Hydrogeology of the Bucklige Welt region
Quantitative description of the region’s hydrogeological characteristics and assessment of the regional potential for sustainable water supply and of groundwater vulnerability.
Messvorbereitung am Bach

The interdisciplinary project consists of hydrogeological, structural geological and geochemical investigations to assess yield and dynamics of shallow aquifers as well as to quantify hydro-chemical and isotope-hydrological parameters. Field work will be carried out from 2016 to 2018. Crystalline rocks, their weathering zone, mesozoic sedimentary rocks, tertiary sedimentary basins and quaternary sediments are being studied.

Work packages include (1) hydrogeological field mapping of rivers, springs and wells, (2) measurements of river discharge during dry season, (3) monthly monitoring of springs, (4) hydrochemical analysis of dissolved solids (major ions and trace elements), (5) stable isotope measurements, (6) observation of groundwater dynamics during rain events, (7) derivation of natural chemical background levels in groundwater, soils and rocks and (8) GIS-based data processing and interpretation.

Results will provide a basis for future water supply and management measures in the region.

Project titleNA-045 - Hydrogeology of the Bucklige Welt region
Project acronymNA-045_BUWE
Project short titleHydrogeology of the Bucklige Welt region
Project managerDr. Sebastian Pfleiderer
DepartmentMineral Resources
Period of time01.01.16 - 31.12.19
FinancingOffices of the NÖ Landesregierung (Government of the Province of Niederösterreich)