Geology and Wine

Type of grape, vintage and origin traditionally play an important role in Austria’s wine economy.

Simplified Geological Map of the region Weinviertel
Simplified Geological Map of the Weinviertel Region
© Geological Survey of Austria

In a small but multifaceted country such as Austria, the various terroirs produce a high diversity of wine types which means a high potential for viticulture and for connoisseurs.

The focus is on left and right vines with green leaves. In the background, sandy-looking trench is easier with greening.
Loess, a glacial dust deposition, is the conductive rock of the Weinviertel Region.
© Geological Survey of Austria

The French term ‘terroir’ combines all the factors conditioning the product wine, such as soil, morphology, climate, type of grape, processing and skills of the wine grower, leading to a distinctive identity of the wine.

Delicious Geology

The rocks in the subsurface, which form the basis for the soil and serve as water and nutrient supply for the plants, are increasingly recognized as important factors.

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