Mining Sites in Austria

A multitude of economically insignificant ore deposits exists in Austria.

Map of mines in Austria. Shown are: ores, industrial minerals, coal, salt and oil shale
Map of mines sites in Austria.
© Österreichisches Montan-Handbuch, 81. Jahrgang

Out of several thousand mining sites, only a few large ones survive for specific types of raw materials. For tungsten, magnesite and talcum, Austria still plays an important role on a world scale, although being a rather small mining country in comparison.

Steirischer Erzberg, comprising the steps, which are caused by the iron ore mines. Ore from above.
The Erzberg is the largest iron ore mine in Central Europe and the largest siderite deposit in the world.
© Abenteuer Erzberg

The Erzberg ('ore mountain') serves as a symbol for the domestic mining industry. In addition, salt mines still provide an important part of the supply in the mineral sector.