Mass Movements in Austria

In Alpine countries such as Austria, mass movements cause significant damage.

Map of prominent mass movements in Austria
Prominent mass movements in Austria. Compiled using publications (literature, radio, …) with sufficient detail about location and type of movement.
© Geological Survey of Austria.

They occur when slopes become unstable either through human interference (e.g. along roads) or through climate change. Frequently, they happen in areas which have been unstable already in the past.

Mass Movements in Austria

A house which is missing the right half, the roof is intact. In the foreground debris, rubble and devastation. Right in the background a grassy slope and on its left side a breakaway edge and the course of the landslide.
In a mountainous country like Austria are damages due to landslides etc. places are not uncommon (Figure: Gasen / Styria).
© Geological Survey of Austria

Documentation of actual and historic movements is therefore fundamental in order to minimize future damage. The Geological Survey has the legal mandate for this documentation.