Air-Borne Electromagnetic and Magnetic Surveying in Austria

One part of the airborne geophysical helicopter system is used for measuring apparent electrical conductivity of the ground and total intensity of the earth’s magnetic field.

Two maps and an overview map of Austria.
Left picture: Apparent electrical resistivity in northern Lower Austria. Right picture: Magnetic reduction to the pole anomalies in northern Lower Austria.
© Geological Survey of Austria

The measurements are interpreted for geological mapping in general, estimating the depth of an aquiclude, discovering ore bodies and analysing the risk of natural hazards.

A lawn with bushes and forested mountains in the background. Clear skies with some clouds. Five people are on the lawn. Two are beside a large, almost 6m long meter. Two use a film camera. An army soldier. A helicopter hovers over them with a tow cable
Geophysical measurements with the help of a helicopter of the Austrian armed forces.
© Geological Survey of Austria

Different geological units are seen as so-called anomalies and further investigated using other methods.