This project aims at improving the observation, understanding and prediction of subsurface processes, which lead to the triggering of landslides, based on an innovative, multi-parameter monitoring technology and the long-term observation of triggering events in different geological settings. This is combined with the application of a software code for coupled modelling of multi-physics processes (hydrological, geotechnical and geophysical). Furthermore, the project focuses on the handling of the social consequences of warning by developing new processes and methods for stakeholder involvement in the design of a warning system.
GEOMON4D für geoelektrisches Monitoring
The evaluation of actual landslide hazards and the warning of people before a catastrophic event require a good knowledge about structure, dynamics, triggers, history and possible magnitude of such high-risk landslides. This knowledge can only be obtained via interpretation of complex data sets coming from investigations by different complementary techniques, acquired within long-term continuous monitoring experiments. Traditional observation parameters like displacement, water level and pore pressure provide only local point information and are therefore insufficient for the understanding of such complex processes.Since 2007, the Geological Survey of Austria built up a multi-parametric European landslide monitoring network, which is mainly based on geoelectrical monitoring in combination with other geotechnical parameters (displacement, precipitation). For an effective warning system, it is relevant to take into account not only the technical/scientific but also other psychological/social/- regulatory/economic and institutional aspects which influence warning response. Most research on early warning systems does not integrate these aspects.

Project partners: ETH Zürich, KIGAM, Universität Wien, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB)
Project titleLandslide Monitoring and Understanding of Dynamic Processes
Project acronymLAMOND
Project short titleLAMOND
Project managerMag. Robert Supper
Period of time01.01.15 - 31.12.17