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10th International Symposium on the Cretaceous Vienna, August 21–26, 2017.– ABSTRACTS.

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PDF <1>
Tribute to Dr. Herbert Stradner: in recognition of the bestowal of the Eduard Suess-Medal by the Austrian Geological Society, 2017

PDF <2> Egger, Hans
To Herbert Stradner

PDF <3> Young, Jeremy R.
Dr. Herbert Stradner

PDF <4> Hay, William W.
Dr. Herbert Stradner

PDF <5> Haq, Bilal U.
A personal Tribute to Herbert Stradner: a consummate discoverer and an incomparable scholar of the “inner space”

PDF <6> Adatte, Thierry; Keller, Gerta; Font, Eric; Mbabi Bitchong, André; Schoene, Blair
Timing and tempo of Deccan volcanism relative to the KPg boundary, evidence from mercury anomalies

PDF <7> Adloff, Markus; Greene, Sarah; Naafs, David; Monteiro, Fanny; Ridgwell, Andy; Lunt, Dan; Hesselbo, Stephen
Constraining the carbon fluxes during the onset of OAE 1a via inverse modelling

PDF <8> Afonin, Maxim
Sequoioxylon (Cupressaceae s. l.) fossil woods from the Cretaceous deposits of Primorye and Sakhalin regions, Russian Far East

PDF <9> Aguado, Roque; Company, Miguel; Martinez, Mathieu; Martinez-Lopez, F. Javier; O'Dogherty, Luis; Sanchez-Bellon, Angel; Sandoval, Jose
Orbital chronology of the Barremian Stage from the Eastern Subbetic (Spain)

PDF <10> Aguirre-Urreta, Beatriz; Schmitz, Mark; Martinez, Mathieu; Lescano, Marina; Omarini, Julieta; Concheyro, Andrea; Tunik, Maisa A.; Rawson, Peter F.; Ramos, Victor A.
Biostratigraphy, cyclostratigraphy and radio-isotopic geochronology of the Agrio Formation (Argentine Andes): towards an intercalibration with the Tethys during the Valanginian–Hauterivian

PDF <11> Alcala, Luis; Cobos, Alberto; Ayala, Daniel; Espilez, Eduardo; Gonzalez, Ana; Mampel, Luis; Royo-Torres, Rafael
Disseminating Cretaceous palaeontology through a network of regional centres in Teruel (Spain)

PDF <12> Alekseev, Pavel; Shczepetov, Sergei; Golovneva, Lina
The Santonian–early Campanian biota from the Ola volcanic plateau (Magadan region, Russia)

PDF <13> Algouti, Ahmed; Hadach, Fatiha; Algouti, Abdellah; Mourabit, Zahra
Paleogeographic history of the Senonian in the High Western Atlas of Morocco

PDF <14> Altiner, Demir; Yilmaz, Ismail Ömer
Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian)–Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) foraminifer assemblages within the sequence stratigraphic framework of subtidal to peritidal carbonate deposits controlled by a long-term lithospheric flexure (Western Taurides, Turkey)

PDF <15> Altiner, Sevinc
Integrated Biostratigraphy of the Tithonian-Valanginian succession from the Northwest Anatolia, Turkey

PDF <16> Amalfitano, Jacopo; Carnevale, Giorgio; Fornaciari, Eliana; Giusberti, Luca
A revision of the fishes from the Bonarelli Level (uppermost Cenomanian) of northeastern Italy

PDF <17> Amalfitano, Jacopo; Carnevale, Giorgio; Fornaciari, Eliana; Giusberti, Luca; Luciani, Valeria
Bony fish remains from the Upper Cretaceous Scaglia Rossa of Veneto region (northeastern Italy)

PDF <18> Amalfitano, Jacopo; Carnevale, Giorgio; Fornaciari, Eliana; Giusberti, Luca; Luciani, Valeria; Dalla Vecchia, Fabio Marco; Kriwet, Jürgen; Roghi, Guido
The chondrichthyan fauna from the Upper Cretaceous Scaglia Rossa of northeastern Italy: an overview

PDF <19> Ando, Hisao; Takahashi, Massaki
Reconstruction of Cretaceous continental arc-trench system in Japanese Islands as a basis for Cretaceous paleoenvironmental studies

PDF <20> Arkadiev, Vladimir; Guzhikov, Andrey; Baraboshkin, Evgenij E.
Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary in the Eastern Crimea

PDF <21> Arnaud-Vanneau, Annie; Bomou, Brahimsamba; Adatte, Thierry
Scenario of an Announced Death: The Extinction of Large Benthic Foraminifera during the Anoxic Episode OAE 2

PDF <22> Atasoy, Serdar Görkem; Altiner, Demir
A composite biostratigraphy (mainly calpionellids and foraminifera) of the Upper Jurassic–Lower Cretaceous Carbonates in Sivrihisar region (Pontides, NW Turkey): Delineation of the J-K boundary in a slope environment

PDF <23> Azami, Seyed Hamidreza; Wagreich, Michael; Mahmudy Gharaie, M. Hosein
Sedimentology and biostratigraphy of the Pabdeh Formation, Paryab, Zagros Basin, SW-Iran, at the PETM interval: Implication for sea level fluctuations

PDF <24> Bajnai, David; Pálfy, József; Martinez, Mathieu; Price, Gregory D.; Nyerges, Anita; Főzy, István
Multi-proxy record of orbital-scale changes in climate and sedimentation during the Weissert Event in the Valanginian Bersek Marl Formation (Gerecse Mts., Hungary)

PDF <25> Bak, Krzysztof; Bak, Marta; Fabianska, Monika; Misz-Kennan, Magdalena; Zielinska, Magdalena; Dulemba, Pawel; Ciurej, Agnieszka; Bryndal, Tomasz; Naglik, Beata
Reconstruction of palaeoceanographic changes during the Upper Albian OAE 1d event in the submerged Tatric Ridge, Central Western Carpathians

PDF <26> Baraboshkin, Evgenij E.
Sedimentology and ichnoassamblages of the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary interval of Feodosia region (SE Crimea)

PDF <27> Baraboshkin, Evgeny Yu.; Benyamovski, V. N.; Guzhikov, Andrey; Aleksandrova, Sonya; Pervushov, Evgeniy; Selzer, Vladimir B.; Ovechkina, M. N.; Kaljakin, E. A.; Kopaevich, Ludmila; Vishnevskaya, Valentina S.; Guzhikova, Anastasiya; Pokrovsky, Boris; Baraboshkin, Evgenij E.; Iakovishina, Elena V.
Integrated study of Campanian/Maastrichtian boundary interval at Volga region (Russia) and Aktolagay Plateau (West Kazakhstan) of the Russian Platform

PDF <28> Baraboshkin, Evgeny Yu.; Guzhikov, Andrey; Arkadiev, Vladimir; Baraboshkin, Evgenij E.
New data on the Berriasian Stage of the Crimea

PDF <29> Barragan-Manzo, Ricardo; López-Martínez, Rafael; Bernal, Juan Pablo; Reháková, Daniela; Gomez-Tuena, Arturo; Martini, Michelangelo; Ortega, Carlos
Integrated stratigraphy and isotopic ages at the Berriasian/Valanginian boundary at Puebla State, eastern Mexico

PDF <30> Batenburg, Sietske J.; Dickson, Alexander J.; Kelsey, Benjamin S.; Eldrett, James S.; Robinson, Stuart A.; Ruhl, Micha; Jenkyns, Hugh C.
Oceanography of the Western Interior Seaway during OAE 2 using Nd isotopes

PDF <31> Batenburg, Sietske J.; Voigt, Silke; Friedrich, Oliver; Klein, Tina; Neu, Christoph; Osborne, Anne; Frank, Martin
Evolution of deep water exchange in the Atlantic Ocean during the latest Cretaceous–early Paleogene

PDF <32> Batezelli, Alessandro; Ladeira, Francisco
Sedimentary cycles and pedogenesis in a Late Cretaceous fluvial system of the Bauru Basin, Southeastern Brazil

PDF <33> Begusch, Christina; Wagreich, Michael
Stratigraphy and provenance of the Tauern Flysch (Penninic Unit, Austria)

PDF <34> Benchaabane, Najeh; Robert, Emmanuel; Soussi, Mohamed
New insights on the Aptian-Albian sedimentary record and age of the Serdj Formation (Central Tunisia): Impact on regional stratigraphic correlations

PDF <35> Bengtson, Peter; Kakabadze, Mikheil V.
The mid-Cretaceous saga

PDF <36> Bengtson, Peter; Lana, Cecilia; Carvalho, Marcelo
Late Aptian (Cretaceous) dry – wet cycles and their effects on vegetation in the South Atlantic: palynological evidences

PDF <37> Benzaggagh, Mohamed
Discussion on the calpionellid biozones and proposal of a homogeneous calpionellid scheme for the Tethyan Realm

PDF <38> Berensmeier, Michaela; Dölling, Bettina; Linnert, Christian; Frijia, Gianluca; Wilmsen, Markus
Drill-core analysis of Cenomanian–Coniacian sedimentary rocks deposited on the North German epicontinental shelf: An integrated stratigraphical, geophysical and geochemical approach

PDF <39> Berensmeier, Michaela; Dölling, Bettina; Frijia, Gianluca; Dölling, Markus
Facies analysis and facies model of proximal deposits of the Cenomanian to Coniacian epicontinental sea in SW Münsterland Cretaceous Basin (NW Germany)

PDF <40> Bibi, Mehwish; Wagreich, Michael; Iqbal, Shahid
Palaeoenvironmental analyses of the Pleistocene and Holocene deposits of the Peshawar Basin, Pakistan – in search for the early Anthropocene

PDF <41> Bornemann, André; Erbacher, Jochen; Huck, Stefan; Heimhofer, Ulrich
A Boreal high-resolution composite δ¹³Ccarb record of the Albian to Turonian interval from the North German Basin

PDF <42> Bottini, Cinzia; Erba, Elisabetta
Paleoenvironmental changes traced by calcareous nannofossils through the mid-Cretaceous

PDF <43> Bragina, Liubov
New radiolarian zonation of the Upper Albian – Santonian of the Tethyan regions of Eurasia

PDF <44> Brovina, Ekaterina
Barremian–Aptian plankton foraminiferal stratigraphy of the southern framing of the East European platform (Crimea and Ulyanovsk Volga region)

PDF <45> Brysch, Sven; Jäger, Hartmut; Stinnesbeck, Wolfgang; Crame, Alistair; Salazar, Christian
Palaeoenvironmental and climatic changes in the uppermost Jurassic to lower Cretaceous in the southern Hemisphere (Central and southern Chile, Antarctica)

PDF <46> Bubik, Miroslav; Reháková, Daniela
Foraminifera across the Jurassic–Cretaceous transition at Kurovice section (Western Carpathians, Czech Republic)

PDF <47> Bukenberger, Patrick; Wolfgring, Erik; Wagreich, Michael
Foraminiferal biostratigraphy and ecology of the Coniacian/Santonian boundary at the Stöckelwaldgraben section (Northern Calcareous Alps)

PDF <48> Campos-Soto, Sonia; Caus, Esmeralda; Cobos, Alberto; Alcala, Luis; Benito, M. Isabel; Mas, Ramon; Fernandez-Labrador, Laura; Suarez-Gonzalez, Pablo; Quijada, Emma; Royo-Torres, Rafael
Implications of changing the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary on the chronostratigraphic correlation between marine and coastal–continental sequences: the example of the dinosaur-rich Villar del Arzobispo Fm (E Spain)

PDF <49> Cao, Ke
Cretaceous terrestrial deposits in China

PDF <50> Cech, Stanislav; Ulicny, David
The Turonian-Coniacian stage boundary in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic), correlated between nearshore and offshore facies

PDF <51> Cech, Stanislav; Svabenicka, Lilian
Inoceramids and calcareous nanoplankton at the lower and middle Coniacian substage boundary in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin

PDF <52> Charbonnier, Guillaume; Morales, Chloé; Duchamp-Alphonse, Stéphanie; Westermann, Stéphane; Adatte, Thierry; Föllmi, Karl B.
Mercury enrichment indicates volcanic triggering of Valanginian environmental change

PDF <53> Chen, Xi; Idakieva, Vyara; Stoykova, Kristalina; Liang, Huimin; Yao, Hanwei; Wang, Chengshan
Carbon isotope and ammonite biostratigraphy of the Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event in Tethyan Himalaya of Southern Tibet

PDF <54> Chen, Xi; Maurrasse, Florentin; Lamolda, Marcos A.; Duque-Botero, Fabian; Roban, Relu Dumitru; Melinte-Dobrinescu, Mihaela C.
Calcareous nannofossil extinction, survivorship and speciation during the OAE2 in the Tethys Realm

PDF <55> Chenot, Elise; Deconinck, Jean-François; Jaubert, Maxime; Pucéat, Emmanuelle; Pellenard, Pierre; Boussaha, Myriam; Thibault, Nicolas; Cocquerez, Théophile; Bruneau, Ludovic; Jarvis, Ian; Sizun, Jean-Pierre; Richard, James
Late Cretaceous cooling enhanced by continental weathering expressed by clay minerals in Campanian sediments

PDF <56> Choi, Byung-Do; Huh, Min
Taxonomic revision of Cypridea (Ostracoda: Cyprideidae) from the Lower Cretaceous Jinju Formation of the Gyeongsang Basin, South Korea

PDF <57> Cifelli, Richard L.; Cohen, Joshua E.; Davis, Brian M.
Cretaceous Mammals of Eurasia and North America

PDF <58> Coimbra, Rute; Horikx, Maurits; Huck, Stefan; Heimhofer, Ulrich; Immenhauser, Adrian; Rocha, Fernando; Dinis, Jorge L.; Duarte, Luis Vitor
Albian shallow-water sedimentary archives: elemental evidence of major perturbations?

PDF <59> Company, Miguel; Aguado, Roque; Baudin, François; Boulila, Slah; Coccioni, Rodolfo; Deconinck, Jean-François; Frontalini, Fabrizio; Giusberti, Luca; Martinez, Mathieu; Moiroud, Mathieu; Monna, Fabrice; O'Dogherty, Luis; Pellenard, Pierre; Rawson, Peter F.; Riquier, Laurent; Romero, Gregorio; Sandoval, Jose; Tavera, Jose M.; Weissert, Helmut
The Barremian GSSP–state of the art

PDF <60> Cooper, John R.; Godet, Alexis; Hardwick, Jeffrey; Spangenberg, Jorge E.
Integrated stratigraphy of the Austin Chalk (Coniacian – early Campanian) in south Texas: unravelling tectonic control on depositional geometries

PDF <61> Csaszar, Geza
Comparison of the Darwin atoll and the Mecsek type reef

PDF <62> Cyglicki, Michal; Remin, Zbyszek
Corrosion of heavy minerals in the middle Campanian siliciclastic deposits of SE Poland – environmental implications

PDF <63> Dai, Shuang; Yan, Ningyun; Chen, Ruiling; Peng, Dongxiang
Climate Records of Color and Magnetic Susceptibility of continental Sedimentary Rocks of the Lower Cretaceous in Jiuxi Basin, NW China

PDF <64> Danzelle, Julien; Riquier, Laurent; Baudin, François; Caron, Benoît; Thomazo, Christophe; Villemant, Benoît
Oscillating redox state in Vocontian Basin (SE France) during the Cenomanian–Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE 2)

PDF <65> de Winter, Niels J.; Goders, Steven; van Malderen, Stijn J. M.; Vanhaecke, Frank; Claeys, Philippe
Multi-proxy analysis and growth modelling of Late Cretaceous fossil bivalves: Disentangling seasonal parameters

PDF <66> Dölling, Bettina; Dölling, Manfred; Hiss, Martin; Berensmeier, Michaela; Püttmann, Tobias
Lithostratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous deposits of the southern Münsterland (Northwest Germany) – correlations of borehole lithostratigraphical, biostratigraphical and natural gamma radiation (GR) log data

PDF <67> Dölling, Manfred; Dölling, Bettina
Late Cretaceous positive inversion tectonics and synsedimentary movements in the southern Münsterland (Northwest Germany)

PDF <68> Domanski, Hubert; Peryt, Danuta; Wagreich, Michael; Kallanxhi, Madalina-Elena
Planktonic foraminiferal and nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous at Aurachtal-Herbstau and Nussdorf am Attersee (Helvetic units, Upper Austria)

PDF <69> Dong, Chong; Wang, Yongdong; Sun, Bainian; Du, Baoxia
New structurally preserved seed cones of Pityostrobus from the Lower Cretaceous of Northwestern China and its evolutionary significance

PDF <70> Donnadieu, Yannick; Ladant, Jean-Baptiste
Polar ice sheets during the warm Cretaceous?: Insights from coupled numerical modelling

PDF <71>
Middle Cretaceous climate and pCO₂ estimates of Liupanshan Basin in the hinterland of China

PDF <72> Dubicka, Zofia; Jurkowska, Agata; Thibault, Nicolas; Razmjooei, Mohammad J.; Szaniawski, Rafal; Gorzelak, Przemyslaw; Felisiak, Ireneusz
An integrated study (benthic and planktonic foraminifera, calcareous nannofossils, crinoids, stable carbon isotopes and magnetic polarities) across the Santonian/Campanian boundary at Bocieniec, southern Poland: A new GSSP Candidate for the Base of the Campanian Stage

PDF <73> El Belasy, Ahmed; Grammer, G. Michael; Genedi, Adel; Anan, Tarek; Wanas, Hamdalla
Depositional Facies, Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Records and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Coniacian–Santonian Matulla Formation, West Central Sinai, Egypt

PDF <74> Engelke, Julia; Linnert, Christian; Mutterlose, Jörg; Wilmsen, Markus
Early Maastrichtian palaeoecology of the chalk at Kronsmoor (Saturn quarry, northern Germany): an integrated approach

PDF <75> Erbacher, Jochen; Bornemann, André; Petrizzo, Maria Rose
Keeled planktic foraminifera in the Lower to Middle Cenomanian of the Boreal Cretaceous, North German Basin

PDF <76> Falzoni, Francesca; Petrizzo, Maria Rose; Clarke, Leon J.; MacLeod, Kenneth G.; Jenkyns, Hugh C.
Climate change and planktonic foraminiferal evolution during the Late Cretaceous

PDF <77> Falzoni, Francesca; Valagussa, Marco; Petrizzo, Maria Rose
Shell size measurements of the planktonic foraminiferal species Rotalipora cushmani and Whiteinella brittonensis across the Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (middle Cretaceous)

PDF <78> Falzoni, Francesca; Petrizzo, Maria Rose; Caron, Michele; Leckie, R. Mark
Reassessing planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy across the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary interval (middle Cretaceous)

PDF <79> Fang, Yanan; Wu, Chaodong; Wang, Yizhe
Sedimentary characteristics on the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary in the Junggar Basin, Central Asia: Tectonic and climate implications

PDF <80> Fateh-Bahari, Leili; Mahmudy Gharaie, M. Hosein; Mahboubi, Asadollah; Moussavi Harami, Reza
Lower Cretaceous microbialite and encrusters; implication for lagoon-sea level oscillations under Milankovitch effects in NE-Iran

PDF <81> Fathy, Douaa; Wagreich, Michael; Gier, Susanne
Palaeoclimatic reconstruction of Maastrichtian oil shale deposition in the southern Tethyan realm, Egypt

PDF <82> Fauth, Gerson; Krahl, Guilherme; Baecker Fauth, Simone; Bruno, Mauro Daniel Rodrigues; Guerra, Rodrigo do Monte; Trescastro Bergue, Cristianini; Aguiar, Eduardo da Silva; Santos, Alessandra da Silva; Vieira, Carlos Eduardo Lucas
Aptian integrated micropaleontological study from the Brazilian Equatorial Margin (Pará-Maranhão Basin): biostratigraphic and paleoecologic interpretation

PDF <83> Flores Rocha, Luis Alberto; Cevallos Ferriz, Sergio Rafael Silvestre; Santa Catharina, Amanda; Kneller, Ben
Recognizing Lauraceae in Cretaceous assemblages from Mexico

PDF <84> Föllmi, Karl B.
Early Cretaceous climate, anoxia and sea-level change

PDF <85> Forshaw, Joline; Jarvis, Ian; Grocke, Darren R.; Pearce, Martin; Tocher, Bruce
The Eagle Ford Group at the surface: a palynostratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental framework for the Cenomanian - Turonian in South Texas

PDF <86> Forshaw, Joline; Jarvis, Ian; Grocke, Darren R.; Pearce, Martin; Tocher, Bruce
The Eagle Ford Subsurface: from the depths to the shallows in Cenomanian–Turonian palynology

PDF <87> Franke, Sandra; Franz, Matthias
The discontinuous Lower Cretaceous of Northeast Germany: Late Cimmerian Unconformity or Early Cretaceous pre-inversion?

PDF <88> Freslon, Nicolas; Pucéat, Emmanuelle; Abramovich, Sigal; Ashckenazi-Polivoda, Sarit; Cappetta, Henri; Deconinck, Jean-François; Pellenard, Pierre; Thomazo, Christophe; Chenot, Elise
Evolution of the oceanic circulation on the southern Tethyan margin during the Late Cretaceous

PDF <89> Frijia, Gianluca
Outcrop based γ-ray measurements and detailed facies analyses of the Natih Fm in Jabel Akdhar area of Oman: a powerful tool for improving surface to sub-surface correlation

PDF <90> Frijia, Gianluca; Forkner, Rob; Jekel, Denise
Paleo-temperature and C-isotopes records derived from bivalves shells across the OAE-2 in the shallow water carbonates of the Apennine Platform of Italy: Local or global signal?

PDF <91> Gabdullin, Ruslan
Cyclostratigraphic, lithological-geochemical and paleoecological characteristics of the sedimentation within Mountainous Crimea in Maastrichtian age

PDF <92> Gale, Andy
Towards a formally defined Campanian Stage: correlations, potential GSSPs and boundary markers

PDF <93> Gale, Andy
A microcrinoid zonation for the Late Cenomanian–Campanian interval - Chalk Group, Anglo-Paris Basin, and its potential for global correlation

PDF <94> Gambacorta, Gabriele; Malinverno, Alberto; Erba, Elisabetta
Cyclostratigraphic tuning of the Albian-Cenomanian stages

PDF <95> Gao, Yuan; Ibarra, Daniel; Caves, Jeremy; Zhang, Laiming; Wang, Chengshan
Late Cretaceous terrestrial paleoclimate recorded by paleosols in the Songliao Basin, northeast China

PDF <96> Gates, Terry; Makovicky, Peter J.
A new carpet shark from the Hell Creek Formation increases latest Cretaceous freshwater biodiversity

PDF <97> Gavrilov, Yuri; Shcherbinina, Ekaterina
Diversity in the sedimentological and geochemical features of the late Cenomanian OAE2 in the different areas of the Crimea-Caucasus area

PDF <98> Gavtadze, Tamara; Chkhaidze, Zviadi; Mikadze, Khatuna
The paleogeographic setting and biostratigraphy of the South-East part of Georgia at the boundary of the Cretaceous/Paleogene

PDF <99> Gebhardt, Holger
Campanian to Maastrichtian planktic foraminifera of the Pálava Formation from the southern Waschberg-Ždánice-Unit, Lower Austria

PDF <100> Giusberti, Luca; Roghi, Guido; Gomez, Bernard; Ragazzi, Eugenio; Fornaciari, Eliana; Angelini, Ivana
Plant megafossils and amber from the Upper Cretaceous of Vernasso (Friuli-Venezia Giulia, northeastern Italy)

PDF <101> Gnilovskaya, Anastasia
Early Fagaceae from the Late Cretaceous of the Northern Pacific

PDF <102> Godet, Alexis; Durlet, Christophe; Spangenberg, Jorge E.; Föllmi, Karl B.
The impact of early meteoric diagenesis on Urgonian platform carbonates: A case study from the western Swiss Jura

PDF <103> Golovneva, Lina
Extinction of high latitude Kakanaut biota, North-East of Russia

PDF <104> Golovneva, Lina
Early–middle Albian angiosperms from the Kolyma river basin, Northeastern Russia

PDF <105> Grabowski, Jacek; Bakhmutov, Vladimir; Haas, János; Krobicki, Michal; Lakova, Iskra; Petrova, Silviya; Reháková, Daniela; Schnabl, Petr; Stoykova, Kristalina; Sobien, Katarzyna
New details of bio- and magnetostratigraphical correlations in the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary interval: Lókút (Transdanubian Range, Hungary), Veliky Kamenets (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Ukraine), Barlya (Western Balkan, Bulgaria)

PDF <106> Grabowski, Jacek; Ploch, Izabela; Chmielewski, Andrzej; Gaździcka, Elzbieta; Leszczynski, Krzysztof; Smolen, Jolanta
Magnetic susceptibility and chemostratigraphy of the Tithonian - Berriasian succession in the Polish Basin

PDF <107> Granier, Bruno; Geze, Raymond; Azar, Dany; Maksoud, Sibelle; Leszczynski, Krzysztof; Smolen, Jolanta
Regional stages: What is the use of them - A case study in Lebanon

PDF <108> Gruszczynski, Michal; Marshall, Jim; Remin, Zbyszek
Palaeo-circulation and paleogeographic changes in the Late Coniacian - Early Santonian (Late Cretaceous) of Europe, as based on ammonites and stable carbon and oxygen isotopes

PDF <109> Guzhikov, Andrey; Guzhikova, Anastasiya; Pervushov, Evgeniy; Ryabov, Iliya; Surinskiy, Arseny; Seltser, Vladimir B.; Beniamovski, V. N.
The Reverse polarity zone in the Turonian–Coniacian interval of the Lower Volga region

PDF <110> Hadach, Fatiha; Algouti, Ahmed; Algouti, Abdellah; Mourabit, Zahra
Sedimentology, biostratigraphy and palaeogeographic evolution of the Lower Cretaceous of the Ait Ourir basin, High Western Atlas, Marocco

PDF <111> Hairapetian, Vachik; Wilmsen, Markus; Ahmadi, Amir; Shojaei, Ziba
Integrated stratigraphy and facies analysis of the uppermost Albian-Cenomanian Glauconitic Limestone of Esfahan (Iran)

PDF <112> Hart, Malcolm B.
The ‘Black Band’: local expression of a global event

PDF <113> Hart, Malcolm B.; FitzPatrick, Meriel E. J.; Forber, David A.
Dinocyst stratigraphy and paleoenvironmental interpretation of the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary at Stevns klint, Denmark

PDF <114> Hasegawa, Takashi; Muta, Soichiro; Goto, Akiko; Crampton, James S.; Nemoto, Toshifumi
Response to Cretaceous Cenomanian/Turonian OAE2 in southern high latitude, Pacific

PDF <115> Heimhofer, Ulrich; Wucherpfennig, Nina; Adatte, Thierry; Schouten, Stefan; Schneebeli-Hermann, Elke; Gardin, Silvia; Keller, Gerta; Kujau, Ariane
Continental vegetation and climate dynamics during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2

PDF <116> Hennhoefer, Dominik; Al Suwaidi, Aisha; Bottini, Cinzia; Helja, Emina; Steuber, Thomas
The stable isotope record from the Albian to Turonian Shilaif Basin (United Arab Emirates) - Climatic perturbations from a palaeo-equatorial intra-shelf basin perspective

PDF <117> Herdocia, Carlos; Maurrasse, Florentin
Geochemical Assessment of the Cabó Formation Section North of Organyà, Catalunya, Spain

PDF <118> Herman, Alexey; Golovneva, Lina; Shczepetov, Sergei
Turonian–Coniacian flora of the Okhotsk-Chukotka volcanogenic belt (North-eastern Russia)

PDF <119> Hermanova, Zuzana; Kvacek, Jiri; Csiki-Sava, Zoltan; Vasile, Stefan
Cretaceous seeds interpreted as insect eggs

PDF <120> Houla, Yassine; El Ferhi, Faycel; Soussi, Mohamed; Gierlinski, Gerard D.; Nasri, Ahmed; Skanji, Ahmed; Trabelsi, Khaled; Niedzwiedzki, Grzegorz; Sames, Benjamin; Wagreich, Michael
Discovery of the first theropod dinosaur tracks in the Lower Albian lacustrine facies of Central Tunisian Atlas

PDF <121> Hu, Jianfang; Liao, Weisen; Huang, Chengmin
Microbial tetraether biomarker records in the Lower Cretaceous paleosols in Sichuan Basin, China

PDF <122> Hu, Xiumian; Li, Juan; An, Wei; Wang, Jiangang
Cretaceous–Paleogene lithostratigraphic and tectonostratigraphic frameworks in southern Tibet: implication to the timing of the India-Asia collision

PDF <123> Huber, Brian; MacLeod, Kenneth G.
Was the late Albian–Santonian too warm to support ephemeral polar ice sheets?: 18O paleotemperature evidence from southern high latitudes

PDF <124> Huck, Stefan; Heimhofer, Ulrich
Barremian-Aptian rudist shells record dramatic shallow-water sea-surface temperature changes in the subtropical Tethyan Ocean

PDF <125> Huerta Vergara, Alma Rosa; Cevallos Ferriz, Sergio Rafael Silvestre
Assembling coniferous plants from Mexico based on reproductive and vegetative organs

PDF <126> Hyžný, Matúš; Setoyama, Elichi; Rybár, Samuel; Halasova, Eva; Lukeneder, Alexander
New insights into micro- and macrofaunal assemblages from the uppermost Hauterivian Pseudothurmannia beds of the Polomec hill (Western Carpathians, Slovakia)

PDF <127> Iakovishina, Elena V.; Mashkina, Y. A.; Blinov, I. V.; Bordunov, S. I.
Maastrichtian paleotemperature changes in the Southern Russia

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The Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary Ejecta Layer and its Source Crater at Chicxulub

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A multi-proxy chemostratigraphy of the Cenomanian/Turonian transition in Kopet-Dagh basin (NE Iran); implication for oceanic temperature and pCO₂ variations

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Sub-Milankovitch cycles in Upper Cretaceous pelagic successions along the active and passive continental margins of the NW Tethys

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Long journey, tectonic and geodynamics of Indo-Pak plate: evidences from Pakistan

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Stratigraphic potential of radiolarians for determining the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary: evidence from pelagic sequences in the Pacific and Tethys

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A peep into a private life of a Late Cretaceous burrowing shrimp: a case study from Muthmannsdorf, Austria

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The Khrami Shallo’s Paleogeography During The Campanian–Maastrichian Stages

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Late Cretaceous climate with different gateway configurations and CO₂ concentrations as simulated by the Earth System Model: Implications for the Arctic region.

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Phoenicopsis (Leptostrobales) and Pseudotorellia (Ginkgoales) in the Cretaceous of the north of Eastern Siberia and Northeastern Russia

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Crustal scale Upper Cretaceous mass flows northwest of Ankara related to the destruction of the forearc

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Shallow benthic environment at the Cretaceous/Paleogene (KPg) Boundary documented by abiotic and biotic data on the Pg Adria CP from NE Italy to South Dalmatia

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The original colours and the preservation potential of chitin from the cuticles of insects in Myanmar ambers

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Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy across the Coniacian-Santonian boundary interval in Tanzania and its reproducibility in coeval settings

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Preludes of the Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a along the northern Tethyan margin: a progressive climatic destabilization from the latest Hauterivian (Early Cretaceous) onward

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Rhynchostreon oyster’s beds from Orlové sandstones - New view for one of the most problematic palaeoecological queries of the Western Carpathian’s Klippen Belt (Klape unit, Western Carpathians)

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Evolution and palaeogeographical dispersion of the radiolitid rudist genus Auroradiolites (Bivalvia: Hippuritida), with descriptions of new material from Tibet and archived specimens from Afghanistan

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Sedimentological and biological changes at the Jurassic Cretaceous transition (West Carpathian JK boundary type-section area)

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Enigmatic 3-meters long vertical structures in the Turonian deposits of Poland - biotic (paramoudra-like structures) versus abiotic origin

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Provenance of Eastern Carpathian mid-Cretaceous clastic sediments: Implications for the evolution of Moldavides

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Early Cretaceous climate and glendonites

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Paleosols and Paleoclimate of the Prince Creek Formation, Arctic Alaska, during the middle Maastrictian global warming event

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Testing cyclostratigraphy in the non-marine Lower Cretaceous by reinvestigating parts of the English Wealden (UK)

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An overview on IGCP 609: Climate-environmental deteriorations during greenhouse phases: Causes and consequences of short-term Cretaceous sea-level changes

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Stratigraphy and paleoclimate of non-marine deposits of the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary interval in northern Germany

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The Rollrock Section - the most comprehensive Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary section of the Canadian Arctic Islands

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Response of East Asian Late Mesozoic lake systems to the destruction of the North China Craton

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Early Aptian anoxic basin of the Russian Plate as a response to OAE1a: δ¹³C chemostratigraphy and palaeoecological changes of cephalopod communities

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Early Cretaceous Syn-Rift Deposition in the Western Black Sea: Insights from Outcrops in the Zonguldak Region, Northern Turkey

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Micropaleontology of the Jurassic and Cretaceous boundary deep marine sediments

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Geochemical Characterization of the Basal El Pujal Section, Organyà Basin (NE Spain), in Relation to its Chronostratigraphic Position to OAE1a

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Biostratigraphy and facies analysis of the Upper Cretaceous platform carbonates of the Anamas-Akseki Autochton in the Central Taurides, S Turkey

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