Raw Materials in Austria

Raw materials for building include a number of hard and soft rocks possessing physical and technical properties which make them suitable for underground constructions, high-rise buildings or for transport infrastructure.

Map of construction minerals in Austria with a point representation of gravel, sand and hard rock
Map of raw materials in Austria.
© Geological Survey of Austria

Compared to other raw materials, their importance has increased dramatically during the last decades.

Viennese cobblestones - a part laid in sheets. The vacancy is gravel and paving stones heap.
The granite cube of Viennese cobblestones are from the Bohemian Massif.
© Geological Survey of Austria / Andreas Ortag

With a yearly production of approximately 110 million tons they represent the most significant part of mineral resources in Austria. Extraction takes place mostly in open pits and quarries and reflects the regional distribution of demand.