A hand holding a pen to the position of Austria on a relief globe. Background in a wall with a colorful mosaic.
Raised relief globe in the foyer of the Geological Survey of Austria
© Geological Survey of Austria / Lois Lammerhuber

Geology is ...

Geology is omnipresent. Our daily grind is cross-linked with its geological base in different ways. In fact, how we perceive geology varies as much as the many aspects of this science which deals with the origin and structure of the Earth.

Ganz rechts der Hinterkopf einer Frau, dahinter ein Mann der spricht, links ein großer, dunkler Stein.
© Geological Survey of Austria
In der Mitte die Statue der Pallas Athene vor dem österreichischen Parlament in Wien. Blauer Himmel mit wenigen Wolken.
© Wikipedia