Maps of the Deep Subsurface Surrounding the Alps

A set of thematic maps covers the sedimentary basins framing the Eastern Alps from Salzburg to Linz, St. Pölten, Vienna, Eisenstadt and Graz, at a scale of 1:200,000.

Detail from a map of the pre-neogene underground of the Vienna Basin.
Detail from: Wessely, G. et al.: Wiener Becken: Geologische Einheiten des präneogenen Beckenuntergrundes (1:200.000)
© Geological Survey of Austria

The maps display magnetic, gravimetric and geological structures beneath the young sediment cover.

Geological "young" basins landscapes

Pumpjack in the form of a horse's head pump. On background blue sky with cirrus clouds and fields.
Through a variety of oil and gas drilling of the underground the geology of the Vienna Basin has been explored to great depths.
© Geological Survey of Austria

The combination of these themes offers new perspectives regarding the search for oil, gas, deep groundwater or geothermal energy.