A car in the foreground which reflects the building of the Geological Survey, which is in the background.
The Geological Survey in Neulinggasse.
© Geological Survey of Austria / Lois Lammerhuber

The New Building

The significant new building of the Geological Survey by Stefan Hübner has been built between 2003 and 2004. The building (Neulinggasse 38) integrates the historic building (Tongasse 10-12). 

» The new Building of the Geological Survey of Austria in Neulinggasse

» BIG Architecture

A building with almost bare trees in front. In the left a telegraph pole.
The historical builidings of the Geological Survey. In: Junker, 1927

The historical ensemble of the Geological Survey has two parts: a brick building (1892) which was formerly the printing plant „Jasper“ and the library which was originally a surgery of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna.

A colorful mosaic of glass from an internal balcony.
The mosaics "Richness Earth" by Christian Ludwig Attersee © Geological Survey of Austria / Lois Lammerhuber

Public Art

In the buildings and in the garden of the Geological Survey several artworks can be found. They have a close connection to the history of the survey. The mosaic „Richness Earth“ by Christian Ludwig Attersee is a true highlight. 

» Public Art

» Richness Earth