styria, Austria)

PDF <80> Kralik, Martin; Bieber, Gerhard; Papp, Erika
Multi-Isotopenmessungen (¹⁸O/²H,³H/³He,¹³C/¹⁴C) bestätigen aufsteigende Karstwässer an den Windener Quellen (Leithagebirge)

PDF <81> Kralik, Martin
Nitrogen-isotopes and multi-para-meter sewage water test for identification of nitrate sources: Groundwater body Marchfeld E of Vienna

PDF <82> Kranner, Matthias; Harzhauser, Mathias; Mandic, Oleg; Piller, Werner E.; Strauss, Philipp; Siedl, Wolfgang
Foraminifera as tool for biostratigraphic cross-correlation of major oilfields in the Vienna Basin

PDF <83> Kraus, Katrin; Renner, Jörg; Grasemann, Bernhard; Rogowitz, Anna
The effect of the volume fraction of garnet on the deformation behaviour of eclogite

PDF <84> Krenmayr, Hans Georg
Diskussionsvorschlag für ein differenziertes Begriffssystem lithotektonischer Einheiten

PDF <85> Kurz, Maditha; Ende, Martin; Giester, Gerald; Miletich, Ronald
Hydrogen bonding in natrochalcite NaCu₂(SO₄)₂(OH) 2H₂O under high pressure

PDF <86> Lantschner, Magnus
Geologische Umweltbildung im Naturpark Zillertal

PDF <87> Le Heron, Daniel; Grasemann, Bernhard; Busfield, Marie
A bird’s eye view of a 443 million year old ice sheet: using aerial imagery to characterise deep time glacial landscapes

PDF <88> Levi, Nicola
What was the original paleogeographic position of the Rhenodanubian Flysch (Eastern Alps, Austria)?

PDF <89> Lindenbauer, Julius; Voigt, Sebastian; Herret, Marie Theres; Kain, Pia; Wohlschlägl, Ricarda; Krawanja-Ortner, Gerlinde
Erste systematische Fossilgrabung nach permischen Tetrapodenfährten in den Gailtaler Alpen (Kärnten, Österreich)

PDF <90> Linner, Manfred; Huet, Benjamin
The Weinsberg granite – connecting the prime example of late-Variscan crustal recycling from source to emplacement

PDF <91> Lukeneder, Alexander
Lower Cretaceous ammonites from the Northern Calcareous Alps (Hauterivian – Barremian, Upper Austria)

PDF <92> Lukeneder, Petra; Lukeneder, Alexander
Sinemurian biostratigraphy of the Tannscharten section near Reichraming (Lower Jurassic, Schneeberg Syncline, Northern Calcareous Alps)

PDF <93> Maierhofer, Theresa; Aigner, Lukas; Steiner, Matthias; Pfeiler, Stefan; Flores-Orozco, Adrián
Electrical modelling for an improved understanding of GPR signatures in alpine permafrost using results obtained from different geophysical surveys

PDF <94> Maldonado, Mario Gabriel; Draganits, Erich; Lefebvre, Maria Gisela; Sampietro Vattuone, Maria Marta
Regional archaeological visibility and preservation in arid environments: incidence of geo-environmental processes (Yocavil Valley, Northwest Argentina)

PDF <95> Mandic, Oleg; Harzhauser, Mathias
Current status of the Central Paratethys Neogene stratigraphy

PDF <96> Mandl, Magdalena; Hauzenberger, Christoph; Kurz, Walter; Pfingstl, Stefan
Geochemical characterization of granitoids of the Seckau Complex (Eastern Alps)

PDF <97> Mandl, Magdalena; Kurz, Walter; Hauzenberger, Christoph; Fritz, Harald; Klötzli, Urs
The Rannach Formation – A Permian Trough within the Austroalpine Seckau Nappe

PDF <98> Maxl, Manfred; Quast, Patricia; Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen; Suzuki, Hisashi
Das westliche sinistrale Saalachzonen-Störungssystem – Neue Daten zur Abgrenzung der Tauglboden von der Hallstatt Mélange (Unken / Salzburg)

PDF <99> Meister, Patrick; Habler, Gerlinde; Frisia, Silvia; Zhang, Huiming
Incomplete Ostwald ripening in Triassic primary dolomites

PDF <100> Melcher, Frank; Onuk, Peter
Das Potential von kritischen Hochtechnologiemetallen in Buntmetallsulfidvorkommen der Ostalpen

PDF <101> Meszar, Maria; Lappe, Kira; Hornek, Katrin; Wagreich, Michael
Anthropogenic deposits – Vienna's Anthropocene

PDF <102> Meszar, Maria; Gier, Susanne; Palzer-Khomenko, Markus; Knierzinger, Wolfgang; Wagreich, Michael
Clay mineralogy of Miocene mudstones of the Lower Austrian Molasse Basin

PDF <103> Meusburger, Johannes Michael; Ende, Martin; Redhammer, Günther; Miletich, Ronald
High-pressure behaviour of the LiInGe2O6 (LIG) – LiScGe2O6 (LSG) solid solution

PDF <104> Meyer, Michael; Gliganic, Luke A.; Jain, Mayank; Sohbati, Reza
Optical dating of geological and archaeological rock surfaces potential and limitations of a new dating tool for the earth and archaeological sciences

PDF <105> Micheuz, Peter; Quandt, Dennis; Hippler, Dorothee; Bernasconi, Stefano; Hauzenberger, Christoph A.; Kurz, Walter
Isotopes and microstructures from calcite veins of the Izu-Bonin fore arc and the Amami-Sankaku basin: vein formation conditions, ages and deformation

PDF <106> Misch, David; Klaver, Johannes; Gross, Doris; Sachsenhofer, Reinhard F.; Schmatz, Joyce; Urai, Janos L.
Microporosity in solid bitumen: The key to unconventional reservoir potential in the Ukrainian Dniepr-Donets Basin

PDF <107> Missoni, Sigrid; Cadenovic, Damjan; Dakovic, Martin; Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen
Carnian outer shelf succession in the Budva Zone (Montenegro)

PDF <108> Missoni, Sigrid; Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen; Plašienka, Dušan; Spela, Gorican
Contractional tectonics in the Murán Nappe of Callovian age, Western Carpathians (Slovakia)

PDF <109> Montano, Manuel; Tepe, Nathalie; Kammer, Frank von der; Hofmann, Thilo
Exploring the Nanogeochemical Environment Using single particle ICP-TOF-MS

PDF <110> Neuhuber, Stephanie; Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger, Zsófia; Braumann, Sandra; Hintersberger, Esther; Plan, Lukas; Fiebig, Markus; Grupe, Sabine; Payer, Thomas; Lüthgens, Christopher; Braucher, Régis
Pliocene and Pleistocene fluvial deposits in the Vienna Basin – Status of numerical age dating using the cosmogenic nuclide pair 26Al and 10Be

PDF <111> Oberender, Pauline; Bauer, Harald; Aranyi, Attila
Statistical methods – An important tool for understanding cave genesis?

PDF <112> Ordosch, Alexander; Raith, Johann
The Basal Amphibolite in the central Tauern Window: new chemical data and implications for Early Palaeozoic paleogeography

PDF <113> Ortner, Hugo; Kilian, Sinah
Interacting folds, faults and thrusts – the conundrum of the Karwendel zone of slices ("Karwendelschuppenzone")

PDF <114> Ostermann, Marc; Zangerl, Christian; Ivy-Ochs, Susan; Reitner, Jürgen M.
Deep-Seated Gravitational Slope Deformations in the Austrian and Italian Alps: Characteristics and Dating

PDF <115> Palzer-Khomenko, Markus; Wagreich, Michael; Knierzinger, Wolfgang; Meszar, Maria E.; Gier, Susanne; Soliman, Ali; Kallanxhi, Madalina-Elena
The upper Ottnangian Calcite Minimum Interval: A solution to many problems?

PDF <116> Papí Isaba, María del Puy; Hammerl, Christa; Meurers, Rita
Intensity Prediction Equations as an intensity proxy for historical earthquakes

PDF <117> Papí Isaba, María del Puy; Jia, Yan; Weginger, Stefan
Intensity prediction equation – ShakeMap – for Austria

PDF <118> Papí Isaba, María del Puy; Jia, Yan; Weginger, Stefan
The use of amplitude measurements for detecting and locating local earthquakes in the Austrian seismic network

PDF <119> Pelz, Klaus; Granado, Pablo; Strauss, Philipp; Roca, Eduard; König, Michael; Peresson, Herwig; Muñoz, Josep Anton
Allochthonous salt and the formation of overturned to recumbent thrust sheets in the Northern Calcareous Alps

PDF <120> Pfleiderer, Sebastian; Schober, Andrea; Porpaczy, Clemens; Bottig, Magdalena; Huet, Benjamin; Iglseder, Christoph
Geologisches 3D-Modell von Österreich – 3D AUSTRIA

PDF <121> Pfleiderer, Sebastian; Rabeder, Julia; Knoll, Tanja; Hofer, Vera; Bach, Holger; Helgason, Thorgeir
Spectroscopy and machine vision – a replacement for manual gravel analysis?

PDF <122> Piana Agostinetti, Nicola; Licciardi, Andrea
Reconstruction of sedimentary basin properties using Bayesian fusion: theoretical framework and applications

PDF <123> Plan, Lukas; Stöger, Tobias; Draganits, Erich; Gier, Susanne
Rare karren features indicate a previously unknown Pleistocene landslide-dammed lake (Lower Austria)

PDF <124> Posch-Trözmüller, Gerlinde; Peresson, Mandana; Hobiger, Gerhard; Atzenhofer, Bernhard; Wessely, Godfrid
Gipsvorkommen im Untergrund Niederösterreichs: Abgrenzung, Risiken, Datierung

PDF <125> Qorbani, Ehsan; Zigone, Dimitri; Bokelmann, Götz
3-D shear velocity model of the Eastern and Southern Alps from ambient noise tomography

PDF <126> Quandt, Dennis; Micheuz, Peter; Kurz, Walter; Krenn, Kurt; Hippler, Dorothee; Kluge, Tobias; Boch, Ronny; Hauzenberger, Christoph
Timing and geochemistry of calcite veins in pillow lavas of the Troodos ophiolite: implications for fluid composition and vein mineral growth in a supra-subduction zone

PDF <127> Rantitsch, Gerd; Iglseder, Christoph; Huet, Benjamin; Hollinetz, Marianne Sophie; Werdenich, Manuel
Organic metamorphism during thrusting within the Eoalpine upper plate (NW margin of the Gurktal nappes, Eastern Alps)

PDF <128> Rechberger, Christina; Fey, Christine; Heine, Erwin; Zangerl, Christian
Characterization of a deep-seated rock slide in a glacier-retreat environment (Ötztal Valley, Austria)

PDF <129> Reiser, Martin; Pomella, Hannah; Schuster, Ralf; Tropper, Peter
Thermochronological constraints on the tectonometamorphic evolution of the Meran-Mauls nappe stack (South Tyrol, Italy)

PDF <130> Rice, A. Hugh N.; Grasemann, Bernhard
Kythnos, Western Cyclades, Greece; a field guide

PDF <131> Rice, A. Hugh N.; Grasemann, Bernhard; Schneider, David; Soukis, Konstantinos; Lozios, Stylianos; Huet, Benjamin; Rogowitz, Anna; Anastasopoulos, Vassilios; Loisl, Johannes; Lindner, Karoline; Lemonnier, Nicolas; Blümel, Andrea
The hanging wall to the West Cycladic Detachment System; new data from Aghios Georgios, Western Aegean, Greece

PDF <132> Rice, A. Hugh N.; Bao, Huiming; Viehmann, Sebastian; Peng, Yongbo
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The Jurassic Gresten facies of the European margin in Austria, Hungary and Romania: a regional overview

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Holocene benthic baseline communities in the northern Adriatic Sea and their collapse due to anthropogenic impact