Geologic Maps - Silverlight Application

For presentation in the World Wide Web the services of the geologic maps were integrated in a Silverlight application. 

Geological Maps Silverlight Application

Attention! This Silverlight application will be discontinued and is no longer updated by the Geological Survey. Browser versions beginning in 2017 no longer support the Silverlight plug-in consistently.

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Microsoft Silverlight version 4.0.60310.0 (or higher) must be installed. The current version is available for download on Select "Download" and "Get Silverlight plug in". The best way to see this application is using Internet Explorer version 8 or higher. The window of the browser should be no larger than 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Zoom In 

  • double click in the area which should be enlarged
  • press shift and the left mouse button and open a box over the area which should be enlarged
  • with the navigation bar on the left side in the application

Zoom out

  • with the navigation bar on the left side in the application


click the Identify button on the toolbar; the Identify window appears, click on a map, and the information concerning the map and a preview of the map with a legend appears, when clicking on the thumbnail you can download the map


clixk on the timeslider-button in the toolbar; the timeslider appears in the lower part of the application; with the buttons at the end of the timeslider you can choose a time period, than only those maps are shown which have been published by the Geological Survey in this period. The timeslider is a filter over all visible layers.

 List of Layers

With the list of layers you can manage the visibility of a layer. When a layer is marked then it is visible. With the small bar and the button in the right of the layername you can control the transparency of this layer.

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