For completion of the duties of a geological civil service like the Geological Survey of Austria, a modern and high-performing IT-equipment as well as high qualified personnel is substantial.

This is particularly essential for the implementation of geoscientific and applied geological databases and also for intensive numerical evaluation processes.  Land survey, fundamental research, raw materials exploration, environmental geology and especially documentation and information would not be contemporary without the support of IT. Through effective use of IT, the quality and quantity of performances of the geological survey were greatly improved within the last years.

According to the house regulation the department IT & GIS (Information technology and geographical Informations systems) has to fulfil the following duties:  Assuring the accessibility of hard- and software as well as system administration of all IT activities at the geological survey.

The beginning of modern Information processing with help of IT, formerly data processing, dates back to the early 1970s at the geological survey. Since this event the rapid development of information technology (e.g. personal computer, server, software-release, …) is also reflected within our institute.