The flame of a gas stove.
Austria is able to cover about 15 percent of own needs with domestic natural gas.
© Geological Survey of Austria / Andreas Ortag

In Austria, economically relevant amounts of petroleum and natural gas are located in the subsurface of the Vienna Basin and in the Molasse Zone. Annual production by the two remaining Austrian oil companies, RAG andOMV, averages 1 million tons of crude ...

Map of surface heat flow in Austria.
Surface heat flow.
© Geological Survey of Austria

Geothermal energy results from heat stored deep inside the Earth. Ambient temperatures at the Earth’s surface increase continuously with depth and exceed 4,000°C in the Earth’s core. The heat emanates constantly from the Earth’s interior and has been used for centuries. ...

Pumpjack in the form of a horse's head pump. On background blue sky with cirrus clouds and fields.
Through oil and gas drillings the Vienna Basin has been explored to great depths.
© Geological Survey of Austria

A set of thematic maps covers the sedimentary basins framing the Eastern Alps from Salzburg to Linz, St. Pölten, Vienna, Eisenstadt and Graz, at a scale of 1:200,000. The maps display magnetic, gravimetric and geological structures ...