Ennstal fault

Ennstal fault in winter time – close to conditions in the ice age?

The Ennstal fault is a segment of an important fault system of the Eastern Alps, which extends across 400 km from Innsbruck/Tyrol to the Vienna Basin. It was active since the Miocene and shows an offset of rock units up to 100 km.

View from the Rossbrand mountain near the village of Filzmoos (Federal country of Salzburg) towards E (left hand side) to SSW (right hand side). Far left: Dachstein Massif (Northern Calcareous Alps); in the foreground Rossbrand mountain/Schwemmberg (transmitter) and behind the Rittisberg mountain (both Greywacke Zone); the fog-filled Enns and Forstau valleys. The peaks of the mountains Halserberg, Obersteinköpfl, Eibenbergkopf and Predigtstuhl (from left to right) still belong to the Northern Calcareous Alps. In the backgrond the Lower Tauern mountain range including the subranges of the Rottenmann, Wölz and Schladming Tauern with the peaks of the Steirische and Lungauer Kalkspitze (Austroalpine crystalline nappes).